Feng Shui: qué es y cómo aplicarlo en decoración

It is likely that you have heard the words feng shui and you have thought that it is a type of oriental decoration (a very common mistake) and you have passed by, thinking that those things are not for you. but if you want your home to give off a positive energy that flows naturally, you are in the right place. We explain what fens shui is and how to apply it to your home to make you happier.

what is feng shui and how does it work?

Feng Shui is a philosophy that is based on finding balance and bringing positive energies to the places we inhabit. its translation, ‘wind and water’, refers to the movement of chi or vital flow of energy, which is part of everything and everyone and whose circulation promotes health, prosperity and a harmonious life. you already know: if you take care of your house, your house will take care of you.

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find an optimal place to live: this has been the goal of feng shui since its beginnings in china some 3,500 years ago. the key is to create a positive and harmonious environment that improves the lives of its occupants. yes, each house is a world, so personalized feng shui studies are required and carried out by experts to achieve the desired results.

the starting point: order and cleanliness

marie kondo would be proud of this start. and it is that this guru of order brings good ideas that coincide with the techniques of feng shui. getting rid of what you don’t need, emptying and cleaning is the starting point for energy to flow properly. oh! and remove junk and furniture that are not safe, since this is the third essential basic principle of it.

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Cómo usar el Feng Shui en tu casa

applying the ancient method in our house has nothing to do with placing a ceramic dragon in the bookcase or a golden kitten waving at the entrance. obviously it goes much further and for its results to be one hundred percent satisfactory, nothing better than entrusting the task to a professional (the price of a feng shui consultation depends on the meters of the space and the hours of work, but normally between €200 and €600, including visits, house analysis dossier, action plan and follow-up).

the hall according to feng shui

the hall should give the feeling of spaciousness and therefore we will choose a bright color, such as white or yellow. It is very important that there is light at the entrance, if not natural, reinforce it with ceiling and/or table lamps.

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Coloca cosas que te transmitan “buen rollo”, como flores, velas o fotos, así como algo que represente el agua (elemento que atrae la buena fortuna). Y no pongas espejos frente a la puerta, porque la energía rebota y se escapa. Mira cómo decorar el recibidor según el Feng Shui.

decorate the living room according to feng shui

The living room is one of the places with the most energy: here you enter, leave, settle down, activate, relax… to create an environment that fosters positive encounters, enhances natural light and good ventilation (ventilate at least once every two days). and add plants, they are a perfect natural element to achieve that positive energy.

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If it is possible and you can choose the location of the room in your house, a good position is to the east of the house (to the left of the entrance of the house) since there are the areas of health and family or of wealth and prosperity.

do not put the sofas with their backs to the door, but on it, leaning against the wall and not facing each other, and better hide the television behind a piece of furniture. the furniture must be essential and not have very pronounced corners (better rounded because that way the chi or vital energy flows much better).


¿Qué materiales son los más adecuados según el Feng Shui? Se recomiendan materiales nobles, como la madera, y tejidos naturales. En cuanto a los colores, usa una combinación equilibrada que facilite una circulación ni muy rápida ni muy lenta. Si escogemos paredes blancas, introduce notas de color en los cojines por ejemplo.

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the light will bring the energy of the fire element and will activate the chi, so it will combine points of ambient and punctual light.

the kitchen, the heart of the house according to feng shui

A kitchen with good feng shui fills us with positive energy and makes us feel more vital and creative. its best location is the area farthest from the main door and as for the debate, open or closed? feng shui prefers limited spaces so that the energies do not mix.

The cooking area should not be behind the door, but if yours is, place a mirror or a reflective steel dashboard to act as a rearview mirror and avoid feeling alert.


The water area must be properly separated from the fire area (the work triangle distribution is the best so that the water element does not turn off the fire element) and the islands are perfect to encourage freedom of movement.

As for the materials to choose from, wood feeds the fire. it will be balanced with metal and baked clay or clay will bring the earth element. incorporates aromatic plants to enhance fresh and vibrant energy.

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Y si eres fan de las cocinas blancas, piénsatelo dos veces porque a nivel de Feng Shui no son lo más recomendable ya que implican un exceso de frialdad e introversión. Si tu cocina es blanca total, añade complementos en naranja, amarillo, rojo y verde. Y recuerda: cuanto más ordenada la tengas, más equilibrada y creativa será tu vida.

the bathroom and feng shui: a revitalizing and relaxing space at the same time

thanks to feng shuiyou can enhance well-being in the bathroom, a place marked by energy leakage, due to the large number of drains and moving water. start the day with joy and end it with a relaxing bath to achieve balance, applying these precepts:

  • the entrance door to the bathroom should not be facing the main door of the house or in front of the kitchen.
  • avoid being in the center of the house, since if it is there it can translate into some type of illness, economic loss or general wear and tear. If ours doesn’t take the place you want, you can make up for it by making the toilet not directly visible when you open the door. hiding it behind a wall or the sink is ideal.
  • also avoid having the mirror with the sink facing the door.
  • wood is the great feng shui ally to balance the energy of a bathroom. so choose wooden furniture, sinuous shapes, avoid steps and platforms, because beauty must go hand in hand with safety.
  • the colors of the earth must take the reins, supplanting black and white or blue.
  • Always keep the bathroom door closed, the drains and the toilet lid and make sure there are no water leaks.
  • put some plant, together with symbolic elements such as photos or paintings, without forgetting order and cleanliness.
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El dormitorio: ¿Cómo debe ir la cama según el Feng Shui?

make the vital chi energy flow correctly, guiding it with an optimal distribution of the elements. your sleep will be restful. To do this, the wall on which the headboard rests must be the furthest from the door. like, do not do without the headboard: its absence generates insecurity, since it symbolizes support and security. He also does not give up bedside tables and lamps. They’re good for protection on both sides, though they don’t have to be identical.


Los colores en el dormitorio según el Feng Shui deben ser suaves, tipo pastel, ni muy fríos ni muy cálidos.

Among the things to avoid in the bedroom according to this Chinese philosophy: two separate mattresses in a double bed, as they can lead to disunity. do not place a work or exercise area in the bedroom, but a chaise longue or reading chair, it will help you relax.

also beware of high ceilings and beams, whose height can be saved with a canopy on the bed, and avoid at all costs having devices that generate electromagnetic fields, such as television, mobile phones, etc.

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And what about the mirrors in the bedroom according to feng shui? placed in front of the bed or the door they have a negative effect since, according to feng shui, they make it difficult to sleep.

how to get a very feng shui exterior

To achieve positive energy in the garden and terrace, protect them on the side from which cold winds and unfavorable weather come with fences, trees or plants. but open it to the sunlight so that its heat enters. avoid straight lines in favor of curves, using climbers, stones that draw paths…

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water is also essential: it is a symbol of money and prosperity, so, if you can, set up a pond with gold-colored fish and turtles. The most ‘feng shui’ plants for exteriors are bamboo, jasmine, chrysanthemums, orchids and pine trees.

the value of details in feng shui

The complements have a great value in this philosophy, because they are responsible for generating positivity and happiness. Pictures of dead objects, dry plants, photos of missing relatives or broken objects are not recommended. on the other hand, the presence of fresh flowers is highly valued, as well as taking care of odors and colors in general, since they influence the >mood.

pets favor the passage of energy, just like incense and flower essences.

what plants should I have in my house according to feng shui?

according to maria fariña, energy designer and expert in feng shui and energy cleansing, plants help protect against toxic and negative energies by also acting as a protective barrier against noise, heat, excessive light… “they are essential on balconies and windows: in addition to acting as a filter, they harmonize the external with the internal,” he says.

In addition to aromatic plants, which are so important for transmitting positive energy in the kitchen, succulent plants are a good choice, as they require little care and always look pretty. cacti, better outdoors. left astrid, of integral synchrony, for the interior of the house we highly recommend “those with round, oval or heart-shaped leaves, such as ficus, pothos, peace lily, etc.”, left astrid tells us.

when should we resort to feng shui?

  • to restore: if you feel bad in some aspect of your life, it is about analyzing the imbalances to be able to put together.
  • to increase: if you want to achieve a specific goal or you want a better area of ​​your life.
  • to maintain: even if there is no specific problem or reason, you want to prevent and correct possible energy unevenness.

To do this, draw the bagua map, which represents the energy plane of the home. It is a plan divided into nine areas, and each one corresponds to a vital and different aspect of our lives: love, work, wealth, prosperity, health… it will serve as a guide for decision-making.

Other feng shui tools are the location of the home, the shapes, colors and textures used, personal symbols, the ying-yang and the optimal use of the five elements in the home: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

put into practice all the feng shui tricks collected in this article to accumulate positive energy, promoting health, good family relationships, attracting money, strong>inspiration and obtain wellness.

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