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The layout and design of your office space has a deep and immediate impact on the way you feel about work — and your life — every day. After all, you spend most of your waking life in this space, and the dreariness or cheeriness of any given space is bound to seep into your subconscious eventually. And yet, many corporate work spaces feel cold, sterile, and anything but personal. While you can’t change the bones of this design, you can hack your office space so that it promotes your well-being and productivity. Consider your cubicle your canvas, get out your metaphorical paintbrush, and get to work with the following ideas.

1. be green

You’ll feel like you’re working in a forest when you fill your cubicle with plants. Plants not only have a calming psychological effect, but can also help purify indoor air, which can turn into chemicals contaminated by cleaning products and paints. areca palm, bamboo, and rubber plants are great choices. alternatively, opt for a nice succulent or two and keep watering to a minimum. you might even want to add a nice tomato plant for healthy snacks throughout the day.

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2. create your own collage

Paintings and photographs are a great way to brighten up any office, especially when you opt for your favorite or pleasing patterns, images, and colors. switch things up by cutting large posters into a series of divided images to create your own collage. Alternatively, try printing lots of home photos onto smaller canvases and stitching them together on a side wall for a fun and creative look.

3. support your body

When you feel comfortable in your body, you will feel comfortable in your mind. If your office furniture doesn’t fit your frame, lobby your manager to buy you an adjustable chair and desk. In the meantime, try sitting on some pillows or place them behind you for better lumbar support. A split keyboard will also prove essential, as will an ergonomic mouse and other products that fit or adjust to your individual body. when your mind is not focused on the pain, you will have much more brain power for everything else.

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buy ergonomic keyboards

4. play with patterns

Playing with patterns can add a splash of color and fun to any office setting. Apply wallpaper or wrapping paper to the back wall of your cubicle, or frame individual squares and hang them in a checkerboard pattern on the walls. select patterns that truly represent your personality, from fun cartoon characters to bold, eye-catching geometric patterns.

5. get organized

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White office shelves with different stationery, close upA cluttered desk and a cluttered mind go hand in hand. You’ll feel so much better — and get more done — when your space feels clean and every item you need is easy to locate. A desktop organizer will of course be helpful, as can shelving, old painted shoe boxes and Ikea storage boxes and baskets. Once you’ve got basic organization systems in place, spend 10 minutes at the end or start of every day just clearing up clutter so that you can start the day right.

6. add your own lighting

As we’ve explored earlier, proper ergonomic lighting is key to preventing the development of computer vision syndrome. but lighting is more than that. it can also directly affect your mood and energy levels. try to avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs, opting instead for energy-efficient incandescent lamps, which give off a much warmer yellow glow. Christmas lighting can also add color and cheer to your office space.

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7. post inspirational quotes

Do you have any great thinkers that inspire you? print your favorite quotes and put them where they will always be visible. Better yet, turn them into an art project by printing them on specialty paper, embroidering them on fabric, or placing them in a vintage frame. Or, if you’re more of a book nerd, get a spineless classic: your favorite books printed in their entirety on a single page.

8. see the door

Feng shui is about having control over your space. To do that, it is important that you see the door, so that you remain in power and not in the victim position when a colleague approaches. If your cubicle isn’t set up this way, rearrange it so you have the clearest view possible so you don’t feel taken advantage of when someone walks in and starts a conversation.

9. decorate with relaxing colors

Whether you can paint your cubicle or just put up posters, opt for a calming color palette. soft blues tend to be the best choice, though anything in the blue spectrum will work. pale green, lavender, and dusty pink are also good choices, while beige will add an especially warm feel.

10. bring rug

It’s doubtful your boss will let you pull up the office rug and install your own, but accent rugs are a great way to increase the warmth of your office while adding more colors and patterns to the room. mixture. in fact, you won’t want to leave at the end of the day when your toes are curled up in its furry warmth.

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11. add sparkles with curtains

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If you have a window, curtains are another fun way to add a little spice while protecting your eyes from glare. Even if you’re not the lucky beneficiary of a window-view cubicle, curtains, just like photos, can add character to a space.

12. get creative with shelves

shelf is a great organizational strategy, but it can also be the core of a unique decorating scheme. square and angular shelving will pull the look together, as will filling those shelves with unexpected items like plants and trinkets. And of course, the shelves are just another opportunity to add a pop of color.

13. frame your travel photos

remember the sights, sounds and tastes of your foreign adventures when you frame your travel photos and hang them in your cubicle. You’ll feel a rush of inspiration remembering the taste of that particular spice, and remembering that goofy street artist will put you in a great mood.

14. have fun with fridge magnets

If you have a metal surface like a filing cabinet in your office, magnets are an interesting way to stay creative throughout the day. Poetry magnets will challenge you to write hilarious phrases, while ABC magnets will have you spelling out secret messages to your colleagues. what a great way to connect with his office mates.

15. relax with patterned cushions

Pillows aren’t just for comfort. With the right patterns, you’ll even inject personality into that boring old office chair.

When your office is designed to meet your individual needs, it is sure to thrive. what are your favorite office design ideas? let us know in the blog comments.

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