Feng Shui Consultant Cost & Cost Breakdowns

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to create a space that invites positivity, which some believe improves health and happiness. everything from putting down the toilet seat to arranging furniture has an impact on the feng shui of your home. Hire a local feng shui consultant to help you check off all the boxes and maximize the flow of positive energy in your home.

according to homeadvisor, feng shui consultants cost an average of $800, but prices can range from $200 to more than $3000, depending on the project.

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cost per hour of feng shui consultant

Feng shui consultants charge different rates depending on where you live and the experience of the consultant. on average, they charge between $100 and $400 per hour. feng shui consultations almost always take two hours, minimum.

feng shui consultant cost per room

It may go without saying, but hiring a feng shui consultant to assess every inch of a large family home will be much more than hiring the same person to just incorporate feng shui into your living room.

Some consultants charge a flat rate per room or house size. average costs range from $200 to $500 per room. for a whole house feng shui consultation, expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 or more.

cost per square foot of feng shui consultant

Most feng shui consultants charge by the hour or by the room, but some charge by the square foot. average feng shui consultant costs range from $0.50 to $2 per square foot.

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Feng Shui Consultant Cost Breakdown

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Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to invite good vibes into your current one, a feng shui consultant can help. Costs vary from consultant to consultant and depend on the size and location of your home, as well as the consultant’s experience and depth of consultation.


If you live in or near a populated metropolitan area, such as Los Angeles or New York City, your local feng shui consultants will cost more than those in smaller cities with less demand for their services.

house size

The larger your home, the more a feng shui consultant will cost you. But you have the option of hiring a feng shui consultant for one or two rooms instead of the entire house. That’s helpful if you want to prioritize feng shui in your living room and master bedrooms, but not the infrequently used basement bathroom. a one room consultation can cost as little as $200, while a whole house consultation can cost up to $3000.

consultant experience

Consultants just starting out typically have a lower fee than those with high-profile clients and impressive portfolios.

query depth

Feng shui can involve decluttering your current home, rearranging furniture, organizing the home before you put your home on the market, and more. feng shui consultants can have responsibilities that easily extend to interior design.

In addition, feng shui consultations can be digital or face-to-face. digital visits generally cost less than in-person visits because they don’t require travel.

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family size

Some feng shui consultants charge extra for each additional person living in your home. if you have a large family complete with children and a variety of furry friends, you will end up paying more than someone who lives alone.

cost to feng shui yourself

The practice of feng shui is detailed and we always recommend hiring a professional consultation for a complete job, especially if you are new to feng shui. But if you have a basic understanding of feng shui principles, you can put them into practice yourself. There are many comprehensive feng shui resources online to help you along the way.

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Tackling the feng shui of your home yourself may cost little or no money, depending on the resources you use and whether or not you need to replace furniture or repaint your living room.

If you prefer to spend time relaxing with your family or perfecting your personal care routine, hiring a feng shui consultant will be easier and more efficient. With an already busy schedule, trying to find time to learn every nuance of feng shui is an uphill battle.

how you can save money on a feng shui consultant

To save money on a feng shui consultant, hire them to assess one or two rooms instead of hiring them for a whole house consultation. this will reduce both the time and labor involved, which means it will lower your bill.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can create a feng shui house yourself. Find free feng shui resources online or check out books on feng shui at your local library. decorating your bedroom with feng shui may be more manageable than you think.

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questions and answers about feng shui

what should I consider when hiring a feng shui consultant?

Although a feng shui consultation permit is not required, consultants should be able to provide you with a professional portfolio, experience and/or references.

what other projects should I do at the same time?

Get your home in order and declutter before, during and after your feng shui consultation. feng shui demands an organized space without clutter. follow a comprehensive house cleaning checklist to stay on track.

do feng shui consultants assess your outdoor space?

yes, you can hire a feng shui consultant for your backyard or other outdoor space. Applying feng shui principles to your garden transforms it into a relaxing oasis, allowing you to fully enjoy your time outdoors. water features, natural colors, and outdoor chimes are some of the things you can incorporate into your outdoor space for optimal feng shui.

what are the benefits of hiring a feng shui consultant?

Hiring a feng shui consultant can help you invite good energy, or “chi,” into your space. They will use feng shui to align their energy with their surroundings (ie your home) to invite positive energy. Feng shui is said to improve various aspects of your life, including your physical health, mental well-being, and success.

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