Feng Shui en el dormitorio: 15 claves para decorar tu habitación

armoniaEl Feng Shui es una filosofía china ancestral que basa sus principios en cómo ocupar y dar armonía al espacio para lograr el equilibrio de la energía vital que nos rodea.

Para el Feng Shui, el dormitorio es uno de los puntos claves del hogar ya que es el lugar destinado al descanso, al reposo interior y a la intimidad personal. Es donde recuperamos las energías para afrontar un nuevo día, pero paradójicamente, también es donde somos más vulnerables al estar en estado inconsciente durante el sueño.

Did you know that applying this ancient philosophy in your bedroom can help you rest better, improve your energy and even make you feel more optimistic? keep reading and you will learn how to achieve the positive influences of the energy that surrounds us.

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Let’s start with a quick assessment of the current state of your bedroom:

how to distribute space and decorative elements in a feng shui bedroom

a bed that is not too small and centered in the room with support elements on each side, warm lights and soft colors are the basis for a harmonious bedroom, where energy circulates correctly.

However, so that you can get started in this ancient philosophy, we are going to delve into how to distribute space and how to correctly use decorative elements in a feng shui bedroom.

bedroom location

Although it is imposed on us in most homes, depending on the direction in which it is oriented, we will obtain different types of energy.

north: represents darkness and coldness, facilitating deep sleep

south: it is the worst orientation for rest since it is charged with negative energy

east: positive energies and luck are concentrated in this direction

west: it is the symbol of happiness and joy

northeast: facilitates rest

southeast: favors relationships

northwest: with this orientation greater concentration is achieved at work and personal problems are minimized

southwest: although it is the symbol of serenity and conservatism, it does not contribute to getting a restful sleep

shape of the bedroom

ideally, the room where the bedroom is located has a square shape or, failing that, rectangular. These geometric shapes correspond to the earth element, the element that provides greater stability and balance to chi (the force that moves the world, nature and people).

bed location

cama sin cajonesLa cama es el elemento más importante en el dormitorio y su ubicación es trascendental. Como regla básica debe evitarse que los pies estén alineados con la puerta ya que tener la cabeza en línea con ella provoca inquietud, vulnerabilidad y no permite un buen descanso. Lo ideal es que la cama esté situada de manera que se controle la puerta pero sin estar enfrentada a ella.

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It is also important that there is free space under the bed so that the chi circulates unhindered throughout the room, therefore, it is advisable to avoid chests of drawers and canapés. if the bed and the door are aligned, it is advisable to change their location.

If this is not possible, it is necessary to create a protective barrier at the foot of the bed: a high footboard, a chest, an upholstered stool or a small shelf are valid alternatives to block evil energy flow.


has a protective effect that provides security and increases self-esteem. it is advisable that the headboard is on a solid wall, if possible without windows and if there is one, it is important to cover it with curtains and lower the blind to sleep.

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As for the material, it must be solid; solid wood or upholstered would be suitable.


espejos feng shuiAunque en ocasiones se desaconseja ponerlos en el dormitorio, la realidad es que son elementos que sí se pueden tener. La única medida que deberías adoptar es que no refleje tu imagen mientras estás acostado o reclinado en la cama.

If this is the case and it cannot be moved, it is advisable to cover it during rest hours.


regulate the flow of energy in the home. generally recommended:

  • avoid mirrors facing the door to prevent positive energy from leaving as soon as you enter
  • they must be free of obstacles and you have to make sure that they open and close without difficulty
  • prevent them from being dirty, old or worn


They are the eyes of the house and it is where the energy comes out naturally. For a good flow of energy to occur, you must:

  • decorate with curtains or blinds that, in addition to providing privacy, add color and vitality
  • keep the windows clean so that offer a clear outside view
  • open periodically to allow air to circulate and renew


vigasSi existe una viga en el dormitorio hay que evitar que quede justo encima de la cama: una viga en vertical puede crear problemas de pareja ya que, de forma figurada, os separa.

If the beam is in a horizontal position, it can cause pain and illness in the body area that is exposed to it.

if it is not possible to change its location, a fabric or a canopy over the bed, a garland of small lights along the central beam or, a more drastic measure, a false ceiling, minimize the negative effects.

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televisions and electronic devices

It is advisable to avoid all types of electronic devices in the bedroom. TVs, computers, phones, and mobile music players create a magnetic field that can affect sleep and relationships.

if there is any electronic element in the room, always try to place it as far away as possible from the bed and in the case of the television, cover it when sleeping.


try to avoid ceiling lamps above the bed. instead, it is advisable to use strategically placed floor or table lamps to create different atmospheres and that, in addition, project a soft light.


Although the safe bet is white, the colors that generate tranquility and calm such as salmon, pink, earth tones, vanilla, lemon, greens and soft violets, are also suitable for promoting rest .

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furniture and decoration

Mobiliario minimalistaLos muebles con un marcado estilo minimalista son los ideales. Una cama con un solo colchón, un armario no excesivamente alto y a ser posible de bordes redondeados, una mesita de noche a cada lado de la cama con sus respectivas lámparas y un sofá o butacón de lectura, proporcionarán el equilibrio a la estancia.

Avoid placing a desk or exercise equipment around the bed as much as possible, as they negatively affect rest.

decorative elements related to the earth element such as vases, ceramic objects, rugs, rugs or paintings that represent a natural landscape, are also welcome.


This section deserves a special mention since images that represent aggressiveness, fear, anguish, desperation… should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with inspiring images or paintings provides harmony and tranquility.


The bedroom is a private and intimate space, so it is not a good idea to place pictures of your children, family or friends as they can cause the feeling of being watched.

The only photos that do not alter the energy in this very personal space, with the exception of wedding photos, are those of a couple.

order and cleanliness

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limpieza y ordenPara lograr los máximos beneficios de Feng Shui es importante que mantengas el orden y evites el mobiliario que realmente no es práctico en el dormitorio.

eliminate useless or necessary objects (papers, trinkets, useless gifts, clothes, chairs, additional lamps…) and keep the room clean and airy, are key measures to achieve a full and orderly life .

what to do according to feng shui

If it is a couple’s bedroom, it is important to use the objects in pairs since number two is in charge of activating the couple’s relationship: two tables at night, two lamps above them, two rose quartz to attract harmony in love…, although it should be noted that it is not necessary for these objects to be the same or symmetrical, only that they create harmony.

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To the extent possible, textile materials and rugs should be natural and in soft colors.

candles have a spiritual and mystical meaning in feng shui, so their use is clearly recommended to achieve good energy and eliminate negativity from the bedroom. each color has a different purpose, the red candles have a great impact on the couple’s relationship, the green ones ensure balance, the blue ones tranquility and calm, the white ones purity and harmony…

If the bed does not have a footboard, I recommend placing a trunk or bench at the foot of the bed.

chi energy must circulate around the room free of obstacles, so it is important that you maintain order and eliminate necessary furniture or decorative elements.

uses different points of light to create the optimal environment according to the moment: reading, intimacy, relaxation, deep sleep, meditation…

what not to do according to feng shui

metal headboards, hanging fabrics and bars with cushions used as headboards create, as well as the absence of it, physical and emotional exhaustion and instability.

Do not put images or water elements such as fish tanks, aquariums or fountains in your room.

avoid dolls and stuffed animals as they do not help maintain an adult relationship.

avoid dried or artificial flowers in the bedroom, they are dead energy that promotes personal stagnation.

avoid images of religious worship and photographs of children, family and friends.

Although reading invites relaxation and self-knowledge, too many books in the bedroom can create restlessness. I advise you not to have many books in the room and, those that are, should always be kept away from the bed.

If you want to go deeper into this ancient technique, I recommend that you visit the page of the European school of feng shui.

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