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The dragon and the phoenix are considered a perfect match and a symbol of love in feng shui, so they are believed to be an auspicious symbol that invites happiness in marriage. lovebondings explains the meaning of the dragon and phoenix in feng shui and their symbolism. take a look!

the eternal bond

Individually, the phoenix represents “yang” energy (masculine energy), and when combined with the dragon, it represents “yin” energy (feminine energy). When both the dragon and the phoenix come together, they symbolize love, harmony, and togetherness.

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feng shui can be used to boost and attract certain positive energies into your life or home. over the years, it has become the most popular and important practice all over the world. people are turning to feng shui to tap into the positive energy in their surroundings that brings good luck. It is usually done by placing the symbols and good luck charms in the assigned areas and directions according to feng shui, to activate certain energies within the home.

But what do you do if your marriage or relationship falters? solve your problems without yelling or yelling at each other, yes, definitely! talk it out for a better solution, definitely! nothing can replace these two, but it can only be boosted or supported with certain vibrations and energies, which is nothing more than achieving a stable and peaceful state of mind. and for this, you must place in your home the ‘dragon‘ and the ‘phoenix‘, two of the most powerful among the four celestial animals. They are considered a classic couple and the symbol of eternal love and marital bliss.

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read more about the dragon-phoenix pairing and its symbolism.

what do the dragon and phoenix symbolize?

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The dragon and the phoenix are two of the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity in Chinese mythology. in feng shui, they are considered the ultimate symbol of marital love and joy. the dragon is ‘yin’ while the phoenix is ​​’yang’, a perfect balance needed for a successful married life.

the dragon symbolizes ‘man’ and the phoenix symbolizes ‘woman’. it means that the man and his spouse will stick together no matter what happens, and support each other through thick and thin. their love and passion will last forever. Both symbols ensure luck for both the patriarch and the matriarch. if he places them together in any home, the result will be a fruitful marriage along with success and harmony.

If you want to enhance your love life and bring happiness to your marriage or relationship, display them in the love position. They not only strengthen the relationship, but also rekindle the lost spark with her energies. They are even a perfect symbol for singles waiting for their true love. the red phoenix and the green dragon are celestial guardians.

mythology and symbolism of the dragon

The dragon is the most powerful and imperial creature in Chinese mythology, hence the traditional and unsurpassed status in feng shui. Chinese emperors considered themselves dragons and it was their national emblem. To the Chinese, the dragon signifies power, incredible strength, good fortune, success, and Eastern direction. place it in the east for more success and prosperity.

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The dragon induces the spirit of life through its breath. he has the ability to expel cosmic energy (chi), and also attract and release water like the king of the ocean. keeping a dragon symbol in your home is believed to ward off evil spirits and ward off negativity.

mythology and symbolism of the phoenix

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phoenix is ​​a mythical bird that represents femininity, the power to be reborn (as it rises from the ashes) and transformation. it is considered a symbol of the empress and queen of all bird symbols in feng shui. symbolizes beauty, good luck, opportunity, and the direction of the south in china. It has immense power to turn bad luck into good luck. hence, the guardian of the south; this is the best direction to place the symbol.

It is said to remove all negative chi or quarrelsome energies from a relationship with its fiery energy. It’s also the perfect symbol for single women looking for true love.

dragon-phoenix symbol placement

put them together and you have the best combination for a relationship to grow and prosper. placing both in the northwest corner of a room will improve the patriarch’s luck, while placing the symbol in the southwest corner will increase the matriarch’s luck. it will also promote love and maintain the relationship, bringing laughter and happiness. place it in the east corner if you seek good health, great achievement, power, and good status for the family. For those of you who seek power and fame in politics or show business, place this majestic symbol in the south corner and make sure there is enough light focused on it. those of you who are single and expectantly waiting for love to happen or want to get married, should place the symbol in the ‘nien yen’ direction according to your ‘kua number’.

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The success of feng shui depends primarily on your own belief system and commitment to maintaining the relationship. it is not a magic that will make your problems disappear. you also have to put in a little effort.

Note: Consult a feng shui practitioner before choosing, as these experts will know what is best for you and guide you to improve your life.

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