21 Feng Shui Dragon [Placement, Directions] Tips For Wealth

The feng shui dragon is a powerful and auspicious traditional feng shui cure and an excellent yang/strong masculine feng shui symbol.

In this blog, we are going to understand the correct feng shui dragon or Chinese dragon placement guide and instructions.

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a pearl, or a crystal, in the claw of the Chinese feng shui dragon symbolizes wealth, power and abundance of opportunity.

This mythical animal inspires and elevates the personal spirit of development, as a challenge for the individual, inducing him to achieve success and prosperity, this is the meaning of the symbology of feng shui or the Chinese dragon.

meaning of the feng shui dragon in Chinese

what does the dragon symbol mean? it is an essential part of Chinese culture for centuries. In addition, it was classified as one of the most powerful symbols of yang energy in general. in feng shui, it is used as an auspicious symbol symbolizing commanding power, nobility, success, divine protection, wealth, and abundant opportunity.

In addition to the above meaning, there is also the spiritual meaning of dragon energy of dragon. which says that the dragon represents supernatural power, wisdom, strength and hidden knowledge.

what is the importance of the feng shui dragon?

What does the Chinese dragon symbolize? the most obvious question. its symbol is used in feng shui to power the metal dragon figurine

the importance of Chinese dragon elements anywhere in your space, recommending placing feng shui dragons in the east or southeast corner. It is one of the traditional Chinese objects that helps add balance and harmony to the environment.

In China, the dragon symbol is visible everywhere as it is a vital belief of Chinese culture.

which inhabits ancient Chinese legends where reference is made to its power to control natural elements such as wind, rain or rain. clouds

facing the feng shui dragon tortoise

for best results, the dragon tortoise feng shui facing direction should be in the north or northwest directions based on feng shui bagua areas from your dragon houses or offices that are facing your lucky direction. You can choose good quality bronze Chinese dragon statues or one carved from a glass dragon or stone dragon for gardens.

dragon feng shui image location

How to use a dragon at home? According to feng shui experts, the preferred way to use a Chinese dragon painting is to frame a painting or any image of a dragon with metal. as there is a belief that it will feed the good fortune that the dragon brings.

On the other hand, we should strictly avoidframing a dragon image in a wooden frame. since wood needs water to grow, which results in the wood element inhibiting the water element. although keeping wooden dragon by itself is not good feng shui.

You can also find many deals on dragon statues for sale, dragon paintings for sale online. keep checking such offers to bring prosperity to your home.

suggestions for dragon and phoenix placement in feng shui

The feng shui dragon is a very powerful and traditional symbol that you can use at home to protect your home. it has a strong yang (masculine energy) and has a pearl in the dragon’s claw that symbolizes wealth, power and abundance of opportunity.

so now this is the most obvious question wheredo I put a dragon feng shui or where should I put a dragon in my home?

“The feng shui dragon and the phoenix are considered one of the most powerful and valued symbols in feng shui and as we know chi (vital energy)”

dragon feng shui comes in many sizes and variations of colors and materials. for example, a green dragon for the east side of the house is excellent for health.

while a golden dragon feng shui dragon can be excellent for enhancing wealth and abundance.

Having a dragon at home in any area of ​​your home is a nice thing to do, you can place it wherever you want in your home, no restrictions!

although it is recommended that you do not place the dragon in areas with low energy such as the bathroom, inside a closet or a garage since it will not bring you any benefit.

If you wish to have more than one feng shui dragon in your home, it is recommended that you have no more than 5. And if you wish to place it too high in your home, never place it above your eyes.

if you want the dragon to give you strength and protection in love, then you will have to put the dragon in the realm of your relationships.

and synchronize it with the dragon and the phoenix so that you can have great conjugal bliss.

There are several ways to decide the best feng shui location and dragon position in your home, you can choose the area based on what you want to achieve with it. Some indications that it can be good for you to place it in your home are:

  • place the dragon in an open space with a good flow of chi energy.
  • make sure the dragon does not have its eyes on the window or door (same goes for the claw and the pearl).
  • Treat the dragon with respect so that it benefits you with all its energy.

There are several ways to decide the best placement and placement of the dragon in your home. here are several suggestions for the ideal feng shui location of your dragon.

  • make sure your feng shui dragon is facing the house (to attract the energy of dragon wealth and prosperity, you can also try ducks mandarins) and don’t look out the window, for example.
  • don’t place your feng shui dragon facing a wall or place the dragon in a narrow/restricted corner of your room .
  • avoid having the pearl in the dragon’s claw facing the window or door.
  • don’t place too many feng shui cures too close to your dragon.
  • Dragons are powerful and magical feng shui creatures with lots of powerful energy that can go in any direction.
  • Give your feng shui dragon plenty of room to breathe and treat it with respect.

People have been using the dragon as a powerful symbol to revitalize areas of their lives for thousands of years.

dragon with jewelry that fulfills all wishes, my best option for you.

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feng shui dragon and phoenix together symbol meaning

In feng shui, the dragon and the phoenix are simply a couple from paradise and their meaning as a couple is dragon and phoenix they are the two most powerful symbols that represent success and prosperity.

wear dragon amulets- and in fengshui, if they are in pairs, they are considered to be the symbol of love and this is called yin yang phoenix dragon. the dragon represents the ‘yin‘ while phoenix represents the ‘yang‘. check out the complete guide on what is yin yang | the full theory behind

The feng shui dragon and phoenix marriage symbol is also very auspicious and good for couples. below are my top recommendations for the same

feng shui dragon location facing direction | locations

The best feng shui dragon facing direction for the dragon should be just below eye level so you can always see it and maintain control over its great powers.

Never put the dragon on the ground as it is a sign of disrespect and you don’t want to offend the dragon!

The east sector is the traditional place of dragons. place a chinese feng shui dragon in this sector or in the east corner of a home or commercial office.

If you select a Chinese feng shui dragon holding a pearl, place it in the direction of the feng shui dragon facing the room.

never pointing towards a dragon gate or window, as the pearl represents wealth, abundance and power.

You don’t want all of that to go out the dragon’s door or worse, out the window.

Limit the number of dragons in your home to five. more than this will create unfavorable energy that comes from too much yang (fire) energy.

Dragons’ heads should always be raised for auspicious chi, never facing or pointing downwards.

direct Chinese feng shui dragons in the east sector

what do dragons represent? since dragons represent east, the ideal direction towards the dragon feng shui for a dragon feng shui is on the east side of your home or on the east side of a room.

however, dragons should not be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms or closets as they symbolize activity. and will draw too much energy to these areas.

If placed in the relationship area of ​​the house or space, a dragon should always be paired with a dragon and a phoenix to ensure happy love relationships.

In ancient times, the dragon was one of the four legendary creatures that carefully guarded the four directions of the compass.

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As the dragon gazed to the east, the other three legendary creatures stood guard in their cosmic directions. in feng shui applications, you can use all four or use the dragon alone.

  • the dragon protects the east
  • the chinese dragon red bird protects the south
  • the the white tiger dragon guards the west
  • the dragon tortoise feng shui guards the north

dragon placement side feng shui – guide

The side of the fengshui dragon has several mystical powers that create a great amount of energies. The dragon side of Chinese feng shui, when placed to the west, is believed to obstruct all evil forces that may want to block good and positive energies.

However, all sides work together to create strong chi for their masters, the side is said to have many powers. and that these powers vary in nature and bring a lot of good attributes like:

  • love
  • healing
  • wealth
  • good luck
  • positive energies
  • flow of business
  • success, etc.

Some Chinese worship the side of the dragon recently, burn incense to it and pray according to its wishes.

Below are my top recommendations for the feng shui dragon bracelet, feng shui decoration with feng shui dragon bell and blue dragon.

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feng shui dragon placement places to avoid

As we have understood so far, dragons are the most powerful feng shui cures for your home. but we must use this very carefully as there are some restrictions. if not used properly, dragons can have the opposite effect than intended if not used wisely or respectfully.

here are some restrictions we all must follow.

  • Avoid low energy places, such as the bathroom, closets or garage.
  • Since it is a symbol of power, we must restrict the excessive use of this symbol. we cannot have a maximum of five dragons in your house. also, do not group them in groups of three.
  • should not be placed higher than eye level.
  • don’t wear the pearl in the dragon’s claw facing a window or door.
  • the dragon symbol deserves respect, so never wear these dragon images on the floor, even if the dragon is part of a rug.

dragon placement front door feng shui – guide

The humble dragon is actually one of the four powerful celestial guardians of classical feng shui. Add a replica of a real dragon to your front door or entryway, decor, or landscaping for luck, longevity, serenity, and career success.

the term dragon in fengshui; It refers to the spirit of one of the most auspicious animal figures that is used as a remedy or to improve luck.

Ancient legend tells of the appearance of a lo river dragon and the emperor’s recognition that the markings on its shell mimicked the energy map used in feng shui.

the basic feng shui dragon brings good luck

regular royal dragon figurines or an upgraded dragon powered by the fearsome fiery energy of the dragon (another heavenly guardian) will bestow wealth, restful sleep, vibrant health, long life, financial gains, and career rewards once you’re hung at the front door.

my top recommendations for feng shui dragon statue and dragon photos for home decor

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For best results with the basic dragon, place the figure or living dragon in the following positions:

  • Place a dragon at the front door leading into your home to focus energy and protect the home and its occupants from misfortune.
  • place it behind you in a home office for additional assistance and security.

the feng shui dragon feng shui improves prosperity

the feng shui dragon is an impressive force. the creature has the body and head of a dragon, stands or crawls on a bed of coins, and often carries a baby dragon on its back.

The dragon is associated with the east and the color green. the dragon is an energy booster from the north and its color is black. place it in that area and attract prosperity, protection, longevity and security. this creature has your back.

the ideal areas to place the feng shui dragon

depends on what you want to attract. To advance your career, place a fengshui dragon in the north or northwest corner of your home or office.

  • a fengshui dragon in the east or southeast improves family health and attracts abundance. During the Shang dynasty (1766 – 1122 BC) dragons were used for ceremonial divination to predict the future.
  • The ancient Chinese believed that the dragon contained all the wisdom of heaven and earth within its body. Today, you can use dragons in conjunction with feng shui practices to attract security, wealth, and good fortune.
  • A large dragon with two small stacked Chinese dragons represents three healthy generations and is a powerful symbol of longevity.
  • li>
  • A fengshui dragon, sitting on a “pedestal” made of coins or ingots, is very lucky with a Chinese coin in its mouth. the calligraphy on the coin should always face up, like any gemstone embedded in the coin.
  • place a small dragon under your bed for more restful sleep and to help cure insomnia.
  • a mound-shaped figure of a dragon displayed in a patio or back garden can replace a rise, hill or mountain at the rear of the property, a landscape feature considered essential for safety.
  • for even stronger fortune, use feng shui dragons made from quality materials, such as precious woods, or gems, such as jade.

attract blessings with dragons

Dragons are no braggers when it comes to mastering key creation myths and legends of life-changing good fortune. Feng Shui gives dragons a central place to attract and ensure strong health, opportunity, and abundance for those who display them.

Experiment with your own lucky dragon, whether it’s adding a jade dragon paperweight to your desk or a trio of painted western dragons in your backyard pond. if you are wondering? what does the Chinese jade dragon mean, the jade dragon is also a symbol of happiness, immortality?

Be feng shui smart and take advantage of the lack of a friendly dragon to attract a continuous flow of blessings into your life.

feng shui dragon boat

the feng shui dragon boat is a special boat used to celebrate the Chinese dragon boat festival. There are also certain rules for feng shui dragon boat placement. that we are going to explore.

The Dragon Boat Festival begins on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and is celebrated by various ethnic groups in China and around the world, especially in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Although the festivities vary from one place to another, they have common characteristics.

”The dragon has always represented a symbol of prosperity for Chinese farmers in particular, who depend on natural elements to achieve prosperity”

  • a commemorative ceremony consisting of sacrificial offerings to a local hero is accompanied by sports competitions such as regattas and dragon boat rides.
  • or target shooting with willow branches ; meals based on rice balls, eggs and sulphurous red wine; and folkloric shows in which operas and songs are performed, as well as the unicorn dances.
  • The personalities and exalted heroes vary according to the region: in the provinces of hubei and hunan, the memory of the romantic poet qu yuan is revered.
  • in the south of china, that of wu Zixu, an old man who, according to legend, perished when he killed a dragon in Guizhou Province; and in yunán province, the dai community celebrates the memory of yan hongwo.
  • During the festival, participants ward off evil by bathing in flower-scented water, wearing five-color silk, and hanging bouquets of flowers. of abortion, and acoro in the lintels of the doors of their houses, and sticking images cut out of paper in the windows.
  • The Dragon Boat Festival strengthens family ties and contributes to the establishment of a harmonious relationship between mankind and nature. it also stimulates the expression of imagination and creativity, helping to revive the feeling of cultural identity.

things to remember when placing the dragon

  • The Chinese dragon is best for looking at the sea or the river. If there is a river in front of the Chinese dragon house, it is the best place to put it, but it should be noted that if it is a culvert or gutter, it will be avoided, which will have adverse effects.
  • The Chinese dragon should not face the bedroom. dragons are majestic things, so they don’t usually look into the bedroom. in particular, some red-eyed dragons are not allowed in front of a child’s bed or bedroom, which can be frightening.
  • it is bad for dogs belonging to the zodiac. because dogs and dragons run against each other, dogs do not recommend placing dragons.
  • the number of dragon ornaments, suitable for one, two or nine. however, if there are images of nine dragons, there must be a dragon as the protagonist in the center, otherwise it will become a chaotic situation where the dragons have no heads, which will bring about good and evil and make the house be restless .
  • When placing the dragon as a feng shui object, it is necessary to open it. because the dragon’s aura has an aura, the dragon that does not pierce the aura is just an ordinary piece of jewelry.

feng shui dragon status (dragons for protection)

what does the status of the dragon symbolize in feng shui?

Traditional feng shui dragons are known to carry strong yang energies as well as sacred symbology. These mythical animals are able to provide support and protect your home, which is why they are very popular in China as protection and good luck charms.

Likewise, the dragon is considered a deity that is responsible for promoting harmony and wisdom. For Eastern culture, this mythological animal is the most powerful symbol of yang, and for this reason it is one of the four animals that reign in the skies of feng shui.

Finally, the dragon watches over, protects and represents the divine, therefore, it provides security in your home and personally. to those who use it as a talisman, favoring and allowing it to be nourished by natural and cosmic forces to always attract good fortune.

so if you want to have one of these ancient protectors in your home, take a look at these options and choose your favorite:

chinese feng shui golden dragon

Entirely handmade, with excellent metal material that is durable and easy to clean. you can gently polish the surface with a soft cloth or use vinegar if it gets rusty.

  • Also, read- how to use chinese golden dragon symbol to enhance good luck- ultimate guide

you can place it in your room to refresh the appeal of decorating small spaces. The Chinese dragon brings you good luck and fortune, as well as improving your self-confidence.

colored glass sculpture

It is a very colorful and beautiful sculpture, made with colored glass through an ancient wax technique. light from different angles will bring a color gradient.

is a magical beast from ancient Chinese mythology with the head of a dragon, the body of a horse, qilin legs, and the general shape of a lion. bless you, when you enter and when you leave home.

feng shui jade dragon

It is an auspicious creature in ancient China, which has the particular ability to attract luck and fortune and keep it captured, so it will be a guardian and protector at all times.

Known to attract wealth, placing it in your home brings fortune and prosperity. protect your home and ward off bad fortune, just place it with its head facing the window or front door.

feng shui dragon symbol in your home

The dragon feng shui is a powerful and auspicious traditional feng shui cure and an excellent yang/strong masculine feng shui symbol. A pearl or crystal in the feng shui dragon’s claw symbolizes wealth, power, and abundance of opportunity.

As a popular feng shui cure, dragons come in many sizes and color and material variations. a green Chinese dragon, for example, is an excellent feng shui cure for the east, the feng shui bagua health area, from your home, while a golden dragon feng shui can be a great feng shui cure for wealth and abundance.

Where to locate the feng shui dragon?

Having a feng shui dragon in almost any area of ​​your home is auspicious, with just a few restrictions. do not place the feng shui dragon in low energy areas such as the bathroom, cabinets or garage. and don’t have too many dragons in your house. according to feng shui, the recommended maximum number of dragons in the home is five.

Another feng shui recommendation is to avoid placing your dragon too high, that is, too high above eye level. if you want to place the dragon in the feng shui love and relationship zone.

It is best combined with the phoenix feng shui symbol as the dragon and phoenix pairing is the ultimate feng shui symbol for such marital bliss.

for love

a dragon is too strong for the bedroom. but if you want to energize the romance, you may want to consider pairing the dragon with a phoenix to balance the energy.


They are excellent in the area of ​​wealth and can be combined with water to symbolize the prosperity coming to your home. in this area, the best color for dragons is the color of water (black, dark teal, dark blue, etc.) or the color of the money dragon such as green or gold. strong>. or the color of vitality and energy (red).


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In an office, they’re ideal on the wall behind you while you’re sitting at your desk. this way, the dragon supports you and doesn’t challenge you, if you look directly at it.


As flowing water symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, placing a dragon figurine or wall hanging with a dragon image in front of your dragon kitchen faucet will enhance your good chances of amassing prosperity in all its forms.

You can also place a dragon image in front of a fountain and other sources of clean water. (don’t put it in the bathroom!)

what not to do with the dragon feng shui symbol

  • do not have them three by three in your house.
  • do not have images that make you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.
  • avoid having rugs with images of dragons by where you step on them.
  • Since they are such a strong symbol, they are not suitable for bathrooms, closets, garages (they are not symbols or sacred images).
  • They should not be cluttered and should have space around it to symbolically fly.
  • don’t buy images where the dragon is confined in a circle.

feng shui dragon side

the side of the dragon feng shui has several mystical powers that create a large amount of energy. The dragon side of Chinese feng shui, when placed to the west, is believed to obstruct all evil forces that may want to block good and positive energies.

however all sides work together to create strong chi for their masters, the side is said to have many powers and these powers vary in nature and bring many good attributes such as:

  • love
  • wealth
  • good luck
  • positive energies
  • heals
  • flow of business
  • success, etc.

Some Chinese worship the side of the dragon recently, burn incense to it and pray according to its wishes.

feng shui dragon tortoise meaning

meanings of the Chinese figure: in this legendary symbol, the imposing powers and attributes of two of the four celestial creatures of the spiritual gifts of the dragons tortoise symbolism are combined, since The figure has a feng shui tortoise body and a dragon head.

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and is represented on the basis of coins and gold bars. she carries the symbolic coin of prosperity in her mouth and carries a newborn turtle in her shell.

The turtle, which is considered capable of living three thousand years without food or air, symbolizes longevity.

The dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination. the transformation of the turtle into a dragon indicates good fortune to come in a professional career and in business.

the base of bullion and coins indicates enormous wealth and prosperity. the coin in his mouth symbolizes the increase in income. the turtle that he carries in the shell symbolizes the destiny of the descendants.

its location: This symbol should be placed on your artboard, in the north or east sector, but not in front of you. Placing a powerful symbol in front of your face is like asking for trouble.

The dragon turtle not only brings a long and fruitful life, but also one full of successes and blessings. the dragon turtle brings fame, honor and good reputation to the family and good health to the patriarch. For these reasons, it should not be missing in your home.

feng shui dragon fish

In feng shui, the arowana fish, also known as the golden dragon, is considered a powerful symbol and bringer of good luck. The feng shui arowana fish bestows happiness, great love, health, wealth, prosperity, and personal power on its owner.

The arowana is like a lucky magnet for wealth. Considered one of the most valuable living feng shui talismans, this fish is often said to be the most expensive aquarium fish.

This fish is highly appreciated for all the luck it brings to its owners. The dragon is an ancient Chinese sacred symbol reserved only for the emperor. the royal family was believed to be descended from the dragon.

This symbolic dragon icon is a lovely gift favored by executives and business owners.

Depending on the species, feng shui dragon colors include blue, gold, silver, red, black, or pearl. the red Asian arowana cannot be imported to the usa uu. uu. their scales often have a tendency to reflect light.

Many times, when light touches his dragon scales, a prism with the colors of the rainbow is reflected. choose any color of arowana fish that appeals to you.

  • bluish arowana fish
  • number of arowana fish used in feng shui

you can use the number of fish recommended for an aquarium or pond according to feng shui. the auspicious rule of nine suggests eight goldfish or redfish and one blackfish.

blackfish absorb all the negative energy that is harmful to you. fish swimming in the aquarium or pond generate yang energy through movement through the water.

multiples of three always bring auspicious energy and good luck, so you are not limited to just nine fish for a pond or aquarium.

where to place your aquarium with arowana fish?

Most fish keepers put only one arowana per tank due to the aggressiveness of the fish and the resulting size. There are various feng shui locations for an aquarium. these include:

Southeast: The southeast is the wealth sector and placing an arowana aquarium here will activate large amounts of money and great wealth.

North: The race sector is another favorite place for an aquarium. get ready for your career to skyrocket.

east: The health sector will bring a lot of health luck when an aquarium is placed here. you can experience better health.

location of an arowana pond

The southeast sector of your garden is the ideal place to locate a pond. If you want to have a fish pond in your front yard, make sure you place it to the left of your front door. To determine the correct location, stand inside the front door, facing the courtyard.

the area to the left of the door is the correct location. In feng shui, you should avoid any water source to the right of the door (looking from your house), as it will activate the unfavorable energy of male infidelity.

use the art of feng shui with arowana instead of having live fish

If you find the possibility of housing such a large fish in a home aquarium overwhelming, as well as the constant maintenance and cleaning of it, don’t panic.

You can easily capitalize on the wonderful lucky energy of arowana by using Chinese dragon art objects and prints in your home. some of these include:

Translucent Gold Arowana: There are many styles and colors of arowana figurines. there are them in a golden yellow that is a symbol of wealth (gold).

feng shui dragon sword

dragon feng shui swords have always been a very important symbol for humanity and although of course, in the past they were much more important, today they are still a very popular symbol.

It would be nearly impossible for anyone to think of the concepts of honor, courage, and courage of ancient warriors, without thinking of a feng shui dragon sword.

Japan has its own type of feng shui dragon sword which is also one of the most important cultural symbols in Japanese history. Of course, I am referring to the traditional catana (or katana), a unique feng shui dragon sword rooted in Japanese folklore and the ancient and terrible samurai.

katanas were the sacred weapons of samurai warriors. Such a feng shui dragon sword requires significant care. it is an impressive weapon and a symbol of honor, power and combat strength.

  • When samurai had to kill themselves for any reason, they had to do so by sticking their own feng shui dragon sword into their belly.
  • In the Middle East, daggers stand out. while daggers are not feng shui dragon swords, they are a similar bladed weapon that goes with them.
  • especially due to the fact that it was with daggers that the ancient roman emperor julius caesar was assassinated.
  • the point is that this assassination was a dirty and violent plot, during which the Emperor suffered 23 stabbings. however, daggers are also a symbol of determination, courage, and defense.
  • as for europe and the later colonies that later formed the rest of the world, feng shui dragon swords were the tool and the main symbol. of warriors.
  • Among other things and since ancient times, feng shui dragon swords represent military honor, courage, war, struggle, justice, strong temperaments, freedom and between other things; defense.
  • a broken feng shui dragon sword symbolizes defeat and surrender while two feng shui dragon swords together represent fight to the death and endurance to the bitter end.
  • On the other hand, and removing all violent connotations, in the philosophy of Buddhism, the feng shui dragon sword is the tool with which ignorance is faced.

meaning of feng shui dragon tattoo?

However, feng shui dragon swords have many meanings and especially in tattoos.

In addition, there are many types of feng shui dragon swords, with different shapes and even different ways of being used, which gives the tattoo artist a wide variety of options.

For all this, today in body and art we present some designs and meaning of feng shui dragon sword tattoos.

As we noted earlier, feng shui dragon swords were and are just as important throughout history as they are in tattoos today. for example in the Asian continent and especially in the Japanese culture.

feng shui dragons correspond to the number nine, according to Chinese numerology and this is associated with good luck, as well as protection, fertility and immortality are some of the virtues offered by the dragon in feng shui.

frequently asked questions about the chinese dragon feng shui


Summary: After reading all these articles, everyone presumably has a new understanding. and understand the dragon tortoise feng shui location tipstips, you can understand it and you can also increase some ideas about feng shui.

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