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the nine step system for feng shui® and online school

here we use the nine-step feng shui® system – a step-by-step method for learning and applying feng shui that works every time.

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is a new way of practicing feng shui that is rooted in ancient knowledge.

The Nine Step System for Feng Shui® combines the most ancient form of Feng Shui with the principles of modern architecture and alternative healing.

by learning this method, you will never be confused by feng shui again. you will always know what to do.

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how I created the nine steps for the feng shui system

The nine-step system for feng shui® is based on the feng shui of the school of shapes.

this system combines:

  • feng shui school shape
  • modern architecture

form feng shui school

form school feng shui is the oldest form of feng shui, and is considered an Asian healing art. works with chi (life force) and other forces of nature to create environments where human life can thrive.

Because of all the conflicting information between feng shui schools and branches, I compared the feng shui information to the principles of other Asian healing arts, such as acupuncture, healing exercise practices (such as tai chi and qigong), and herbalism. I did this with the help of several mentors who were professionals in Asian healing arts.

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During this research process, I discovered that the form school feng shui has remained more faithful to the original principles of ancient Asian wisdom, and this is the reason why I chose that branch as a base of my system. .

modern architecture

i graduated in architecture from the central university of ecuador in 1995. i was lucky to have amazing teachers who introduced me to the universal principles of design, which helped me to make sense of feng shui and to organize it in a way that can be easily taught, remembered, and applied.

When I first became interested in feng shui, I noticed that people often ended up in strange looking places when trying to apply feng shui. For example, consultants and even teachers from different schools gave color advice that ended up giving strange results in interior design.

I wanted my method to help people create places that not only had high energy, but were also pleasing to the eye. That’s why the promise of the Nine-Step Feng Shui® System is that you’ll learn how to create spaces you love, and you’re proud to show off.

alternative healing

Unfortunately, in today’s world, many have reduced feng shui to a design technique, while others have mixed feng shui with superstitious and debilitating practices. When I first started feng shui, I tested much of the feng shui information I found with test groups in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere, and around the >ecuador. This way, I was able to create a method that would work anywhere in the world!

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