10 Feng Shui Statues That Should Be a Part of Your Home Décor

Feng Shui, also known as Chinese Geomancy, is a traditional art that uses various energetic forces to bring peace and prosperity to one’s life. many different objects or statues representing various aspects of life are used to bring positive energy into your living space or office.

Furthermore, when these specific statues are placed correctly in your home or office, they not only bring fortune and good health, but also keep evil spirits away from your space. Therefore, if you are planning to decorate or redecorate your home, consider the following feng shui statues for good health and financial opportunities.

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1. Feng Shui Dragon Statue: In Feng Shui, the Dragon is considered to be protective and represents the masculine yang element that controls negative energies. The three types of dragons are the celestial (having the most power), the wetland and the oceanic (the one without a tail). These dragons reflect energies of the spring and represent protection, wisdom, development and culture. The dragons should be placed in the East direction..feng-shui-dragon-statueFeng Shui Dragon

2. Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Statue: In Feng Shui, Laughing Buddha is considered as the Buddha of Happiness. The statue of Buddha is kept in the house to keep away worries, troubles and sadness of all the family members. Just one look at the Buddha’s smiling face is enough to cheer you up. The Laughing Buddha is an ideal symbol of innocent joy and wealthfeng-shui-laughing-buddha-statueLaughing Buddha

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3. Feng Shui Charging Bull Statue: Also known as the Wall Street Bull, a bull statue in Feng Shui is used to generate aggressive energy that works towards the improvement of the financial condition of an individual. Bull is a symbol of strength, speed and power and therefore, placing a bull statue on the work desk of your office can help bring the bull’s power in your financial situation.feng-shui-charging-bull-statueWall Street Bull

4. Feng Shui Gold Arowana Fish Statue: In Vastu Shastra, Arowana Fish is considered to be auspicious as it is a symbol of wealth, peace and prosperity. Therefore, a statue of Gold Arowana Fish is believed to erase negative energies from your space. You must keep a statue of Gold Arowana Fish with a coin in its mouth in the East or North- East direction.feng-shui-gold-arowana-fish-statueGoldFish Statue for Prosperity

5. Feng Shui White Tiger Statue: ‘Left represents Green Dragon and Right represents White Tiger’, is a popular saying in Feng Shui. It is believed that the White Tiger brings fortune and good luck when it is kept in the right side of the house and is most likely to be associated with the compass direction of the West. White Tiger is known to be the yin to a dragon’s yang. The tiger provides protection to your home from all the negative energies.feng-shui-white-tiger-statueThe Fierce White Tiger

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6. Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks Statue: Ideal for marital bliss, a pair of Mandarin Ducks is perfect to place in a couple’s bedroom. This specific breed of ducks was adopted by the Chinese as a symbol of fortune and happy union. A pair of Mandarin duck figurines not only make the relationship of a couple stronger but also adds to the beauty of your home décor. feng-shui-mandarin-ducks-statueA Pair of Mandarin Ducks

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7. Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Statue: Considered to be a mythical creature, a dragon turtle has the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle. This unique combination is considered to attract success and wealth. To enjoy positive energies around you, place a Chinese coin in its mouth and place it in your home or office.feng-shui-dragon-turtle-statueDragon Turtle for Positivity

8. Feng Shui Three-Legged Toad Statue: The three-legged toad is considered to be an auspicious symbol of wealth. Just like the dragon turtle, put a Chinese coin in its mouth before placing it in your home or office.feng-shui-three-legged-toad-statueThree- Legged Toad

9. Feng Shui Horse Statue: According to the Feng Shui, horses are considered to bring fame, freedom, speed and success. The statue of horses should be kept in South and North as these are the fame and career areas respectively. feng-shui-horse-statueFeng Shui Horses

10. Feng Shui The Money Cat Statue: The beckoning paw of the Money Cat is a symbol of approaching wealth. When placed in your home or office, the cat attracts luck, money, prosperity and new opportunities. As cats can clearly view in dark, the Money Cat’s Statue will eliminate all the evil spirits hampering your success. It is best to place the cat’s statue on either your work desk or next to the cash register in the office. And, at home, you can place the statue of the cat either in the Southeastern (wealth) or Northeastern (inner knowledge) areas.feng-shui-the-money-cat-statueThe Lucky Cat

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You don’t have to include all of these feng shui statues in your home decor. you can place some of them according to your preferences and see the results for yourself. making some feng shui changes to your environment can bring positive energy and prosperity.

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