11 Feng Shui Garden Products, Ornaments To Beautify Space

how to create a good feng shui in the garden?

Feng shui decoration and design in the garden is guaranteed to enhance the appearance, but at the same time change the overall atmosphere. you just need to incorporate feng shui garden products and ornaments with the five feng shui elements into your garden in a beautiful and harmonious way. you just have to decide which element is required more in your garden.

try our best 11 outdoor feng shui products and get ready to change the mood, joy and good feng shui in your garden.

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1. outdoor garden wall art

if you have space, a nook area in your garden that needs to be changed, what better feng shui cure than outdoor wall art/painting. this will give your garden an instant boost.

Having a plain, empty wall can be annoying and depressing, so facing a wall that contains beautiful energy is very uplifting. As with any garden, arrange any décor products based on the requirements of the five feng shui elements, just like choosing wall art. it could be any colorful and vibrant canvas with flowers, plants, pots.

2. garden decoration with gnomes

A garden gnome (also called a lawn gnome) is a small human-like creature usually seen wearing a tall, pointed hat (red).

The gnome symbols were used on the animated movie stars in “gnomeo and juliet“. but they have been part of the decoration of the garden since the middle of the 18th century. here are my recommended feng shui items for garden gnome purchases especially for you.

Garden gnomes are manufactured to decorate exteriors such as gardens and/or lawns. these gnomes, if worn correctly, are believed to protect the wearer from evil.

Apart from the protection, they don’t think they look super healed 😍😘. indeed they are, you can add a great feng shui garden decoration to any garden space with these cute gnomes.

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Another important point regarding gnomes is that they represent good luck and this is something that everyone wants. could be used near plants, trees and grass to keep and look healthy and vibrant.

3. outdoor garden fountain

feng shui fountains are the most adorable element for any park, garden. at the same time, it is a vital part of the feng shui water element as a water source. which makes this number one on the list of good feng shui garden products.

You can choose any fountain design, material or shape that works best for your garden within your budget. Consider again the elements of feng shui and the bagua when choosing the best place in the garden for the fountain.

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The only thing to remember with the water element is that the water must always be running, it cannot be stagnant. otherwise, it will reverse all the good benefits of feng shui.

4. use of wind chimes

feng shui wind chimes are the most loved product, especially for all gardening enthusiasts. it comes in all sizes and shapes with the slightest breeze.

Wind chimes play an important role as they express the essence of feng shui wind and water. so it’s awesome to place them near your garden/water source. If you have a balcony garden, you can also hang it there.

Look for light weight chimes to produce the most harmonious sound. avoid placing a large metal bell in the eastern area of ​​your garden.

5. illuminate with garden lights

who likes lamps and lights in the garden. we can go for solar garden lighting as it is wise feng shui with less investments. You can find garden lights in every possible design, from turtles to flowers, so choose according to your requirements.

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just keep in mind to use whatever symbol with the best on specific bagua areas of your garden. lamps and lights are part of the fire elements in feng shui that bring positive energy and a truly magical feeling.

6. garden statues and idols

good feng shui in the garden brings a dynamic harmony of sounds, colors, images and movements. And what better way to harness all these energies than with beautiful garden sculptures.

angels, fairies, children, birds, horses, Buddhas are the choice of good feng shui garden statues is huge.

7. hanging bird feeders, bathroom

In feng shui practices, birds are the good messengers of heaven, also the symbol of inspiration, peace and freedom. No feng shui garden is complete without the joyous song of birds. birds bring great energy, so it is our responsibility to welcome and nurture them.

One way is to keep the feeding items for them, we can also keep the birds in the bathtub. if you haven’t already tried keeping them in your garden. then I can bet you when you will see birds playing, feeding, bathing first thing in the morning. it will definitely brighten your day.

8. stair art

A constant flow of energy is really essential for a good feng shui garden. these stones add a new dimension to the garden and also give it the feeling that life is a series of steps. in a philosophical way that one day, one step at a time healing philosophy that is about mindfulness at every step.

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We can create this feng shui by choosing from a variety of step designs so your garden can enjoy this healing energy.

9. rest area

Having a place to rest in your garden is a great feng shui way to balance all the energies. where is the best place to absorb silence and deeply nourishing energy?

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Depending on the size and design of your garden, can you opt for any arrangement made of different materials and styles? just be sure to incorporate the five element requirements for each bagua area of ​​your garden.

10. outdoor fireplace

Fire is so purifying, inspiring and empowering, but in winters it’s such a blessing to sit in the open spaces. If the size and layout of your garden require it, having a fire pit is excellent feng shui. you need to be careful when adding this to your garden and follow feng shui elements and of course safety requirements.

11. feng shui ball to look at outdoors

This feature is also called spotting balls, mirror balls or witch balls. They come in a variety of materials, from non-reflective clay to highly reflective surfaces.

The round shape of the ball brings in the energy of feng shui as well as the strikingly beautiful addition. while the color and surface texture add additional elements to each bagua area of ​​your garden.

In feng shui, mirror balls are a good source of protective cures, as they bounce negative energy back to where it came from.

Find here my top recommendations for garden decorations and products below.

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  • feng shui garden plants
  • feng shui garden flowers


As you may have seen, these feng shui garden products are affordable to use and easy to implement.

by trying these products you can safely feel the difference in your garden and the positive vibrations with great decoration.

let us know your experiences, we’d love to hear from you.

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