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Feng Shui Crystals - The Top 7 Crystal Stones for Your Home

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Personally, the crystals are beautiful. you can find them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. however, there is an entirely different category of crystals or semi-precious stones that are used in feng-shui to benefit the mind and body. And in this article, we focus on seven of the most beautiful and useful feng shui crystals for your home.

what really makes the experience wonderful for me is the number of stories people tell me about their crystals. If you talk to other crystal lovers, each person has a beautiful story of finding the stones that resonate with them. precious stones that elevate them. the stones help clear negative energy and bring balance, clarity and peace.

Feng shui crystals peace harmony

Feng shui crystals are a special kind of crystal. Hopefully, you’ll be as inspired as I was when I discussed the benefits these gemstones provide.

feng-shui and crystals: what is the connection?

It’s not just feng-shui; the crystals themselves are sources of energy.

They store energy and are also capable of moving chi or energy through space or across a person.

The practice of using crystals to heal is at least 6,000 years old.

According to researchers, the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians used crystals exclusively for their properties (apart from their decorative value).

use of modern glass and feng shui

However, modern crystal usage focuses on using crystals to store energy or chi and redirect it in a much more favorable way.

As a result, different stones are assigned various properties based on their effects and properties. crystal healers often use their stones by placing them in the body’s chakras to influence the body and heal illnesses.

Placing the crystals in specific places in your home can have many of the same effects but on a larger plane.

so if you’re interested in feng-shui crystals, here’s our top list of beautiful yet useful crystals that will benefit different aspects of your life.

1. rose quartz feng shui crystals

rose quartz is beautiful. it comes in a range of colors, shapes and sizes and is very popular as a jewelry stone.

feng shui crystals rose quartz

The most common color is pink, but you’ll find lovely shades from dark red to blood red.

however, just like the color, the stone radiates peace, happiness and healing.

rose quartz stone is a master healer and is commonly used to heal almost all aspects of relationships and romantic experiences.

in feng-shui, rose quartz is used to enhance the romantic sector of your home.

Ideally, the romantic sector of any home is in the back right corner of a room, but specifically your bedroom.

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Some of the commonly purchased rose quartz crystals for feng shui are rose quartz chunks, rose quartz gem trees, rose quartz hearts, candle holders, eggs, and pyramids.

click play on the video below to see a beautiful selection of rose quartz crystals.

2. amethyst crystals for feng shui

We love amethysts because they have a beautiful purple color and vivid color.

something about purple is so relaxing and calming.

feng shui crystals amethyst

color is also synonymous with spiritual and psychic empowerment.

In fact, in Chinese civilization, it is considered the main stone to cleanse negative energy and ward off dangers in personal, spiritual and professional life.

In feng shui, amethysts can deflect negative energy and redirect positive energy into helpful areas.

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For example, most practitioners recommend using the stone by placing it in different segments of your home in relation to different areas of your life.

For example, the number 5 symbolizes the reconciliation of all conflicts and the central area of ​​your home. by placing an amethyst in this area, you are encouraging just that.

3. carnelian gemstone for feng shui

This gem works in two ways.

It is an energy booster and can also stabilize your energy. when placed in a room, it can increase the flow of energy in the room.

carnelian crystals for feng shui

at the same time, it turns the energy into a peaceful, warm and safe force.

Much like its sunset orange colors, users have reported feeling peacefully warm and cheerful when using this stone in their homes.

Most users recommend placing two gemstone hearts in the love and relationship area of ​​your home. the second best place is in the fame and reputation of the bagua area of ​​your home.

The exact shape of the stone can also influence your home in different ways. For example, you can choose carnelian boulders or hearts, carnelian balls or spheres, and specific carvings to direct energy in your home.

4. tiger eye feng shui crystals

This is a very unique colored stone.

the colors of the bands range from a light yellow to a deep chocolate brown, but they are really beautiful to look at.

beautiful feng shui crystals

It is safe to say that no two of these stones are the same color, but they are very effective in protecting your home.

It is considered a powerful dynamic stone with a protective and watchful quality.

metaphysically, a tiger’s eye can bring clarity to a situation, help focus your mind, protect your energy, reduce fear, and promote mental clarity.

Its ideal location would be near the front door or around windows. it is also a great stone to protect children.

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place a stone in your room or make it a keychain to help with balance and protection of life.

5. citrine crystals for feng shui

citrines are simply beautiful.

Traditionally considered healing stones for third chakra or solar plexus problems.

best feng shui crystals citrine

however, the stone is also considered ideal for boosting self-esteem and creating positive energy anywhere.

For businessmen, this stone is also considered the ideal stone to boost finances and positive cash flows.

Traditionalists often place the stone in the money area of ​​a home as a wealth cure.

citrine is one of the best feng shui crystals for wealth. If you want to attract more wealth into your life, make sure you have citrine crystals in and around your home.

click play on the video below to see some beautiful citrine crystals.

However, we also like carved or feng shui cures made from citrine, such as wealth vases, crystal gem trees, clusters, candle holders, and prongs.

however, dropped crystals in a plain glass container also work just as well.

We recommend choosing between Citrine Clusters and Citrine Geodes, which are rarer and more expensive relative to the Amethyst versions.

the carved stones and jewelry are also great. Crystal gem trees with citrine leaves, in particular, are quite popular in Asia.

Users have citrine trees that are placed in the wealth corner of the house.

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Believers place folded wishes under the tree with tangerines to make their wishes come true.

You can do the same by investing in a citrine crystal tree and placing it in the family room to enhance harmony, facilitate bonding between family members, and ensure overall wealth and harmony.

6. pyrite for feng shui

pyrite is called fool’s gold because it looks like gold.

pyrite crystal for feng shui

The stone shimmers with a beautiful golden luster and is considered ideal as a wealth cure.

brings a fresh, energizing look to any home and with it comes wealth. yes, it may be known as fool’s gold, but it is well known for helping set owners’ intent in attracting wealth and money.

We have not seen jewelry with pyrite, but it is considered grounding and protective. You will find large cubes, spheres and towers of this stone online and they are a beautiful decoration for the home.

Display the stone prominently in your home’s wealth and healing position, and you should see the effects almost immediately.

7. hematite feng shui crystals

if pyrite resembles gold, then this stone resembles both silver and steel so much that it can stun you.

crystals for feng shui

technically it is the mineral form of iron oxide, and is one of the oldest known iron oxide minerals in the world.

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The stone’s jet black silver sheen is simply beautiful and can make the stone one of the most beautiful additions to a home.

Hematite is known for its anti-stress and grounding qualities.

It is supposed to be placed near the door and ensures that the energy entering the house is calm and relaxing.

It also seems to help calm hyperactive children and is often placed in their rooms.

You can find carved stones, carvings, towers and jewelry that are ideal for igniting the positive energy of a home.

honorable mention: clear quartz for feng shui

Although we love the top 7 crystals we mentioned above, we think clear quartz is also an essential member of this list and deserves an honorable mention.

best feng shui crystals clear quartz

Just like its name, the clarity of a clear quartz crystal ensures that your mind remains open and curious.

The most exciting aspect of the stone is that you can charge it with a specific intention and energy.

You can infuse it with your desires and point it in a specific direction.

Of course, it also means that your energy is transmuted and purified through the crystal, resulting in healing and harmony in a home.

Although the use of decorative crystals for feng-shui is now commercialized, you can also find small custom crystals that you can use for maximum effect.

We recommend finding a good feng-shui person and then choosing a single stone for personal use.

If you are satisfied with the effect of one stone, you can move on to using more stones in different parts of your life.

in conclusion, the best feng shui crystals

The practice of feng shui dates back over 5,000 years and it is easy to see why so many people follow these teachings.

Ultimately, the goal of feng shui is to help you and the people around you harmonize with your surroundings. this results in a wonderful flow of energy in your home or office and bedroom.

The benefit of combining the teachings of feng shui with the positive energy and balance provided by crystals can be life changing. The more you read about feng shui crystals, the more you will begin to notice the change in the flow of energy around you and your family.

hopefully these feng shui tips and popular feng shui crystals will give you inspiration and ideas for your home.

Best of luck with your feng shui crystals.

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