Using Feng Shui at Work: Private Offices and Cubicles – dummies

Arrange your personal office or cubicle according to feng shui principles to get the most work done with the least amount of stress and frustration.

Continued corporate emphasis on cutting costs and maximizing profits has led to a related but unfortunate push to squeeze the most use possible out of every square inch of office space, not to mention employees.

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Corporate settings use two general seating arrangements: individual offices (one room per worker) and the dreaded cubicle (or office isolation tank). the move to more people sharing space, whether in cubicles or not, contributes to an admirable flattening of hierarchies within the corporation. however, the downside is sterility, lack of privacy and personal space; you can feel like a unit in a machine rather than a person with individual needs and wants.

have a room of your own

The ideal office is a room of its own with a regular shape (preferably square or rectangular), natural lighting (at least one window), a solid door that can be closed, and a good position for your desk. One of the great benefits of having your own office is that you can usually make more decorative feng shui adjustments than if you work in a cubicle. Of course, not all companies can afford, or want, to put each employee in their own individual space.

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If your office deviates from these ideal conditions, try these cures:

  • irregularly shaped room: use a faceted glass sphere, a mirror or a plant to correct the space. If your office is highly irregular, you may have unexplained mishaps and ongoing frustrations at work. If you can’t change offices, you can apply the special nine green plant cure: add nine new, healthy plants to your space, all on the same day. plants must be purchased new for the purpose of this cure. if convenient, you can place the plants near particular irregularities in the room, such as odd angles, posts, narrow areas, etc. otherwise, just stick them where they fit you best. To get the full results of this cure, visualize your job and career going great.
    poisonous” in her sitting position at the desk. place a large plant in front of the problematic feature, or hang a faceted glass sphere between the feature and your sitting position on the desk.
  • Solid vs. Glass Walls: If your office has one or more glass walls that make you feel even a little vulnerable, try putting up small blinds to cover the glass area. blinds are effective even if you don’t use them often; their presence gives you additional protection. If you can’t do this, hang faceted glass spheres from the ceiling with red ribbons cut in multiples of 9 inches. use one sphere for every 5 linear feet of window space.
  • Inadequate lighting: Like most office workers, if you suffer under fluorescent lighting, you can use a couple of helpful tips. you may be able to replace the tubes yourself with healthier full-spectrum ones (also called “grow lights”) from the hardware store. if you can’t replace them, bring in some extra incandescent lighting in the form of floor or table lamps. working with only overhead light is uncomfortable for the eyes, and the additional lighting is a source of relief for the eyes and the mind.
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survive and thrive in a cubicle

A cubicle is a much more complicated feng shui situation than an office. cubicles are unfortunate paradigms of vulnerability for the individual worker. one of the main problems is that you don’t use a real desk, but instead work from a counter, unless you work in one of the big manager-type cubicles. however, you can do a lot to improve your situation. By judiciously applying feng shui cures, he may find himself in his own office sooner than he imagined. (See Figure 1 for curing locations.)

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  • first and foremost priority is to make sure you can see the input to your cube from your desktop. try to change your sitting position first, but don’t seriously hamper your work style. if you can’t move, you can’t.
  • If you absolutely cannot change your sitting position, you can place an 8 x 10-inch mirror in a picture frame or small stand to reflect the entrance of the cube and allow you to see if anyone is approaching. Many people unconsciously use the reflections on their computer monitor to see who is approaching them, because seeing the entrance is a basic human need. the problem is that the reflection on a monitor screen is distorted, unclear and unreliable.
  • The second priority is to bring fluid, living energy into your workspace. These features are important ways to compensate for the small size of your space and the constant streams of traffic passing through your hub. If you can bring an odd number of healthy plants into your space, you can stimulate a more active and vibrant energy. Also, a nice fountain near the entrance of your cube can do wonders. Not only can it spur a higher salary your way, but it can also help improve your mood and diffuse any negative flow of chi (human or environmental) in the vicinity of your workspace. if space or social realities preclude a fountain, you can get some of the same benefits from a photo (the bigger the better) of flowing water, such as a waterfall or river.
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