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Do you want to renew your home for the new year? Do you want to attract some positive energy? feng shui studies the flow and movement of energy within a space and purposefully guides it to offer the greatest benefit to the occupants.

its principles maintain that we live in harmony with our environment. your goal is to achieve balance in your work and living space and to maximize your potential for success in all areas of your life. Literally translated feng shui means “wind water”. the wind disperses the energy and the water retains the energy.

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houses are a reflection of their occupants. if any part is missing, neglected or has negative energy, this is reflected in the life of its occupant.

top tips:

1. the front door must be in perfect condition as it represents wealth. To attract energy to your front door, place a beautiful plant and illuminate both sides of the door.

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2. the room represents opportunities, so make sure it is kept free of clutter so that the energy can circulate; put coats and shoes in a closed closet so energy doesn’t stagnate. To activate beneficial qi (a positive or negative life force, pronounced “chee”) in the hallway, place a beautiful mirror and fresh flowers. fresh flowers instantly lift the energy of a space.

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3. the kitchen is a vital space since its energy represents food and harmony in the relationships of the occupants. Make sure you don’t put the sink and the kitchen opposite each other as that can cause arguments between couples as it creates a clash of water and fire. Colors in the kitchen are also an important consideration – avoid too much black and red, as that too causes a clash of fire and water.

4. the position of the kitchen is important for the feeding of the occupants; make sure it’s not placed under a window or directly in front of the kitchen or front door.

5. make sure that the furniture for the living room is in proportion to the space. do not block any doors with furniture and place the main sofa against a wall to provide support for the occupants. To activate the energy of wealth, place a lamp in the corner of the room (diagonally opposite the door to the room).

6. The dining room or table is an important feng shui consideration, as it provides a space where you can consciously focus on what you are eating. in feng shui we consider the dining room to be related to the spleen which is related to the earth element, which in traditional chinese medicine deals with digestion. To optimize energy in this space, place a mirror on the wall to reflect the dining table and place fresh flowers on the table.


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7. To encourage restful sleep, bedrooms should be a light neutral color and beds should have a headboard and be placed with the headboard against a solid wall. Ideally, the bed should not be in line with the bedroom door. place nightstands on both sides of the bed to provide support. place curvy lamps and lightly scented candles on the nightstand to introduce a little romantic energy.

8. the bathroom should always be kept clean with the door closed and the toilet lid down. this is the area where wealth can be drained (according to calculations), so introduce some plants here, as plants sink into the water, slowing down the flow of wealth being drained.

9. Your front yard represents your future, so make sure it’s always well cared for. take care of your flowers and plants and always keep it tidy.

10. The back garden represents health and wealth for the occupants, so make sure you always keep it in good condition. boundaries/fences/walls should always be well maintained to support occupants.

priya sher is a feng shui expert and host of nectar life hacks

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