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When feng shui originated several thousand years ago, it took into account the effects of landmarks such as lakes, rivers, ponds, mountains, hills, and various environmental considerations when determining the benefit or impact of feng shui on an area. house or building.

Today, it’s pretty much the same, but in addition to natural landmarks, homeowners must now take into account influences like roads, other buildings, electrical wires, and the like, when evaluating the feng shui of their homes. .

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The good news is that most difficulties associated with roads can be overcome with feng shui.

I used to live in an area and I saw a really beautiful house come up for sale in succession to different owners. year after year a new owner would move in and then another for sale sign would be put up.

what was interesting was the relationship of this house with the paths that lead to it.

The house was located on a major curve in the busy highway and made cars appear to be heading straight for it while traveling at high speeds. Interestingly, on this particular curve where the cars passed in front of the house, in front of the house was a large tree and a small graveyard.

This arrangement directly affected the fate of the many residents of this house, with many drivers dying in the tree and graveyard as they approached this fatal curve in the road.

finally a smart new owner bought some very large hedges shortly after moving in and planted them in a line that blocked the view of cars speeding towards the house, their headlights and blocked the view of the small graveyard and the big tree where so many cars collided.

residents of the house now? they stayed and flourished.

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When we have energy coming at our homes, it can severely limit us – or bring us benefits.

a house that also drew attention for its relationship with roads was the house where robin williams committed suicide. the street was only a few feet from the front door, so there was no “bright hall” (the open space where chi gathers and brings opportunity to a home, which might explain some of the limited film opportunities that was experiencing at the time). but there was a bigger complication, even more serious. it was the water directly at the back of the house.

with a road in front and water in the back, mr. Williams was “trapped” by a lack of support and opportunities, as if thrown off a cliff.

When you have a driveway directly behind the house and out front, this can be disastrous for health, wealth, and opportunity, as we saw in the tragic and untimely end of Robin Williams.

There is a feng shui belief that certain directions of entry and exit are beneficial to the roads around our homes and others are detrimental. The problem with this type of feng shui is that these benefits really only apply when the driveway is a one-way street, which few, if any, houses actually have. when the road, like most houses, is two-way, the effects become neutral. therefore, unless you live on a one-way street, it is difficult to make these types of feng shui determinations.

To determine the layout of your home relative to roads, take a look at your home on Google Earth.

This is one of the best online feng shui tools because it gives you a panoramic view of your home in relation to roads, ditches, buildings, and environmental influences like hills. You should also take road speed into account when determining its effect on your home and life. Like in my example, a road with heavy traffic and high speed makes the road more dangerous than if it were in a neighborhood with a slow speed rating.

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Below are some of the road fixes and how they affect your home and your luck.

inside curve when your house is located on the inside of a curve, you are being “embraced” by the road, which symbolizes water. this is considered very auspicious.

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outside curve when your house is situated on an outside curve, the curve in the road becomes a poison arrow. What can you do about it? blocking the view with a solid fence, wall, or row of hedges is a benefit.

t-intersection this is the most dangerous and problematic. many entrances to subdivisions end this way with cars entering the neighborhood having to turn left or right, like the intersection shown above with the red arrow. the house directly opposite must “absorb” this energy from all the oncoming cars and often results in poor health, money and relationship difficulties, and generally declining luck and fortune.

This is why many of the houses in neighborhoods like this are in high turnover with for sale signs constantly going up, and that is detrimental to the value of houses in the neighborhood. a wall or fence should be erected to counteract the effect of poison arrows coming from cars.

dead ends & cul-de-sacs When a home is located on a cul-de-sac or dead end, there is a power outage. the “flow” of the highway is interrupted and can often create financial difficulties. if the house is directly in line with the road, this is very much like a t-intersection and points very damaging energy at the house and occupants.

again, it is necessary to erect some kind of shield next to a wall, fence or hedge. Homes on a cul-de-sac or cul-de-sac often suffer from diminishing energy. Good landscaping and lighting should be used to keep the energy fresh and uplifted for the home to enjoy chi cultivation.

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elevated highways when highways are lifted off the ground and a house sees the highway, this adds a knife edge quality to the highway. because these roads are often highways, the speeds create even more shear energy. There isn’t much you can do to counteract these paths other than blocking your view of them.

Sandwich Roads When your home has a street running in front of it and another street running directly behind it, it’s like being caught between two bodies of water. this can create financial difficulties and struggles to gain a solid career or business foundation. money can come and go quickly, with a bank account slowly and steadily declining. make sure there is a fence and hedges at the back of the house to block the view of the road at the rear.

The house on the right is that of actor robin williams, who tragically committed suicide. one could argue that the water side is the “facing direction”, and I think it is, but this still puts a street directly in the back, not 15 feet from the front door, which makes its ability deplete your assets, and indeed, your life.

street heights if your home is on a street that is not level, always approach your home from the lower side of the street so that when you enter your home, you do so from a lower level to a higher one. avoid entering your house by going “down” the street instead of going up it. this will prevent your home chi from lowering and yours as well.

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