Feng Shui Dragons and Pearls for Your Home

When you’re spending more time indoors than usual, you may also want to bring a little more comfort and positive energy into your living space. Whether you realize it or not, your home and workspace affect your mood, your daily routine, and your overall quality of life.

In the past, we’ve written about using pearls to decorate your home during special holidays like Christmas, but what can you do to make a normal day better when you have no celebrations on the horizon?

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Feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy intended to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings, is a great practice to incorporate into your daily life. The words “feng shui” translate to “wind and water” and relate to the idea that energy is always flowing, whether you can see it or not. practicing feng shui can not only help you remove negative blockages in your psyche and emotions, it can also bring peace and harmony to your surroundings.

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The rooms within your home influence your well-being, and incorporating something like a feng shui dragon into your home can transform your space into a place where you feel safe, happy, and inspired. We were especially delighted to learn that the feng shui dragon can often be seen holding a pearl, which reflects spiritual energy, wisdom, power, and prosperity. To learn more about other common myths and meanings associated with pearls, please read this blog post.

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The feng shui dragon, often seen as a sculptural statuette or in paintings, is a must for those seeking great fortune, prosperity, and abundance. The dragon is an important symbol of masculine energy in feng shui and an important symbol throughout the world. the celestial creature has the power to transform into a visible or invisible being and is depicted in many sizes and colors. this relates to the feng shui idea of ​​visible and invisible energy.

This symbol of good fortune is a great addition to your home and can be placed in many ways in your space. however, placing your dragon in low-energy areas such as bathrooms, garages, or crowded spaces is not recommended. ideally, the dragon should be placed in open areas of a house.

According to an informative article on these dragons, “if you select a Japanese dragon holding a pearl, face the room, never toward a door or window, as the pearl represents wealth, abundance, and power.” You don’t want all of that to go out the door.” Above all, when placing your dragon in your home, you should do so with respect and good intentions.

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here are some ideas of where you can place your dragon depending on what you want to achieve with it:

  • place your dragon in a common area such as a family room or living room to strengthen relationships with your family and friends.
  • place your dragon in front of the kitchen sink or any water fountain in your home, in addition to the bathroom, to strengthen the benefits of water for wealth and prosperity.
  • for professional success, the dragon can be placed in your office on a table or shelf behind from your desk. this allows the dragon to watch over you and protect your workspace.
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Now that you have an idea about the benefits of dragon feng shui, you can transform your home into a place that invites abundance. Not only is the feng shui dragon a great way to protect your home, it can also be a thoughtful gift for a loved one, just like our sentimental necklaces with extra pearls.

Both gifts show you envision a positive future for the recipient. A feng shui dragon and cultured pearl necklace with extra pearls are thoughtful and symbolic gifts with a rich and interesting heritage that makes a good story passed down from one generation to another. With objects that matter, you can add rich layers of meaning to your life.

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