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Married life can be really tough for some people, especially if they’re not doing enough to keep the romance alive. In fact, one of the main reasons marriages fail is a lack of romance or positive energy in the relationship. however, there are some feng shui tips that will certainly promote romance in the life of a married couple.

Feng shui is about promoting positive vibrations around a house, structure, or person. when you are married to another person, there is an innate need for both of you to have positive energy around each other, because the negativity of one person will certainly influence the other as well. Feng Shui for Love, especially for married couples, will allow them to find their footing and will certainly make them more capable of leading a happy life together. And knowing the amount of pressure that is put on individuals and couples today, they will certainly need all the help they can get.

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how to make your house reflect feng shui for romance?

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The home you share with your loved one is a sign of your love and is also the first place to start if you’re looking to use feng shui to improve your love life. You can make your house reflect the status of your relationship and also the status of your marriage. The better your house, the better the chi and this will certainly make your marriage much happier.

  1. Clean up clutter: A cluttered mind is always bad news in feng shui. it means disorder and chaos, which is exactly what we don’t want if we’re trying to promote feng shui in marriage here. Therefore, if you want to start implementing feng shui, the first step would be to remove all the clutter from your house, so that the energy flows correctly. cleaning up clutter can be helpful because it will also help you get rid of your past, especially your romantic past, so that the house is free of any influence other than yours and your partner’s.
  2. get The Right Bed: The right bed is an important aspect of any relationship. this is the place where you and your spouse connect on a deeper, more intimate level. To promote feng shui in marriage, you need to make sure you have the right bed.

    so what exactly do you have to do for this?

    • make sure the bed is not in a corner. the bed should be easily accessible from all directions. this promotes positive energy in the room.
    • make sure the bed is not directly under the ceiling fan, support beams, etc. this will create ripples in the energy or pressure level on you.
    • make sure the foot of the bed is not facing the door, i.e. you should not sleep with your feet pointing towards the door.
    • make sure there are no mirrors on the side areas of the bed.
    • make sure it is at least 18 inches off the floor and do not store anything under the bed.
    • A king-size bed may sound like a good idea, but that’s bad feng shui for married couples. a king-size bed can keep a partner away, which is the kind of thing one would like to avoid.

    Greenery can be very useful as a feng shui tip for love. Flowers have always been symbols of love, beauty and life and it would be beneficial for you to have flowers in the bedroom or even in the house. keep the flowers in the southwest corner as much as possible.

    Greenery, especially flowers, is best when fresh, so have real plants and flowers around the house. But if you really can’t take much care of plants, get plants or flowers that are made of artificial materials, like silk. You should care for and remove all dead flowers and leaves as regularly as possible, as this is certainly an unwanted aspect of feng shui for love.

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    When buying a plant, buy a large plant with large leaves; they are the best. however, cacti and other prickly plants should be avoided at all costs.

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    feng shui symbols for married couples

    Feng shui is all about using the correct symbols to draw to bring harmony and peace to one’s life. Therefore, when you are decorating your home with your new spouse, you need to make sure that the place has good feng shui for married couples, as this will certainly liven up your life and keep romance levels high. Here are some of the best feng shui symbols you could use:

    1. mystic knot: the mystic knot is a symbol of Chinese feng shui. this is a knot that is supposed to represent harmony and eternity (because it looks like a snake biting its own tail). this is a symbol that can represent everlasting love and harmonious existence. it is also known to bring good luck. this is a must-have symbol for any feng shui house.
    2. the two eights: the two eights symbol, again, symbolizes eternity. this is a good representation of love as it can represent love that is undying and everlasting, the kind of love that every marriage should have. it is a powerful feng shui symbol that can bring a lot of harmony and peace to the home.
    3. images: images can also be used to symbolize strong aspects of feng shui. hang pictures of the two lovebirds or something romantic, so that the romantic element seeps into your home and thus into your life.
    4. mandarin ducks: mandarin ducks are the symbols of feng shui chinese for love they come two by two, they are lovebirds and they can certainly enhance the romantic aspect of the house.
    5. crystal sphere: it will bring you good luck to have a hanging chandelier in the house. if you don’t want that, then you can settle for a small crystal ball. these attract good chi to the house and also promote luck and cooperation. they are a sign of opportunity and also of positive results.

    These feng shui tips for love will certainly help you liven up your married life. it can help you realize your own place in the world, achieve inner peace, and also help you have a successful relationship.

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