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We all know that a tidy room equals a tidy mind, but did you know that you can improve your potential for success at work and generate positive energy by making a few changes to your home office interiors? Lucy talks to feng shui expert Priya Sher about home office feng shui tips to maximize your success when working from home…

what is feng shui?

Feng shui studies the flow and movement of energy within a space and purposefully guides it to offer the greatest benefit to the occupants. Literally translated feng shui means ‘wind water’. all humans need air and water to survive.

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its principles maintain that we live in harmony with our environment. its goal is to achieve balance in our living and work space and to maximize our potential for success in all areas of our lives.

how did you come to feng shui?

My father was a real estate developer and we moved around a lot when I was a kid. I realized that in each house we moved into, things were very different for us. I began to understand that spaces had energy and that in certain homes things were going very well for us and in others not so much. Several years later I came across feng shui and started studying it and it all started to make sense. I have been studying authentic chue style feng shui with my feng shui teacher since 2001.

why is it important?

When the feng shui of a property is good, the occupants can lead healthy and prosperous lives. any space you spend time in will absorb its energy. just as the energy of the people you spend time with infects you, so does the energy of a space. the difference is that we are more aware of when people deplete or increase our energy, but less aware of how a space can do that as well.

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People who are very sensitive to energy can feel the effect of a space fairly quickly, but it takes time for most of us to feel that. once we learn to optimize our environment to support us, our lives become calmer, opportunities flow more easily. feng shui is ultimately about bringing balance into our lives so that our quality of life improves.

what are your home office feng shui tips for wfh people?

desktop address

if you have a room at home that you can dedicate to your home office then this is the ideal situation. position the desk so that the back of your chair has a solid wall behind it. always avoid sitting with your back to the home office door as the door is where opportunities come in and you don’t want to have your back to opportunities as you can’t receive opportunities if you have your back to them.

what to avoid

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Also avoid sitting with your back facing a window, as this may not provide support. If you have no choice but to sit with your back to the window, look for a chair with a high back that is higher than your head, to provide support.

the position of the desk is vital, place the desk in the command position which is diagonally opposite the door, if you have a large room you can place the desk more centrally, always keeping a wall behind you for support and power.

your view

You must have a good view of the entire room to be in control of your space. When you optimize your workspace setup, you’re simultaneously improving your potential for success at work.

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on your desktop

always keep your desk organized and only put current work projects on it. always file and file finished work. At the end of your working day (for which you must have clear schedules, just as you would when going to work), tidy up your desk. your desk is a reflection of your mind and a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind.

close the home office door at the end of your workday. every morning open the windows of your home office to refresh the energy and light a woody candle, as the wood element represents growth and new opportunities.

do not place papers, books or files on the floor as this reflects a deterioration of your work.

plants raise energy

Place a peace lily plant on your desk to absorb electromagnetic stress, this will improve your energy as electrical appliances can drain our energy. place a money plant in the corner diagonally opposite your office door. this is a pulse point for wealth. a money plant placed here will enhance your wealth potential. For more information on which plants to choose, Plant Joy is a great resource.

avoid the bedroom

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Avoid working from your bedroom, as this is not a conducive space to work. the energy of the bedroom is yin and the energy of the workspace is yang. therefore, you will unbalance the energy in your bedroom if you work from here and cause a disruption to your sleep. If you have no choice but to work from your bedroom, you will need to divide your room into two distinct spaces by using a screen. Once you’re done working, you’ll need to store all your work and your laptop in a locked cabinet. for the bedroom to recover its bedroom energy.

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get up from the couch

Avoid working from your sofa, as this is a relaxation space to wind down after your workday. If you have no choice but to work from your living room or kitchen, be sure to pack up after designated work hours. In any room, always try to sit at a table when working with your back against a solid wall and a good view of the room you’re in.

find the balance

I know that with this year there have been many changes in our lives and many of us may not have homes where we can dedicate an entire room to become a home office, so we need to optimize what we have. Clear work-relax boundaries are key when working from home. It’s important not to check emails or take work calls after your workday is over, otherwise your mind’s energy will become unbalanced and you’ll never be able to fully relax.

Phones should be used to relax after your workday, to chat with friends and family, not to conduct business. After your work hours, you need to be able to mentally unplug from your work, which can take time to practice when working from home. but once you learn to master this, it will improve your potential for success and make you much more focused on your working hours.

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