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Do you have two doors facing each other and wondering if this will affect the flow of energy in your home? In feng shui, the alignment of doors is important as it is said to affect the energy within the house. In addition, the incorrect placement of the doors can bring bad luck and create conflicts for the inhabitants. Let’s find out more about this topic below.

is it ok to have 2 doors facing each other? In feng shui, it is not okay to have 2 doors facing each other. If you have two or more doors directly facing each other, you can generate negative energy, also known as sha chi. according to feng shui, having this alignment of doors can create a lot of arguments or disharmony in the family. this is especially true for two family members occupying the rooms.

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When it comes to feng shui, many homeowners are concerned about the location or alignment of doors because it can affect the energy within the home. how to cure two facing doors? Why is it bad luck to have two doors facing each other? Do the doors have to be aligned? These are some of the questions we will discuss. see the rest of this article for tips and ideas to refer back to.

why is it bad luck to have two doors facing each other?

It is bad luck to have two doors facing each other because it can create disharmony in the house and can also lead to gossip. this is also true for offices and apartments. door alignment problems in feng shui occur when one or more doors are in line or across from each other. Note that doors do not need to be in direct alignment to cause bad luck.

main entrance door leading to another main entrance door

A common feng shui problem that occurs in apartments is when the main entrance door faces another main entrance door. this can cause negative energy and can lead to interpersonal problems between the occupants of the rooms. All in all, this door alignment is bad when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

door in front of the kitchen door

It is bad feng shui if a door leads directly into the kitchen door. a kitchen is a place that generates fire and strong heat. according to feng shui, the fire element can bring bad moods and disputes. Aside from that, this door alignment can also cause breathing problems. this is because if the kitchen door faces a bedroom door, the person can inhale harmful gases and smoke coming from the kitchen.

bathroom door leading to the kitchen door

In feng shui, it’s also unlucky if the bathroom door faces the kitchen door. keep in mind that the kitchen is where the food is prepared and the bathroom is where the dirt is dumped. therefore, the doors of the areas of this house should not look. bad luck aside, it’s also unhygienic.

✅ video: feng shui tips for the home and solution to align doors

ayén & jb vlogs shared the following video on youtube. discusses home feng shui tips and solutions for door alignment. Door alignment is vital in feng shui because it can affect the flow of energy in your home. watch the video below to learn more.

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what is the feng shui cure for a bathroom door versus a bedroom door?

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One of the common feng shui cures, when the bathroom door faces the bedroom door, is to hang a curtain on the bedroom door or put charms such as a peony painting or a Chinese knot.

/strong> according to feng shui, the five coins of the emperor can bring better luck for wealth. Furthermore, he can also ward off evil spirits. Also, if you have two opposite doors facing each other in your house, you can place five Emperor Coins under the two doors. We have also written this article that discusses whether shutters and doors should be the same color. see the article for more information on the subject.

how to cure two facing doors?

Hanging curtains on the door, installing lights between the doors, hanging glass, and hanging flowers are some feng shui cures for two doors facing each other. Learn more below about the common ways to cure two facing doors according to feng shui.

hang curtains

According to feng shui, the curtain is one of the useful home accessories when it comes to managing the flow of energy in your home. curtains are also used to distinguish areas and create barriers between rooms. if you put curtains between the doors, you will effectively hide one door from another. Also, curtains on both doors can solve this problem.

install lights

another cure you can use is to install lighting between the doors. If you use a lighting fixture like a downlight between two doors, you can add positive energy to the space and prevent dark doors or dark energy in the room. Also, it can make yin energy connect between both gates. Check out this article that discusses which front door color is lucky. We’ve shared a list of the different lucky colors you can choose from.

add water source

You can also add a water feature between the doors. In feng shui, water can slow down and also retain energy. You can install a water fixture between both doors to prevent the flow of negative energy. This feng shui method is widely practiced as it is believed to bring synchronization to relationships. for example, the water remedy is used to bring peace between neighboring households. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that when installing a water fountain indoors, it should be proportional to the size of the space.

use crystals

You can also hang crystals as a cure for two doors facing each other. crystals can divide both artificial and natural light into spectra. this is a sign of how crystals can disperse energy. If you hang clear crystals between two doors, it is said to effectively dissipate negative energy between two rooms. there is a wide range of crystals that you can use. however, you should use those that are made of clear quartz. You can also check this article titled, what should I hang on my front door for good luck? We have shared with you the different amulets that you can hang on the door of your house to attract good luck and fortune to your home.

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use flower paintings

another cure you can use is to hang pictures of flowers between the doors. Keep in mind that different types of flowers have different symbolism, but most symbolize harmony and peace. Furthermore, hanging flower pictures between the doors can effectively harmonize the conflicting energy between the rooms. the best flowers to choose from include orchids, lotuses, and peonies.

Is it bad for two doors to face each other?

In feng shui, it is considered bad to have two doors facing each other. if it has two doors facing each other, it can bring dispute and disaster to the inhabitants. it can also bring bad luck if a door leads to the bathroom. keep in mind that the toilet or bathroom is the place of excretion. if it is in front of a door, the person who lives inside it may suffer illnesses and bad luck. You can also check out this article that discusses if it’s bad luck to have stairs in front of your front door. we’ve shared an in-depth discussion on the topic.

should the doors be aligned?

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The doors of your house should not be aligned. Make sure your home design avoids direct alignment, especially between the front door and the back door. also, do not line the doors with tall and large windows. Keep in mind that directly aligning two or more doors can create bad feng shui energy, which is also called sha chi. We have also shared this article that discusses if it is bad feng shui to block a door. Check out the article for helpful tips and ideas you can refer to when decorating your home.

is it bad to see the back door from the front door?

It is considered bad feng shui to see the back of the door from the front door. it’s because there is nothing to redirect or diminish the negative energy. Because of this, the chi will rush from the front door and straight to the back door. therefore, the energy that can bring money or luck can leave the house without circulating and providing its benefits. You can also check out this article titled, Is It Bad Feng Shui to See the Back Door from the Front Door? We have shared tips and information to have good feng shui in your home.

how to cure two doors facing each other?

If the two doors are facing each other, the best remedy is to change the location of one door. on the other hand, this is not always possible. a good alternative would be to hang a curtain on one door and hang amulets on the other door. In feng shui, two doors facing each other can cause a lot of bad luck. it can create disputes and disasters, especially on a bedroom door that leads to the bathroom door. this is because the bathroom is the place of excretion and if a door leads to that area, it can cause illness and bad luck.

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can the doors of 2 bedrooms face each other?

In feng shui, it is recommended that the doors of 2 bedrooms do not face each other. Multiple sources can create conflict in front of a bedroom door. Today, it is a common design for two bedrooms to face each other. many apartments have this layout to save space. on the other hand, if you believe in feng shui, you should avoid bedroom doors facing each other.

what if the bathroom door leads to the bedroom door?

if the bathroom door faces the bedroom door, it is believed in feng shui that it can cause disease specifically in the muscles and bones. Aside from that, it can also cause loss of wealth. A bathroom is a place that gets filled with moisture and is also prone to bad odors. therefore, it can absorb bad energy. bedroom doors that lead to the bathroom door can cause serious illness and should be avoided.

can two doors face each other?

When it comes to your home design, two doors facing each other are fine. on the other hand, in feng shui, two or more doors directly facing each other can generate negative energy or also known as sha chi. this is when the two energy flows collide. if two doors face each other, there will be a lot of arguing and disharmony between the two people who live in the rooms where the door faces each other.

can the front door face the window in feng shui?

The front door cannot face the window in feng shui. You should design your house so that there is no direct alignment of doors or windows. this creates negative energy. When designing your home, be sure to create a space that allows positive energy to enter and circulate throughout the home rather than allowing it to escape through another door or window.

what is discuss doors in feng shui?

In feng shui, discussing doors refers to three or more doors that are close to each other or when the doors touch when they are opened. their placement creates negative energy and arguments. make sure there is enough space between doors to allow energy movement to flow freely.


In this article, we have discussed whether it is okay to have 2 doors facing each other. we have learned that it is bad to have 2 doors facing each other. Direct alignment of gates should be avoided because it creates rushed energy. also, having too many doors lined up in a row can lead to weak energy. We have also shared tips on how to heal two facing doors. We hope this article has helped you learn more about the subject and has given you ideas on how you can cure 2 opposing doors problems. thanks for reading!

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