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feng shui coins under the mat

feng shui coins under a doormat is a simple yet powerful feng shui cure for wealth or money amulet.


  • feng shui coins under the mat will attract the energy of wealth into your home.
  • place these coins under the mat (tape or bury under the mat or for a permanent application, bury these coins under the mat). the floor in front of your front door if you can)
  • 6 sets of 3 coins (18 coins total) tied with a red ribbon representing twice the wealth coming from the nine directions to your house.</ li
  • add these coins to a wealth bowl to preserve wealth energy.
  • place these coins in your feng shui wallets to attract wealth to your wallet.


Reading: Feng shui coins under doormat

if you are renovating a home:

then it will be an excellent addition to the process.

Take the feng shui coins and place them under the floor in front of the main door under the floor.

if you are not renewing:

you can stick these coins to the floor under the mat.

These cures will attract positive wealth energy into your home.

you can place all six sets of three coins (eighteen coins in all), symbolizing twice the wealth coming from the nine directions towards your home, or just use 3 sets for your doormat and another three sets for your feng wallet shui.

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Also, here is a brief detail of the currency:

This coin, also called ancient Chinese coin, is a round coin with square holes in the center. the oval shape represents the sky and the rectangular shape represents the earth.

one side of the coin has four signs, and the opposite side of the coins has two characters.

The coin, as a whole, symbolizes the harmony of heaven and earth.

the side with four characters/signs is called the yang side, and the yin side at the other end is inscribed with two or no signs or characters.

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if placed under a permanent floor, don’t forget to make sure the four sign/character side of three coins tied with a red ribbon is visible on vertical walls and up on flat walls.

the story:

the qing dynasty period used these coins in china around 1644. real coins were made of silver and bronze at that time.

coins are still a symbol of wealth because the qing dynasty was the last before modern china. the yuan later replaced the coins of the qing dynasty.


Do not use these coins under the bathroom mat at all costs. using coins for feng shui your doormat only applies to your front door mat.

Remember that feng shui cures are placed to attract positive energy, but it’s up to you to put in the effort to create a fortune.

feng shui success example:

In Australia, a man who claimed to have glued these coins under his doormat had won a 1.2 million Australian dollar lottery.

this story appeared in the sydney morning herald, as an example of the success of feng shui.

the feng shui trinity of luck

elizabeth wiggins, president of the feng shui practitioners association of australia, also stated in the article that the success of the lottery was due to the feng shui trinity of luck.

wiggins said:

“Feng shui practitioners believe in three types of luck: heavenly luck, which is related to a person’s birth; the luck of the earth, which is the relationship of a person with his environment; and lucky man, that’s how a person lives his life. ”

feng shui is only about synchronizing earth luck, so to be successful in any life goal, you must have all three of these luck in line and activated.

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however, you can only work two aspects of this luck, the luck of the earth with feng shui and the luck of man with your effort and good deeds.

The luck of heaven is beyond your power.

It would be better to have the earth and the luck of man ready to sync up with the luck of heaven by buying these coins and paying for them.

an example of feng shui wealth success is bill gates. he is, of course, one of the excellent role models for wealth feng shui.

best practices for feng shui coins under the mat?

You must apply these feng shui principles to ensure your feng shui coins give the best result.

  • clean your house and tidy up.
  • be kind to others and give alms (donate your clothes).
  • don’t forget to work smart for your money.

how to use these feng shui coins under the doormat?

  • if renovating, tape these coin knots under the doormat in front of the front door, the side with four characters facing up.
  • stick your coins on the floor in front of your front door, put the doormat on top.
  • throw it into a glass container and display it with other symbols of wealth (bullion gold, gold bars, replica gold banknotes, etc.) to make a bowl of wealth.
  • place in your feng shui wallet compartment in a set of 2,3,5,6 ,7,8 ,9 sets.
  • You can also fix the front door more with feng shui coins on the front door.
  • Start with one change and move on to another if you see a good result.
  • be happy and kind.


  • size of each coin: approx. 24 mm (0.9 inch)
  • material: metal
  • origin: china
  • quantity: 6 sets
  • 6 x 3x 24 ancient chinese mm feng shui coins.

general feng shui tips.

One of the essential principles of feng shui is to be kind and generous, to return the favor. In addition, a clean and organized house is essential.

I believe that these first two steps are a requirement before implementing feng shui measures. Finally, select feng shui products that you feel a connection with.

if you have any questions about the purchase process or feng shui in general, do not hesitate to contact us. include name, gender and date of birth).

get these coins now!

shipping and refund:

  • Please note that due to high demand for this product, shipping may require 10-30 business days, excluding our 1-5 day processing.
  • Actual colors may vary; This is because each computer monitor has a different ability to display colors and everyone sees these colors differently.

See also: The feng shui compass and its use – Luo Pan

See also: The feng shui compass and its use – Luo Pan

See also: The feng shui compass and its use – Luo Pan

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