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how to wear a feng shui citrine bracelet

How has your citrine feng shui bracelet been going so far? Citrine bracelets can be a wonderful charm to attract wealth and manifest your dreams. but to enjoy these benefits, the amulet must be worn correctly.

if you’re confused, we at the store of inner wisdom are here to help.

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In this guide, learn how to wear a citrine bracelet according to feng shui rules. Also, find the answers to some of your citrine stone questions so you can activate all of its effects.

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Which hand do you wear a citrine bracelet on?

wear the citrine bracelet on your receiving hand, which is your left hand.

In the feng shui tradition, our left hand is believed to absorb energy from our surroundings called chi. Wearing this feng shui bracelet on your left hand allows energy to enter your body, which is vital for enhancing your wealth area.

Meanwhile, the right hand is known as our giving hand. the right hand is the side where we give away chi. wearing the citrine bracelet on the right hand gives energy to other people.

Depending on your intention, you can wear your citrine bracelet on your left or right hand to receive or give away its powers.

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how to activate the citrine stone

how to activate citrine stone

In addition to knowing which hand to use it on, you can do more to activate your bracelet’s powers. one way to do this is by putting your intentions in the citrine stone.

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citrine is a manifestation stone. it can hold intentions and amplify them, allowing one’s desires to manifest.

If you want to use citrine to make your dreams come true, follow these simple steps:

  1. Think of something you would like to manifest.
  2. Write it as an affirmation. for example, “I’m a money magnet, wealth is drawn to me.”
  3. While wearing the citrine bracelet, speak or mentally project your affirmation onto the stone.
  4. repeat the affirmation eight to twelve times, or until you feel the crystal has stored the energy of your intention.
  5. once the citrine is programmed to manifest your desires, spend some time meditating with the bracelet regularly.

Clean the citrine bracelet after a while, especially when it already feels dull or heavy.

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who can wear citrine?

citrine is a wonderful crystal that promises many benefits to those who wear it. but can anyone wear citrine?

The answer is yes.

Anyone can wear a citrine bracelet, but the crystal is most beneficial for people who suffer from problems with the solar plexus (third) chakra. this is because citrine has a solar quality energy that can heal third chakra problems.

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If you have personality issues like low self-esteem, lack of self-control, or indecisiveness, this may be rooted in your solar plexus chakra. using the citrine stone can help solve these problems.

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can you wear citrine every day?

how to wear citrine bracelet

yes, it is recommended to wear it daily to fully enjoy the benefits of the citrine bracelet. in fact, the longer you use it, the more effective the stone will be.

Crystals work best when you develop a deep relationship with them.

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Where should citrine be kept at home?

As a general rule, place your citrine bracelet in your wealth area in case you won’t be wearing it for a long time. In the traditional school of feng shui, your wealth area is the southeast corner of your house.

You can also place the bracelet in a cash box or put it inside your wallet or purse.

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Can I sleep with citrine?

how to wear citrine bracelet

yes, you can sleep with your citrine bracelet on.

Alternatively, you can also place it under your pillow or next to your bed at night. Citrine stones are excellent for keeping nightmares away and promoting good sleep. it can also bring you inspiring dreams while you sleep.

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If you want to maximize the effects of your citrine bracelet, you must follow the rules based on feng shui. carry it in your left hand to receive its energy and do not remove it to deepen your relationship with the stone.

We hope you get the most out of your Wealth Bracelet!

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