Dormitorios decorados según el feng shui para mantener vivo el amor

Just by looking at a bedroom, I can guess what the relationship of the two people who share it is like. It is not science, but feng shui gives guidelines to detect, for example, if one of the two dominates the other in the relationship. It has been shown that more stable couples create, even if unconsciously, more balanced and proportionate bedrooms. Do you want to redecorate your bedroom to enhance love? These are the guidelines to follow.

I rest, therefore I am

The bedroom, in addition to offering rest and tranquility, should also support the good understanding between the two. you are the protagonists of the bedroom and this room should be a pleasant refuge for both of you, that makes both of you feel comfortable. To promote rest, limit stimuli such as light, noise and activity. an excess of these factors will not let you rest well and you will lack energy and good humor.

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the bed, against the wall

The location of the bed is key in the psychological perception of the bedroom. it should be leaning against a solid wall that allows you to see the entrance to the room. thus, it favors the sensation of recognition, protection and “sustenance” of the relationship. On the other hand, it is not appropriate to place the bed in a passageway between the entrance and another door (such as the bathroom), or a window and a balcony, because it would be too exposed to the current and could “destabilize” the couple.

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neither yours, nor mine: ours

The bed must be accessible from both sides, because this guarantees the equality of the two members of the couple. if one sleeps cornered against the wall, over time he will find himself overwhelmed in the relationship. On the other hand, if you have a space that is too open and fluid, you may end up developing more social interest and showing less dedication to your partner. there are other topics to avoid in the bedroom. like sharing the rest space with the work space: do not locate the study in the bedroom, to sleep well you must strip yourself of obligations and worries. you should not let guests in either – the bedroom is your intimate corner. allocates another room to leave the coats of the visits. And, if you can, have a bed in another room in case one of you is sick or needs privacy. This gesture of freedom does not distance the couple, but allows them to breathe and favors stability.

harmony for two

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the bed. choose it adapted to your weight and height. and dress her with sheets made of natural fabrics and, if they have prints, make them soft.

light. commitment to dim and warm lighting, which invites rest. if it has reddish tones, you will reinforce intimacy.

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the headboard. must be symmetrical and stable in design. rule out triangular or aggressive shapes, rectangular or oval shapes are better. On it, place an image of the couple.

photos of the two of you. decorate the bedroom with photos of the couple or, at most, of your children. Parents, family and friends are part of a more public life, so bring their portraits into the living room.

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cushions, the righteous ones. according to feng shui, beds with an excessive amount of cushions denote a somewhat childish, dependent and lack of affection personality. use cushions sparingly.

friendly tables should be the same, on both sides of the bed, so as not to create imbalances. it is best that they are not higher than the bed and that they do not have sharp ends.

light colors. choose pale and soft tones. blue and green are somewhat cold and can create distance between you. derivatives of red are warm and reinforce and ignite the relationship.

even number. put accessories in an even number: two cups, two or four pictures… the two is the number of the couple. one is associated with loneliness and three, with the existence of third parties.

in the photo gallery you will find inspiration to create an ideal bedroom for two. Do you recognize that you are one of those people who are called “hopeless romantics”? Well, don’t miss this gallery of bedrooms in which romanticism has deployed all its weapons of conquest.

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