Feng shui y espejos: ¿dónde sí y dónde no?

I’m sure you’ve heard of feng shui, but what exactly is it? It is an ancient oriental philosophy based on the conscious and harmonic occupation of space. And in feng shui, mirrors play a very interesting role. we tell you more about the relationship between feng shui and mirrors.

feng shui espejos

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feng shui and mirrors: the importance of knowing where to place them

chi, or energy, is the basis of this oriental knowledge. feng shui represents chi as imaginary lines that go through each place and person in the house, so it is very important to learn to control this energy in order to reach a state of harmony.

It’s not about having many or few objects, but about placing them in the right way so that the chi flows. no more, no less.

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thus, it is very important that your home is a place where there is harmony and well-being: therefore, the energy must flow through all the rooms, so the position of any object is very important .

feng shui espejos

La ubicación y la forma de los espejos son clave en el feng shui

Y los espejos son uno de los elementos claves del feng shui. Según esta tradición, el espejo duplica lo que refleja. Esto significa que es muy importante planificar dónde colocar el espejo, para que no refleje cosas que puedan atrapar la negatividad como espacios poco agradables, otros espejos, ventanas, cuadros, lugares problemáticos…

  • do not use fragmented mirrors: they break the reflection and it loses all its power. there is only one exception: that the fragments are regular and reflect most of the person.
  • do not use beveled mirrors that produce cuts or duplicates.
  • do not use rusty, damaged or damaged mirrors. worn, nor use mirrors with dark or grayish tint indoors, as they will give a diffuse appearance to the environment
  • when a person looks in the mirror, their head must be seen completely.
  • If there are children at home, it is interesting to put a mirror in which they can see themselves completely, to increase their self-esteem and safety.
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feng shui espejos

Feng shui, espejos y estilo en un solo artículo: en el espejo XXL

¿Dónde colocar espejos y dónde no?

In addition to these recommendations to transform your home into a space of harmony and well-being according to feng shui, you should keep in mind that there are rooms where it is preferable to have a mirror and others where they can create less pleasant environments.

mirror in the hall or main entrance

It is said that the front door is the place where the house absorbs energy. That is why it is not advisable to put a mirror in front of the door, since the energy, as soon as it enters, bounces back and leaves. if you want a mirror, it would be advisable to put it on one side.

feng shui espejos

Un espejo que acompañe el mueble de la entrada o recibidor es una gran idea

Espejo en el Baño

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the rules of feng shui indicate not to have a mirror in the bathroom, since there can be energy leaks through the pipes. but having a mirror in the bathroom is the most normal thing: it’s where you get ready and get ready every day! so, since you have to have it, at least try not to see the toilet reflected, or put it in front of the door. if you can’t avoid it, try to at least keep the door closed.

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mirrors in the bedroom, where should a mirror be placed in the room?

what about the mirrors in the room? in feng shui it is not advisable to put a mirror in front of the bed or above it, on the headboard. it is said that when reflecting on oneself, the brain does not rest in the same way as it can cause restlessness and make you not sleep well.

So you shouldn’t install mirrors in the room if you really care about feng shui recommendations. bedroom and bathroom are two fundamental locations for the circulation of energy, for this reason it is convenient to take into account this type of advice.

As you can see, feng shui and mirrors have a very special relationship. If you believe that energy is the basis for having a house in harmony, it is very important to follow these rules. The energy must flow freely and, therefore, the mirrors that are placed in your house must be placed in a perfect and orderly manner. And you, do you follow the rules of feng shui in your house?

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