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wall decoration with koi fish for prosperity. Decorating your home with some positive and meaningful artwork can attract prosperous abundance and lucky wealth into your life, as feng shui principles say. Koi fish is one of the most auspicious animals in both Chinese and Japanese culture. in fact, koi fish wall decoration for home interior design has become a prominent practice in many Asian countries.

In their common nature, koi fish have a special, unique and inherited ability to swim upstream. therefore, it has been a symbol of strength and courage. According to ancient Chinese and Japanese legend, there was a large school of Koi fish swimming up the Yellow River in China. On the way to the top of the river, there is a huge waterfall, and only strong and dedicated fish can make it to the bottom. by continuing to push against the strong currents, it makes the fish stronger and tougher. unbelievably, some of the fish kept trying to jump to the top, which could take up to hundreds of years. successful fish clearly show great determination, dedication and strength. To reward the persevering fish, the gods turn it into a beautiful celestial golden dragon. In addition, the waterfall has been named the “gate of the dragon”.

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The colors of koi fish also represent different meanings. For example, the red koi fish is often referred to as love and a long-term relationship. the yellow gold or orange fish symbolizes rich fortune and wealth. The black koi represents success in overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and transformation in life.

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In addition, the number of koi fish depicted in the artwork is also important and is preferred differently in each country. In China, people always like to have eight (8) fish as it is considered the lucky number. because the Chinese number eight 八 (ba) sounds like 發 (fa), which means wealth, fortune and prosperity. while in japan, koi fish art home decoration is prominent for having seven fish. since the Japanese consider seven (7) as their lucky number due to their Buddhist traditions. however, in thailand, it is popular to paint nine (9) fish on artwork. because the Thai word nine เก้า “gao” sounds similar to the word ก้าว “gaw”, which means to step forward or progress. therefore, the 9 meaning of koi fish painting is known as prosperity and worldly advancement.

koi fish painting feng shui meaning

However, incorporating some complementary symbols that are rich in cultural symbolic meanings into the koi fish wall decoration artworks can enhance the value and inspiration. Some of the famous significant symbols include the yin-yang, the dragon, and the lotus flower. In Taoism, yin yang symbolizes a perfect balance and harmony between negative and positive chi energies, and all things on earth are believed to be connected. Similarly, in feng shui, a pair of koi fish is often depicted outside of the yin yang symbol of tears in black and white. two koi fish wall decor art home decor is passed down as good luck for a happy marriage.

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Dragon and koi fish wall decorative artworks are mainly derived from the ancient Chinese myth of the dragon gate. the dedicated fish that turns into the golden dragon certainly symbolizes strength and determined aspiration. The dragon image also represents power, a new beginning, and a successful transformation.

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In many Asian Buddhist cultures, people hold a beautiful lotus flower in high regard. it is one of the most significant flowers with a deep meaning, which can be related to life teaching lessons. the lotus grows in muddy water, but rises above the water level and blooms beautifully. it is often metaphorical as enlightenment. therefore, the combination of the koi fish and the lotus flower symbolizes growth, purity, and wisdom.

In conclusion, koi fish wall decor art for home decor is highly recommended and more appropriate in an office. As mentioned above, with various fascinating symbolic meanings of koi fish from ancient eastern legends and its intriguing ability can encourage and inspire viewers to be strong and patient in life during down and difficult times. fish motivate us not to give up, but to keep fighting against difficulties, because obstacles and suffering are what make us stronger. however, since koi fish is a symbol of success and triumph in business and career. It has become popular among East Asian people to bring a picture of swimming koi fish as a gift to their friends and family for a new business opening celebration.

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