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essential tips, theory and types of plants to maximize the positive energy of feng shui in the kitchen

The kitchen has long been a gathering place for families, and with the rise of the ever-popular open-concept floor plan, the kitchen has become even more central to our homes. in feng shui, it is one of the most important rooms. attracting the right energy is vital for health, wealth and well-being, and good news, you can use plants to light up your cooking space and balance their energy! Here I’ll show you the essential principles of feng shui in the kitchen and discover 8 of the best indoor plant options for this space.

the best plants for the kitchen in feng shui

The best feng shui kitchen plants are those that help fulfill the main symbolic and practical purposes of the kitchen of attracting wealth and supporting good health. choose plants that represent prosperity, such as money trees, plants that can be used for cooking, such as herbs, or plants that do both, such as fruit and citrus trees.

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about the kitchen in feng shui

Because the principles of feng shui were developed thousands of years ago, people still did not know about bacteria and how they can spread disease. however, they did know that using fire to prepare food and keeping the area where food was prepared clean was good for their health.

Thus, the kitchen was associated with the element of fire and was considered one of the most important spaces in the house to cultivate positive energy by applying the principles of feng shui.

In modern feng shui, the kitchen remains one of the most important rooms in the house. It is the heart of your home and represents health, wealth, abundance and prosperity. it’s the room that literally gives you energy through nutrition.

Any problem or imbalance in the energy flowing through the kitchen can affect every aspect of life for your entire family, and anyone you feed from your kitchen.

general rules for good feng shui in the kitchen

command post

In the kitchen, the stove is the natural dominant position, since it is the place where the main function of the room, cooking, takes place. If you’re building or renovating your own kitchen, place the stove where you can see the door while you’re standing in front of the stove and cooking.

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If your stove faces the wall and you can’t renovate your kitchen, you can improve the feng shui by adding a mirror in a place that allows you to see the door while you cook.

use resources equally

There’s a joke going around about how having a favorite burner is a sign of officially entering adulthood. however, favoring one burner over the rest is bad feng shui and can destabilize the energy in your kitchen.

The reasoning behind this is that burners represent opportunities, and favoring one opportunity means you could be ignoring or missing out on others. When you use mindfulness to make the most of symbolic opportunities in your kitchen, your mind will also learn to identify new opportunities in other areas of life.

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so try to use all the resources in your kitchen equally, and this means giving up your favorite burner and rotating around the stove every time you cook.

twice the burners, twice the fun

Burners symbolize sources of wealth and opportunity, so having more means attracting more energy that fosters prosperity. choose a large stove with lots of burners when building a kitchen or place a mirror to reflect your stove and instantly double your opportunities for wealth.

cleanliness and order

The kitchen not only has elements that represent wealth and opportunity, but in general it represents the literal energy (nutrition) that fuels your life. all surfaces, cupboards, and appliances should be kept clean and tidy so that no negative energy, or actual illness, enters your body through the food you eat.

the role of plants and the kitchen in feng shui

According to the principles of feng shui practice, plants have the potential to affect the energy (qi) within in both negative and positive ways.

The kitchen, with all the cooking that occurs within the room using heat and sometimes actual flames, represents the fire element in feng shui.

As a result, it is not advisable to fill the room with plants because plants belong to the wood element, and the wood element feeds fire. putting too many plants in your kitchen could send the fire element through the ceiling, creating an energy imbalance in your home.

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However, selected and placed sparingly, plants can help draw energy into your kitchen and actually help balance the fire element within your home.

All talk of elemental energies aside, the kitchen is also a room of great purpose and utility. For the best energy, every space in your kitchen should be used for a well-thought-out reason. if a plant is going to take up valuable counter space, then it should serve a purpose in the kitchen, too.

Edible plants with auspicious energies, such as herbs and fruit-bearing plants, are the best choices. plants that simply take up useful space will clutter, clutter the area, and block the flow of positive energy.

the best feng shui plants for the kitchen

here you will find 8 of the best houseplants to boost positive energy in the kitchen according to the fundamental principles of feng shui:

1. fruit & citrus trees

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Fruit trees are literally abundant because they bear fruit. In the kitchen, fruit or nut trees do double duty in feng shui because they’re useful, they help feed your family, and they’re also symbolically perfect for placing in the kitchen.

2. chamomile

Chamomile is another dual-duty feng shui plant. its flowers represent wealth, drawing energy for prosperity to the heart of your home. the flowers can also be steeped in tea, which will help you draw the same auspicious energy into your body.

3. lavender

Lavender is loved for the beneficial aromatherapy properties of its lovely floral fragrance that helps calm and relax the body and mind. Lavender oil is also useful topically to soothe rashes and sore muscles. plus, it’s a useful culinary herb that pairs deliciously with lemon in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

4. chinese money plant

Pilea peperomioides produces round, bright green, coin-shaped leaves that give the Chinese money tree its lucrative symbolic power in feng shui.

5. Italian mint or spearmint

Both types of mint are useful in cooking and as a garnish. Its bright green, oval leaves are also powerful for bringing positive energy into the kitchen.

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6. lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the most auspicious plants in feng shui thanks to its attractive shape, upward growth, and bright green hue. select an arrangement of 9, the number that corresponds to the fire element of the kitchen. You can also display a different number of lucky bamboo stalks in a number associated with a different area of ​​the bagua map, such as 2 for relationships and marriage or 4 for good luck and wealth. just make sure to place the arrangement in the corresponding corner of your kitchen.

7. basil

Basil is one of the most popular herbs used in cooking, especially Italian food, and there really is nothing quite like the flavor and aroma of fresh basil. it is a perfect plant to grow in your kitchen because you will end up using it all the time. Plus, its rounded, smooth, bright green leaves are perfect for attracting positive feng shui energy.

8. golden pothos

Keeping fruitful and edible plants in the kitchen is excellent for feng shui. Although golden pothos is not edible, it has a powerful ability to attract positive energy. It’s also durable and can adapt to almost any condition, making it the perfect solution for neutralizing stagnant energy in dark spaces above cabinets.

plants to avoid putting in the kitchen for feng shui

Avoid placing plants associated with negative energy in the kitchen, where maintaining positivity, prosperity, and nourishment is extremely important. these include cacti, spiky succulents, and any unhealthy plants.

now you’re cooking – with positive feng shui plants for the kitchen!

Now that your kitchen is filled with edible herbs and positive energy, you can start spreading your wealth and good vibes. invite your friends and family over for lunch, brunch or dinner. They’ll love the taste of fresh herbs in your kitchen and you’ll love the compliments. (Looks like cooking could also improve your gua recognition!)

feng shui kitchen plants frequently asked questions:

feng shui plants and the home

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