15 Best Feng Shui Kitchen Colors Combinations For Wealth

Trendy feng shui kitchen colors vary through the decades.

In addition to the decorative trends and feng shui kitchen design, we tell you essential tricks so that the aging of your feng shui kitchen and its cleaning are optimal.

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We’ll also talk about the best feng shui kitchen color schemes, lucky kitchen color ideas, and feng shui kitchen colors. feng shui kitchen countertop colors, 15 best feng shui kitchen colors.

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how to kitchen feng shui colors

here are amazing ideas on how to combine colors for feng shui kitchen. If you want a feng shui kitchen that will last 20 years, avoid strong colors and seek harmony.

here are some quick tips on how to do good feng shui in the kitchen, that you might be interested in.

If you want to use strong colors for the feng shui kitchen, consider painting walls that are much easier to repaint if you want to change the feng shui kitchen.

Look for color combinations based on how much light your feng shui kitchen has. dark tones only for very bright feng shui kitchens.

Next, feng shui kitchen colors can work for both large and small kitchen areas and layouts.

white is the color par excellence and although it is not always a trend, it is the one that least goes out of style.

Currently, if you want your feng shui kitchen to look modern and charming, there’s nothing like choosing to mix tones and textures. Here is a list of feng shui kitchen color schemes that you can mix and match.

best feng shui kitchen color scheme for wealth

Choosing the right feng shui kitchen colors for your feng shui kitchen requires a great deal of experience and in-depth knowledge of feng shui itself, fortunately. Let’s find out below the lucky color for the kitchen this year.

1. white

since white has always been one of the essential colors for the feng shui kitchen, now it’s back with a vengeance. For this reason, it is great for proposals like this simple feng shui kitchen, with off-white cabinets and shelves.

and that combines very well with the brown wood of the feng shui kitchen itself and the sink.

If you also like neutral tones, you are in luck since this year they are a trend in interior decoration. in fact, you can find combinations as successful as this other feng shui kitchen.

cabinet and doors in a very soft white, while the central island is beige. everything looks great.

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2. black

also in the color combination for feng shui kitchens, you can opt for those that are somewhat darker. in fact, black is a good choice, combined with brown.

but be careful, it is better that you choose to add something metallic to add a touch of light.

and if you prefer to make the change even more noticeable, you can choose a white feng shui kitchen with a modern design. of course.

with dark brown walls. the gray floor will add a touch of irresistible elegance. thanks to the fact that the use of wood, or materials that imitate it, is currently a trend in the feng shui kitchen.

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we can make its brown colour, especially when it is strong, stand out a lot and more when combined with metallic tones. Neutral tones or tones that are not as striking as in previous years are the safe bet for feng shui kitchens.

In this way, we can add that stone gray to the mentioned browns as we see in the side island of this other image. anyway, if you want a striking touch or a more vivid color, nothing like choosing red. in fact, it was a trend years ago.

To use this color well, it is better to bet on combining it with the neutral tones that we are already seeing, and abuse it.

3. brown

and if you choose brown to be your central color, better something soft, close to beige, and for all feng shui kitchen cabinets and shelves.

For the intensity color that we see above, nothing like choosing white.

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Brown is, in fact, the best color for feng shui kitchens. the reason why I already said it.

Because of this commitment to wood, you can also choose it for your walls, also choosing others such as grey.

4. beige

The beige color is another of the great bets to combine colors in the feng shui kitchen. You see how well it looks with dark brown. beige combined with rustic furniture is an elegant option.

beige is a color that we have already seen as a trend for feng shui kitchens this year. It brings a lot of elegance and is perfect for all styles. Look at these other proposals that we have selected.

In this other image we see different mixtures of the neutral tones that I have already mentioned. pure elegance for a luxury feng shui kitchen.

5. dark gray

dark gray, in combination with raw white, can also be a safe and successful bet for a modern feng shui kitchen.

In fact, the great thing about white is that it goes with all other colors, whatever they may be.

We have already seen red as a good eye-catching color to choose when combining tones in our feng shui kitchen, but we can also find blue, which you already see looks good.

also, thanks to these successful combinations, we make the feng shui kitchen seem much more spacious.

6. kitchen feng shui metallic and white tones

metallics are very popular for appliances, and you can already see how well it looks with brown tones.

white of different intensities, from the lightest to off-white and combined with the darkness of brown, is something spectacular.

7. deep brown + white mix

the mixture of deep brown + white is something that simply does not go to waste.

Here’s another similar combination, with a mix of wood and lacquer that makes us all want to have a feng shui kitchen like this, right?

also if your feng shui kitchen is large, also introduce the dark ones, or the color black, which will give it a very special counterpoint.

the lighter color of the wood also serves to mark a greater contrast with the shine of the metallic.

8. the sobriety of black

We have already seen the color black, but the truth is that it brings an exquisite sobriety to feng shui kitchens.

It is also a perfect color for those that are more spacious and with a certain modern style.

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and if they seem too dark for you, you always have the option of choosing to combine their color with white or with softer tones.

9. the magic of the red rose

red was the color of choice for feng shui kitchens almost 10 years ago

Red was a very fashionable color a few years ago for feng shui kitchens. rate its use only if it excites you because it has been widely used in homes since the early 2000s.

red, in fact, brings a lot of life to feng shui kitchens, and if you have a fairly large one, you will notice how it becomes one of the most striking spaces in the house.

On the other hand, feng shui kitchens in red are usually presented with details that also make a strong comeback, such as lacquer.

10. green and white

By combining greens and whites, you can give your feng shui kitchen vibrancy and joy to create a space where you want to spend a lot of time.

also, within the green we can find different intensities, so, for example, a soft green can be a great choice.

also, the most striking green can be an original idea for your feng shui kitchen but it can quickly tire you out. strong tones always run this risk, so it is better to paint cheaper walls to change color than furniture doors in strong colors.

11. purple

purple, eggplant, purple. All of these colors were trending in the early 2010s. Right now, choosing these colors will give your feng shui kitchen an old-fashioned look.

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If you are looking for colors that allow you to bring a completely different vision to your feng shui kitchen, we recommend those that are not used much.

We have already talked about the color green, but purple or violet are also tones that demand our attention and that you can combine with other cruder ones.

In this other image, a feng shui kitchen with furniture and elements in violet and combining with a soft gray that gives it more elegance.

12. pink

Pink feng shui kitchens have never been the trend, so if you’re looking for a color that indicates differentiation, this is an option to consider. Focusing on very soft tones can give your feng shui kitchen a feminine and pleasing feel.

pink is a very particular color, and can be used for feng shui kitchens that we want to have a special charm. look how good they are with the lens.

Within the intensities of pink for our feng shui kitchen, it is best to opt for the softest ones.

and you can also choose to have a feng shui kitchen all in pink which, although overloaded, is most ideal.

13. yellow

choose yellow and you will see how your feng shui kitchen is filled with light.

plus, you’ll get a lovely retro look.

14. wood art

Wood as a trendy color for the feng shui kitchen. Wood is actually a widely used material for feng shui kitchens. but it can also be a great option if we look at it so that, due to its tone, we combine it with others.

common feng shui kitchen cures

As we have seen above, lucky colors and their combinations to invite good vibrations.

but along with these colors, there are many kitchen feng shui cures and remedies, which are used to correct bad energies that are the result of incorrect objects and placement in the kitchen.

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if you have a feng shui kitchen that faces the front door. then you can consider the following points, since according to feng shui experts it is a big no-no.

  • This type of design drains your money and luck. so let’s find out how you can minimize that effect.
  • It’s always a better way to place it near the back door, rather than the front door.
  • also, you should not have your kitchen in the center of your home.
  • The best location for the kitchen is always in an east or southwest direction. which promotes the element of fire.
  • if you have a gas stove near the kitchen sink, remove it immediately as it brings poverty

best east feng shui kitchen colors

The east direction in feng shui represents the health and family sector. To improve this area of ​​health and family, below are the kitchen colors recommended by feng shui.

  • brown and green.
  • black, blue, sand and beige.
  • colors to avoid: red, orange, purple, strong yellow, grey.

best feng shui northwest kitchen colors


northwest direction in feng shui represents the sector of helpful people and blessings. To enhance this area below are the recommended feng shui kitchen colors.

  • white and grey.
  • beige, sand, light yellow.
  • colors to avoid: red, orange, yellow , pink, magenta, violet.

lucky feng shui kitchen plants?

Plants are part of the wood element in feng shui, they can also be a great addition to any home décor. adding plants also works as a cure for the sink near the stove in the kitchen. let us now find the best 9 houseplants that work great for your kitchen.

  1. English ivy (hedera helix)
  2. aloe vera (aloe barbadensis mille)
  3. cast iron plant (aspidistra elatior)
  4. aluminum plant (pilea cadierei)
  5. spider plant (chlorophytum comosum)
  6. basil (ocimum basilicum)
  7. snake plant (dracaena trifasciata)
  8. golden pothos (money plant)
  9. jade plant

southwest kitchen curtains, countertop colors?


southwestern kitchen is very important to the health of the owners and the general well-being of the family. yellow, green and blue are the best choice for curtains for southwestern kitchen design.

when it comes to countertops for southwestern kitchens, they could have light granite countertops and ceramic tile countertops.

Idea of ​​colors for lucky floors in the kitchen according to feng shui?

The kitchen in feng shui represents elements of fire. To complement the fire, Southwestern kitchen feng shui experts recommend light-colored flooring.

while cream and light yellow are ideal color choices, they created a nice ambience and also reflect good light.

kitchen feng shui paintings

Paintings are a great addition to any wall. the kitchen can also have paintings that energize the general vibrations of the space.

Find my top picks for feng shui lucky kitchen paintings, decor and images below.

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frequently asked questions about the best feng shui kitchen colors

end result

We have given you many tips on feng shui kitchen colors that you can use to decorate your feng shui kitchen walls.

so follow these tips and attract great potentials that will add positive energies to your home through all the art of feng shui color.

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