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ah, summer, summer, summer, and life in easy and out. we long for the renewing vitality of the outdoors after being forced indoors for months. what better place to start enjoying than in our own outdoor spaces. terraces, patios, porches and balconies call us to savor their simple pleasures of fresh air, good weather, relaxation and fun, that is, if we treat them well.

This outdoor seating area is an extension of the home’s energy field.

Let me start out by saying I’ll use the word “deck” to define any “attached” outdoor space of your home. I’ve lived in the Northeastern United States for forty years now and the deck is the primary outdoor space of most people here. You can substitute the appropriate description for your situation whether it be patio, porch, balcony, lanai or screened porch. What outdoor living spaces do you have available to you?

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Some may wonder why you might use feng shui outside of your home. like i said before, everything matters in feng shui. the area directly outside of his frame is energetically similar to the aura that surrounds his body. this energy connects and interacts with the energy inside the house, serving to support you and your family. understanding this connection prompts us to treat these spaces as if they were an additional room within our homes.

Doing a little simple feng shui on your deck will allow it to become a powerhouse of good energy, as well as a welcoming outdoor haven where you can absorb nature’s revitalizing ch’i.

feng shui tip #1 for your deck: make sure it’s safe

I know, I know, I’m like a broken record on this one, but if you’re worried your grandson might break a rotten floorboard (like we did this spring) that’s not going to work. to attract anyone outside a lot. comfort and safety first is the second supporting principle of feng shui. I always start with the basic principles of feng shui.

here are some things to check:

  • Floor boards, pavers or other walking surfaces are solid and level
  • Decking or flooring is clean. In Florida certain humid conditions can grow mold that then gets tracked indoors. Right after moving in, and with power washer ready to go, my son’s wooden deck was so slick with years of build-up from the previous owners it acted like an ice rink. Unfortunately, it unexpectedly launched him into the air, the ER and eventual surgery. Grrr. You see again why I’m always harping on safety being good Feng Shui!
  • Railings are constructed according to your local codes. This probably includes things like the width between the uprights being smaller than a child’s head, the top of the rail at
    Marine grade cable wire is both strong and secure as a railing.

    least a certain height and checking everything is attached securely. When young children are present, I have even seen plastic netting or wire fencing installed temporarily to provide the immediate safety that is necessary until more permanent upgrades can be made. Boy, can you tell we’ve got the grandparents thing going and have had to make some modifications in the past!

    When we remodeled our waterfront Maine home, we didn’t want wooden slats on a railing to obscure our view. after staying in a house with clear, glass-solid half walls that served as railings, I found they were very disorienting. we settled on code compliant marine grade wire rails placed at 4″ intervals, and we are very happy with them.

    Deck Feng Shui Tip #2: Assess Your Deck Usage

    Now is the fun part. Do you dream that you will eat, grill, relax, read, garden or entertain on the terrace? what other activities are you anticipating?

    Eat, grill, garden, relax, read and entertain are the activities we like to do on our deck.

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    Once you’ve decided what you’ll do, you can begin to plan what will be needed to make it happen. Do you want a bit of shade for reading or a sunnier spot with a chaise lounge for sunbathing? Does the decking get too hot, and a strategically placed outdoor rug or two would allow quick, cool access to the grill? When the family comes on Sunday for a barbecue are there always at least 8 people and you only have 6 chairs?

    It’s really worth thinking about these things now. this feng shui tip is more about the comfort aspect of our comfort and safety mantra, but it’s just as important.

    Deck Feng Shui Tip #3: Assess What You Already Have

    do you need to buy two more chairs for sunday visitors or can you take the chairs out of your dining room and they will work just as well? Are there extra planters, candles, waterproof end tables, or tablecloths that would transition to this new location?

    During a consultation, I always encourage clients to reuse what they already have to make the changes we discuss. Seeking new life for unused or underutilized items can renew their life energy, or chi, and yours too.

    Using what you have on hand also allows you to review your previous choices. If you think you’d love to cover your deck with a jungle of plants and then find out you don’t really have the time or passion for them, you’ll be so glad you found out when you took your two indoor plants outside. Save the time and money of running to the store to spend hundreds of dollars on pots, soil and plants and then not actually using them. when you start with the items you have, you can always add or replace what you started later once you’re sure what will work for you.

    Feng Shui Tip #4 for Your Deck: Be Aware of the Flow of Chi

    Feng shui is about the movement of chi energy in and around our home. this is the energy that comes through our front door and offers us revitalization and support. the chi then circulates throughout the space, finally exiting through exterior doors or windows. a deck must be accessed through a door. chi can prematurely exit through this door.

    The movement of chi onto the terrace is fine, being part of the natural flow when we treat this area as part of our living space during its usable months. what’s problematic is when the chi comes out and immediately continues straight across the rails, lost in the landscape beyond.

    The Feng Shui adjustment for this situation is to strategically place items between the door and where it might escape. This doesn’t mean you need to make the railing solid (although it’s fine if it is) or line up plants or other objects along the entire railing to keep the energy there.

    what I recommend is to place 2 or 3 elements in the straight path between the door and the railing of the terrace. this will serve to slow down the chi and deflect it back into the deck. If you’d like me to take a look at your deck plan, I can make recommendations on feng shui placement for optimal chi flow. Send me your information in the comments section below.

    feng shui tip for your deck #5: apply feng shui bagua

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    the feng shui bagua is an invaluable tool to generate changes and positive results in every area of ​​your life. When determining the bagua for your home, you will be able to see which living area, or gua, your deck is attached to. this means that your platform is an extension of the bagua area and the energy of the platform influences what happens inside your home. when the deck is in good feng shui, it will become an asset to your overall energy.

    Get your FREE Download of my Feng Shui Bagua Map, complete with instructions.

    You can get instructions on how to place your home’s Feng Shui Bagua, along with individual and your own Bagua Map, with my free download.

    Once you’ve determined which gua is near the deck, you can place a feng shui upgrade. Whether it’s creativity and children, fame, wealth and prosperity, relationship, or others, my various posts provide detailed suggestions for improving each individual gua. this is when you can place your intention in your environment and begin to attract support for specific goals in your life. good material.

    Feng Shui Tip #6 for Your Deck: Clear Clutter

    In feng shui, energy moves most beneficially if it follows a gradual, meandering path. when it encounters clutter, energy essentially stops in its tracks. if your deck has become a storage unit, you are providing less than optimal chi. factor into your feng shui bagua gua and it could be your health, wealth, education, career, or another area that can get stuck. I have seen great changes for the better in people who have tidied up and gotten rid of their clutter.

    You can download my FREE Clutter Clearing Tips here.

    When you live in a small space, sometimes it seems the only place to store things is outside on the deck or balcony. Try, try, try to figure out another spot for storage. Instead, think of having the extra square footage as a place to enjoy a garden, meditation spot, reading nook or some other spot you’ve craved. Incorporate appropriate storage into your plan and stow some of the items behind closed doors.

    See my free download, Tips for Decluttering Feng Shui, for specific steps to get started. Clearing clutter frees up space and energy, and brings fresh, auspicious chi into your life. nice.

    Do you have an outdoor space you’d like to practice feng shui in? what surprised you the most about the above suggestions and what are you eager to get out and try? I always love playing with a new space and seeing what vibrant energy I can produce with all the wonderful feng shui enhancement and decorating options available to me.

    My outdoor dining area in Florida.

    If you’d like to see the process I used to transform my outdoor, covered lanai room in my Florida home, check out my post, Feng Shui Energy Boost #2: Color. Be sure to contact me for a phone consultation if you’d like some Feng Shui support with your project.

    I’m excited to get out there and do some feng shui on my deck and front porch. you can see some of the results in my instagram or pinterest feeds. Enjoy your deck’s feng shui transformation and we’d love to hear about your adventures.

    have fun,


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