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The figure of the elephant occupies an important place in Hindu mythology and is often used in home decoration to symbolize power, integrity and strength. Ganesha is the elephant-headed god, who bestows blessings and clears obstacles. The magnificent elephant vehicle of the goddesses Lakshmi and Lord Indra represents divine knowledge and royal power. the figure of the elephant has its own importance, according to feng shui, as well as vastu shastra. Elephants, in feng shui, symbolize power, wisdom, good luck, and fertility. people often include elephant statues and paintings to bring positivity into a home.

Elephant masterpieces, according to vastu and feng shui, should be placed near the front door or main entrance of the home or office. the best direction to keep an elephant statue is facing north to attract good luck and positive energies.

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here is how to include statues or figures of elephants, according to vastu, in your home decoration in the right way, to maximize its benefits.

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vastu elephant masterpiece: where should elephant statues be placed at home?

As elephants are considered to act as saviors and protectors, placing the statues at the front door is considered lucky. You can place a pair of elephants with their trunks raised if your home has one. wide entrance, looking inwards. You can also place the auspicious gajalakshmi elephant near the main entrance or in the northeast corner of the house. If you want to protect your house from evil or negative energies, you can place it facing the outside, according to feng shui.

according to vastu, hang a painting of elephants in the bedroom to strengthen the relationship with your spouse. You can also place a pair of elephants in the form of a statue or painting or even cushion covers.

if you don’t prefer a statue, you can opt for a beautiful elephant painting, which brings nice vastu effects in the house. hanging elephant pictures in study room or office, it is also considered lucky as recommended in vastu. opt for a mother-son combination of elephants, if you want to hang one in your children’s room. according to feng shui, you can also place the figure in the form of wallpaper or toys, to strengthen their awareness and improve their level of concentration. if possible, keep the toy statue on your study table.

Placing a picture of a mother elephant and her baby in the parent’s bedroom or in the child’s bedroom strengthens the bond between the child and the parents. this nurturing symbol can also be placed in the family room.

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vastu elephant statue: tips for placing elephant figurines

  • bronze elephant statues according to vastu are considered the best to keep in the bedroom as they bridge the gap between couples.
  • placing bronze elephants in the meeting room brings peace and prosperity to the workplace. In addition, it also works to give success in all spheres of life.
  • Placing a solid silver elephant in the house brings luck and fortune. a solid silver elephant figurine should be placed facing north.
  • if you have a small home office or work space, you can also place an elephant statue near the door or entry space. Elephants are the guards and protectors of an office and home. Placing an elephant statue or painting near the front entrance will prevent chi energy from leaving.
  • You can choose an elephant statue for the home office. Placing an elephant statue on your work desk helps increase concentration, focus and helps deal with pressure.
  • You can also place the statue of seven elephants in a line as it represents eternity and symbolizes longevity and overcoming death. these seven elephants represent happiness, wisdom, prudence, royal dignity, invincible power, longevity, and intelligence.
  • while paying attention to the correct direction of the elephant vastu, you should keep in mind the correct location of the statue. Elephant figurines should never be placed in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Also avoid keeping paintings of elephants or images depicting war, violence and animal cruelty, as per vastu shastra rules.
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vastu elephant statue: importance of elephant trunk postures

according to feng shui, while a raised elephant trunk symbolizes good humor, a lowered trunk means concentration and sensuality.

meaning of elephant with raised trunk

An upward pointing elephant trunk is said to bring energy, luck, prosperity and kindness. the elephant raises its trunk to greet friends and express happiness. place an elephant with its trunk up to be showered with good fortune and compassion.

An elephant figure with its trunk up also means fortune and success. feng shui experts also compare the elephant’s trunk to a vacuum cleaner that sweeps away negative energy. therefore, opt for an elephant statue that is holding something like a crystal ball or some other similar item.

Similarly, according to vastu, statues of elephants with their trunks up are considered very lucky and bring good fortune to the family. elephants with their trunks up and standing on their hind legs represent power and protection.

pointed down elephant trunk

The trunk pointing down represents the ability to solve challenges and longevity. Contrary to popular belief, a downward pointing elephant trunk does not mean bad luck. therefore, these types of statues are suitable for offices, warehouses, etc.

Tips to bring wealth and good luck using elephant figurines

Two elephants crossing their trunks means union and friendship. If one of the elephants has a tusk and the other does not, it means a healthy relationship between males and females. Such statues are believed to have a positive impact on couples, if placed in the bedroom.

Also, an elephant with its trunk down is believed to store luck and energy. it is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge that allows you to easily overcome various tasks and obstacles. To stay grounded at work or to reserve strength and vitality at home, hold an elephant with its trunk down.

a statue of a frog on an elephant or a monkey on an elephant in the north adds stability to the run. according to feng shui, a smiling buddha sitting on an elephant drives away sadness and evil and brings good luck. four or more elephants on a tusk bridge (wood or resin) brings good fortune and protection to the family. The blue elephant and the rhinoceros are a feng shui symbol that is kept in the home to protect against accidents, theft, and betrayal.

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Which way do you look at an elephant for good luck?

To invite good luck, it is important to understand how to place elephants at the front door or in different areas of the house. there are two main positions, where you can place elephant figures to attract luck. You can place a pair of elephants on each side of the door for good luck and blessings for your family. the trunks, in this case, should be raised like a trumpet symbol to attract luck to your home. A pair of elephants inside your front door/entrance also symbolizes prosperity and success in your career.

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can we have only one elephant statue at home?

in vastu and feng shui, elephant statues are a symbol of prosperity, positivity, courage, knowledge and these characters together bring good luck to you and your family.

You can have a single elephant statue at home as per vastu shastra guidelines. for example, having an elephant statue or figurine at the entrance of the house or office will invite good luck and positive energies.

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masterpiece of elephants direction vastu: where to place the figures of elephants in the office?

If you’re looking for career growth, place an elephant figurine at your workstation. You can keep a picture of an elephant in your work journal or work stationery, to enhance your leadership qualities and improve your performance under pressure. if you are a businessman, you can have an elephant statue in front of the front door. the elephant symbolizes wisdom and power, when placed in the work environment. your presence will boost your career and business.

The ideal direction to place the figure of the elephant of good luck in the office area is the north direction. It will lead to growth in the area of ​​work and wisdom. Those seeking a boost in their career should place the elephant figure in this direction, as the northern direction is ruled by Kuber, the lord of wealth. it is the direction of wealth and career.

Place an elephant statue on or near your office door to enhance power, wisdom and success in your work life. If you have a small home office or work space, you can also place an elephant statue or decor item near the door or entrance to the space.

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vastu direction elephant statue: how to place elephants for fertility?

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For couples aspiring to have a child, place a pair of elephants on either side of the door leading into their bedroom. make sure the elephants face the bedroom. You can also leave the elephant statue on each of the nightstands, in front of the bed. A statue of seven elephants can also be placed together in the bedroom as it symbolizes fertility.

When keeping the elephant statue for home according to vastu, you can also choose an elephant with its trunk down, as it is believed that an elephant with its trunk down can store and accumulate energy and can also pass through various obstacles. Considered a strong symbol of fertility, an elephant statue with its trunk down placed in the fire element of your home will play a key role in your marriage relationship.

The north and east corners are considered ideal for the placement of vastu elephant symbols and paintings.

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vastu elephant masterpiece: benefits of having elephant statues at home

  • Elephants are the largest living mammals. represent strength, protection, wisdom and good luck.
  • according to vastu, elephant symbols invite positive energies into your home and life.
  • like a snowy mountain, the elephant embodies dignity, majesty and power.
  • white elephants are considered very auspicious. Buddha’s mother is said to have dreamed of a white elephant before giving birth.
  • Elephants are a particularly powerful image of prosperity and royalty.
  • Elephants are also connected to gray rain clouds, to bring bountiful harvests.
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Elephant in Vastu, symbol of good luck

the combination of all the characters of an elephant brings good luck. Furthermore, the elephant is a symbol of Lord Ganesha, who is believed to bring much goodness in the form of luck, success and protection. therefore, having figures of elephants at home is a way to receive positive energy in your home and in your life.

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studies and academic activities

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If you’re seeking luck in academics, love, or relationships, keep the artifact facing out from the front door.

for study, an elephant with its trunk raised is a good symbol. elephants are known for their powerful memory and keen mental acumen. therefore, a statue or painting is ideal on the study table.

Images of elephants in the “dui” area of ​​your home, according to the feng shui bagua map, can create more protection and wisdom for children.

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vastu elephant masterpiece: decoration ideas for good luck at home

To bring positivity and harmony, one can creatively use elephant figurines and designs in various ways at home. idols or figures of elephants, in addition to their vastu effects, can enhance any home decorated in a contemporary, vintage, industrial or minimalist style.

elephant in various forms

elephant painting

For the right effect, you can choose a painting of an elephant. choose an image that represents positive images. avoid destructive, violent or cruel images.

elephant statues

Elephant statues can be used in home or office decoration. Elephant figures can be incorporated as coffee table legs, in fountains, piggy banks, lamps, shelf supports, pencil holders, elephant-shaped ceramics, door handles, etc.

photos of large elephants

Elephant paintings can be used as prints on wallpaper, wall art with decals or as designs on cushions. Elephant photographs can be very powerful, but they should be calming images.

vastu images of elephants in textiles

if it is not possible to get a sculpture, elephant prints on textiles can be used. wall hangings, wallpaper, murals, curtains, and tapestry are equally effective.

according to vastu, the main gate decorated with goddesses lakshmi (with coins), sitting on a lotus with elephants, is considered auspicious.

place nettipattam at home

many people place nettipattam at home for many reasons. According to traditional Kerala culture, nettipattam is used to decorate elephants during festivals. Also called caparison, nettipattam is available to hang on the wall, in different sizes.

according to mythology, the kumilas (doms) and their position in a shell represent the entire pantheon of gods. these are placed or hung in an east-west direction as they are believed to bring prosperity and peace to your home.

lucky elephant material

The lucky elephant can be made of various materials, such as jade, silver, wood, marble, metal, poly resin, glass, porcelain, lacquer, etc. , brightly painted or with leaf decorations.

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