Los Colores en el dormitorio aportan calidez o frialdad a la pareja

Depending on how the colors are in the bedroom, your partner may or may not be understanding and attentive to you. Imagine the importance of colors!

in feng shui we know how to help you with your relationship.

lack of understanding, attention, distance and coldness in a relationship, or the absence of a partner can come from a cold and bland bedroom.

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Today I’m going to talk about the colors in the bedroom and the bedding.

why? Because depending on how these colors are in the bedroom, your partner can be cold, distant, understanding or attentive to you.

And it also depends on the colors of the bedding you use, the ideal match will come close to your life, if you don’t have it.

Imagine the importance of colors!

which is the first thing I advise you.

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look at your room

go to your room, look at it and think: is it cold? is it soda? Are there things you don’t like?

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Well this is the first step to be able to move forward and really find a partner that is really ideal for you.

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It is also important that you know that if the colors in the bedroom are suitable, you will connect well with this person.

When you have the right colors, your relationship becomes warmer and you receive the attention you need, the understanding you need just as you will also give it to that other person.

This is the importance of colors and textiles that we have in our bedroom.

colors in the bedroom

Well, in general, in feng shui what makes it easier is that you have neutral colors on the walls.

why neutrals? because they are the ones that are going to allow us to rest.

the function of an adult bedroom is twofold:

    therefore these two functions must be fulfilled in the bedroom.

    What I recommend for your walls is to use soft colors: beige, vanilla, sand, peach.

    you can use other colors, for example, if you like green you can use it but in a very light tone.

    or the orange ones, always also in a very light tone.

    and then I advise using the colors of the textiles to give it life, to give passion to the relationship.

    and hence the colors for the bedding, even the curtains, are bright colors.

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    These contrasts of soft colors around you and then bright colors in the other decoration elements, preferably in textiles, is what will bring warmth to your relationship.

    when a relationship is warm:

    can you use the color red on a wall?

    if you don’t have problems resting: go ahead. but if you are a fragile sleeper it could activate you too much.

    can you use the color pink?

    in a female dorm yes. that is, if you don’t have a partner right now, you could use this color temporarily, combined with other stronger colors such as a little red, blue or green in the decoration details. but I do not recommend it for bedrooms with 2, especially if “he” feels uncomfortable with this color.

    I’m going to tell you about my particular case.

    Before I learned about feng shui, my bedroom and practically my entire house was white.

    all white walls! which is a super cool color.

    When I discovered the effects that white color has on our lives, I told myself: “I don’t want coldness in my relationship.”

    And from that moment I started to use a little color.

    the change has been really effective.

    cold colors, and therefore not recommended for a couple’s bedroom, are blue, grey, black and white.

    so I invite you to observe your room and if it is very cold, with the colors and get going with a little color, or with a little contrast with your textiles; nothing else.

    So far today’s video. See here the next one about the forbidden objects in the bedroom.

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    what colors do you have in your bedroom?

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