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is there a place in your home that can help you feel balanced, grounded and more united? We know that feng shui offers the promise of using the energy of our homes to unravel and accomplish many things in our lives, but one point marks the synthesis and culmination of all its focus and effort. it is the central bagua area and holds the key to so many puzzles.

find your center with feng shui bagua

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The Feng Shui Bagua is one of the primary tools of Feng Shui. This nine section grid is superimposed over your home’s floor plan, essentially “mapping” the major influences in your life such as wealth & prosperity, relationship and career.

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Each individual area (or gua) identifies the part of your home that represents and contains the energy of this influence. then if your wealth & the area of ​​prosperity is in the kitchen, you can examine and work with the physical characteristics, decoration, function, maintenance and organization of your kitchen to improve your finances.

To find the feng shui center in your home, download your free feng shui bagua map, complete with location instructions. my multi-post feng shui bagua series offers additional information including how to read your bagua map.

For now, start figuring out the approximate location of the center of your home. then you can think about how the ideas that follow can relate directly to you, your space and your life.

the center is the heart of the home. it is considered a neutral area, having its ideal to express a perfect balance of yin and yang.

When you look at the feng shui bagua map, it becomes apparent that the central area is in the middle of all the action. each of the surrounding guides has their own individual role to play. all work together as vital ch’i energy in each building and travels to adjacent areas.

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eventually, it all comes together as this nurturing and supportive ch’i circulates and gathers at the center where the process is reversed. therefore, a vibrant center is the epitome of good feng shui, producing a steady, gentle, and auspicious supply of wonderful energy to all occupants of the home.

The gua center is home to the earth element and the concept of being grounded. When all aspects of life are in their correct proportions, we will feel at peace. the center represents this ideal.

Herein lies the promise and the result of our efforts to integrate all parts of our lives. therefore, when we create balance and flow in the center of our space, we feel and experience integration and personal harmony.

We got to this point by practicing feng shui on several levels. creating spaces that support and nourish us with a gentle flow of ch’i is the first aspect. we couple these actions with the personal work of using the bagua to set intention, as well as developing our own individual inner feng shui with meditation, visualization, relaxation, or other personal empowerment skills.

This gua also oversees all areas of life that are not represented in the other eight guas. When it seems that many aspects of life are not in harmony, first check that the center is in balance.

set your feng shui bagua intention for the center

The feng shui bagua map provides us with a system for working with the ch’i energy in our homes to help us achieve our goals. When we identify a personal concern or ambition, look for the area of ​​the feng shui bagua map that best expresses the essence of our search. then adjust the spacing to contain a fuller expression of that supporting energy.

look at the central gua of your house when:

  • you feel ungrounded or generally restless
  • general health is getting worse
  • there is a long-standing unresolved health crisis
  • personal balance and harmony are objectives
  • there are insecurity problems
  • problems with circulation are present
  • tumors have developed
  • blood sugar imbalances persist
  • gallbladder is a concern
  • diarrhea is chronic
  • concern often outweighs
  • stress, whether new or prolonged, continues despite efforts to calm down
  • there is a general restlessness or malaise that cannot be identified
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place a feng shui upgrade for the center

Start applying feng shui to your space to achieve your intention for your center by placing a feng shui adjustment in that part of your home. these adjustments serve to balance generating new and vital ch’i that will help you move closer to achieving your intention.

I have experienced both my own and my clients feng shui adjustments creating opportunities and circumstances that not only met but exceeded our original intentions. try it out in your own home and see what happens!

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Appropriate feng shui improvements for the gua center include:

Ceramics, the Tai Chi symbol and porcelain tile are all appropriate enhancements for the Feng Shui Bagua Center gua.
  • The Tai Chi symbol
  • Ceramic pottery in all shapes and sizes
  • China dishes, figurines or other items
  • Decorative items that represent balance
  • Artwork that feels balanced and peaceful to you (avoid water)
  • Artwork with landscapes, open spaces and mountains
  • Photos of yourself in a harmonious and happy time in your life
  • Yellows and Earth tone colors including browns, darker beiges, sand and rust
  • Square or rectangular rugs
  • Square or rectangular pillows, placemats, tablecloths or other accessories
  • Patterns or materials in the shapes of squares or rectangles (square tiles)
  • Furniture with square edges
  • Ceramic, porcelain or clay tiles
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Adobe or stucco finishes or facsimiles
  • Affirmations or sayings that speak of balance and harmony for you

the feng shui bagua center and health

many schools of feng shui consider the gua center to represent health. You may have noticed on the feng shui bagua map above health and wellness. the family is noted in the left hand, half guide. why the discrepancy?

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As an essential feng shui® practitioner, I was taught to look to the health and family gua for general health issues. that approach has been very helpful and robust. Through observing dozens of structures and their occupants over the years, I have also come to associate the gua center in addition to the health and family area when assessing the overall health of a home’s occupants.

Add a square or rectangular area rug to the Center to quickly ground and balance a space.

Also look to the Center gua as “backup” for virtually any other situation in which you seek improvement. When you have worked with another Bagua area, applied your Feng Shui adjustments but not observed adequate results for the situation at hand, take note of the Center.

Remember, the center is the epicenter of all the ch’i energy in your home and therefore in your life. Imbalances in the central gua may be creating a predominant energy drain, blockage, acceleration, or uneven ch’i flow. in certain occasional cases, this could make it difficult to adjust the peripheral guides.

If you think this might be part of your feng shui challenge, it may also be time to contact me for your own personalized feng shui consultation. A little time spent working together to diagnose your home’s feng shui concerns, and then receiving and making specific feng shui adjustments, can lead to positive, life-enhancing results. I’ve seen it happen over and over again with my clients.

You can get started today by identifying and evaluating the core area of ​​your home. Share any questions or ideas below so we can all benefit from your discoveries and use of ancient feng shui wisdom.

have fun,


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