25 Best Feng Shui Housewarming Gifts For Good Energy

Invited to a housewarming party? thinking about what to give as a feng shui gift for a new home.

We’re here to help you find the best feng shui housewarming gifts for good energy.

Reading: Feng shui housewarming gifts

They are objects that in addition to a gift convey good wishes, all these gifts symbolize things like prosperity, light, happiness, and a new beginning. In this blog, we are going to discuss the positive energy gifts of feng shui in detail.

These Chinese good luck housewarming gifts convey good wishes to neighbors, friends and family.

In medieval times, neighbors gave away logs of wood, a good log could provide hours of heat on long winter nights, so it was a very practical gift.

providing firewood also had an added value, it was thought that by lighting the fire in the fireplace it would ward off evil spirits. today nobody gives firewood to the neighbors, but the tradition of taking a gift is maintained, if you are invited to a housewarming.

Let’s talk next about Feng Shui items for the home recommended by Feng Shui experts.

25 feng shui housewarming gifts for good energy

1. feng shui candles

Are candles a good housewarming gift?

so that you always have light in the darkest moments.” candlesthroughout history symbolized the power of light, when there was no electricity, candles were the only way to illuminate homes, great books of human history have been written on the candlelight.

2. feng shui good luck bamboo plant


bamboo is a traditional plant in China known to increase the ‘feng shui‘.

According to Chinese traditions, gifting bamboo is linked to good luck, and depending on the number of stems given, it has a different meaning. these are the best feng shui gifts for the home.

if you happen to miss the number four on purpose, you will not find bamboo arrangements with four stems, in Chinese culture the word ‘four‘ is close to the word ‘death ‘, so giving away four bamboo stalks in China will be considered a bad omen.

3. pineapple feng shui

This tropical fruit arrived in Europe in the 16th century thanks to Christopher Columbus. Due to its shape, flavor and origin, the pineapple was considered a luxury food.

It was the desired food in the European courts of the 17th century.

even king charles ii of england posed for an official portrait where a pineapple also appears. The pineapple is associated with hospitality, it was so difficult to get it that giving it away was a gift.

previously having a pineapple decorating the table was a symbol of hospitality. With the time of giving natural pineapples, they moved on to porcelain or metal figurines that could always be kept at home, unlike fruit.

4. chinese jade laughing buddha

thelaughing buddha is the most common gift today for any occasion, it is also used as a beautiful decoration in many offices and homes.

This happy face symbol of a laughing man adds a cheerful spirit to any space and helps start a vibrant and auspicious feng shui energy.


Auspicious gifts for housewarming

5. Sweets & candies

Giving candies is a traditional welcome gift, with a clear message that appeals to the senses. sweet flavors attract us and even without tasting them we delight in their appearance.

sweets are given away at Christmas, Easter and birthdays. there is no meal that does not end with sweets. another gift to consider.

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6. feng shui aromatic herbs

plants do not contribute their beauty, aroma, and also many of them medicinal properties. Throughout history, nature has been “an apothecary” for many cultures.

Aromatic herbs were not only used as condiments for cooking, but also to treat stomach problems and pains or to calm nerves. That is why giving aromatic plants as a gift was taken as a symbol of health and protection.

Tray of aromatic plants with 15 units – 10.5 cm pots

7. wooden objects

knock on wood’ is associated with protection, this superstition does not have a clear origin.

It is believed that this protective power comes from the wooden cross where Jesus Christ died. In ancient times it was thought that the grain of the wood was purple as if they were veins.

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In those veins hid the genius of vitality and the genius of fire.

8. golden feng shui money tree

A new home can be tricky, which is why a little extra good luck never hurts.

Among the good luck feng shui gifts for a new home that I can think of, this is one of the most original and decorative.

The small bonsai is a fundamental element of feng shui. this in turn has several coins on its branches and is on a sack with the word “choi” which means abundance in Chinese. several elements combined to attract good luck to any house.

9. set of drinks to toast the great moments

to anticipate the housewarming and all the special moments that are yet to come within it.

there is no better way to do it than with these personalized mugs & glasses. contribute to expanding your friends’ dishes with some fun drinks.

10. kit to combat stress

If a move is characterized by something, it is the stress to which it is subjected. To combat this stress and make the start-up of the new house much more bearable, it is best to have an anti-stress kit and thus take things more calmly.

11. body relaxer

Ideal for the bathroom of any house, this relaxing tonic will allow you to enjoy a well-deserved rest, which you will surely want more after having been preparing the new house.

practical and simple feng shui gifts that you can get a great combination of.

These personalized message aprons are a great way to give a simple compliment, so you can cook without having to worry about stains. a more fun way to receive the hosts and be dressed for the occasion.

12. kit “like at home nowhere”

For your friends to start feeling comfortable in their new home, there is no better feng shui gift than this kit “at home anywhere” the kit has everything you need to enjoy the privacy of the new home and thus begin to take advantage of it.

13. feng shui meter for kids

If your friends have children, this meter for children is a great feng shui gift that they can place in their new home, in the children’s room and be able to control their growth much better.

Thanks to this meter you will prevent your friends’ children from painting on the walls to mark their height.

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14. kit to make your own vermouth at home

With this kit to make your own vermouth you will make your friend feel like the best host in his new home.

what better way to celebrate the opening of the new house than with some artisan vermouths. It has all the necessary elements for its preparation, as well as the appropriate instructions.

15. the most traditional feng shui doormat in the portal

To keep the house clean and brighten the eyes of the guests, a doormat with a message is one of the best solutions.

These fun mats are a very practical accessory that you can show off even to your neighbors.

16. embroidered towel: do you want to take a bath with me?

Whether your friend has a partner or not, this thoughtful message towel is a great feng shui gift to start decorating the new home it’s in.

A new set of towels never hurts and especially if it is as soft and fluffy as this one since it is 100% cotton.

17. toaster made especially for feng shui

You want the best for the people you intend to give feng shui gifts to. And what is the most important part of the day?

breakfast. And what better than eating some good, freshly made toast with a little jam and butter on top, and, the way I like it, soaked in milk.

hmm, but of course, you need a good toaster. What if that toaster can also prepare fried eggs, hamburgers, bacon and much more? pay attention to this toaster that includes.

18. feng shui warm blanket

The first few weeks you will have to get used to your house, and the most difficult thing is to feel comfortable on those movie nights in the living room or bedroom. but there is a way to help them and that is by giving them a good warm blanket.

a blanket with which they can cover themselves (considering that they are 2 people) and feel comfortable in their new home. This is a double blanket, although there are smaller and even larger ones. we have it and on cold days we don’t take it off.

19. luxury olive oil

olive oil is one of the main ingredients in Spanish cuisine. for example, I use it basically every day. but of course, you are not going to give away a bottle of carbonell.

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yes, it’s a good oil, but as a feng shui opening gift.

what you can give away is a pack of premium olive oil like this one that we show you. they are of exquisite quality so try to use them to accompany or cook dishes of the same category.

although they are also perfect to add a bit of bread to breakfast.

20. painting to decorate your new living room

Normally, a new house is not completely decorated or furnished. You can help a lot in this aspect by giving a good image. a big one to help cover that empty wall. a painting that gives a new life to the room where it will be.

a perfect place to find original artwork is etsy. there you will find the box that we show you. although if you prefer you can click here to see many other different images.

21. feng shui for love: capsule coffee maker

Is there anything better than the smell of coffee in the morning? For me, it is something necessary every day. capsule coffee machine simple smell activates my mind, and then when I drink it it leaves me ready for the whole morning.

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I think it’s one of the best feng shui gifts for someone with a new house because you’ll have made it easier in the morning. and they can give your home a special smell.

22. a set of organic bath bombs

If you’ve ever tried a bath bomb you’ll know it’s the perfect feng shui gift.

If you have never tried them, I recommend you try them first, and then you will see that as a traditional Chinese housewarming gift it is a very original idea.

You will manage to look very good since it is something that is not usually given as a feng shui gift and also because it is presented in a very elegant way.

if it’s for a couple, you can even enjoy them together. just make sure your new home has a bathtub!

23. feng shui vase filled with flowers

a very careful feng shui gift, especially for a woman, with whom it usually looks very good since few things are so decorative.

Furthermore, some flowers are often feng shui gifts to people who are close to you, so they carry that factor with them as well.

For flowers, we recommend that you go to your neighborhood florist so they can bring you some very fresh ones.

but the vase I recommend you buy one on etsy because the vast majority are handmade vases so they have a much higher value.

24. freshly baked feng shui cakes

Christmas, birthdays and valentines are needed. and also when someone opens their new home.

The truth is that I can’t think of a situation in which some freshly made cakes or pastries don’t come that aren’t even painted.

The vast majority of people love it and if there is going to be lunch or dinner, you will have brought the perfect feng shui gifts for dessert.

order a good arsenal of fresh pastries in your nearest bakery and fill your new home with that good smell.

25. feng shui security camera

We never like to think the worst, but by doing so we can prevent certain problems before they occur.

In the event that someone breaks into your new home, a surveillance camera like this one with night vision will record at all times, including audio, everything that is happening in your home.

and when it detects movement it will send the images to your e-mail so that you can receive them wherever you are. I find this to be a very useful feng shui gift that can help deter many thieves.

Also, find feng shu gift optionsi below.

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Depending on the feng shui housewarming gifts for good energy chosen, various interpretations are easily identifiable.

For example, people who didn’t receive many feng shui gifts in their youth will find it easier to do this type of approach, because they appreciate its full value.

We hope you liked these unique feng shui gift ideas for your friends and loved ones.

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