Consecuencias de tener cenizas de muerto en la casa esoterico feng shui

Consequences of having ashes of the dead in the house Losing a loved one is always difficult. Perhaps the most difficult thing about loss is that it is different for each person, so there is no clear set of steps to overcome.

cremation is an ancient practice found in cultures around the world and has many meanings and rituals. In addition to its spiritual connotations, the choice of cremation can afford a grieving family the luxury of time to decide how to proceed with the remains of their loved one.

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It is not uncommon for families to have questions about where or how to display, bury, or scatter the ashes of a loved one. when there is no rush to decide, the option of keeping the ashes in a closet “for now” seems to be the easiest.

However, many wonder if there are consequences of having dead ashes in the house in the esoteric, spiritual field and even in feng shui? Let’s see, then, more on this topic.


Why are there people who want to have ashes of the dead at home?

There are people who decide to leave the ashes of the dead at home, because they have a mixture of emotions, especially if the event has occurred recently.

sometimes there is resistance on the part of the relatives to leave the ashes in the cemetery since they are not prepared to take the definitive step of saying “goodbye” to the deceased, but the question arises: what happens if you have the ashes of a deceased in your house for months, years or even generations?

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what happens if you have them at home

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consequences of having the ashes of the dead in the house: point of view of feng shui this oriental system that helps to balance or harmonize the energies, indicates that having the ashes of the dead in the house generates a negative chi which can cause a stagnation and even a reversal of the flow of energies.

that is, families with a good economic status can, overnight, experience problems in this area because they have deceased ashes in their homes.

feng shui recommends, in this case, its placement in an appropriate outside or external (sacred) place that could be a cemetery or a church.


consequences of having the ashes of the dead in the house esoteric point of view esotericism considers that having the ashes of the dead in the house is a high-risk action, since it could open doors to other dimensions very difficult to close.

Situations have been reported where people have experienced strange paranormal activity in their home: images of people walking, shadows and feelings of bad energy in the house that do not disappear until the ashes are taken to another place. It is important to note that it does not always happen, but it is better to avoid it. also know what it means when a person sees a black shadow in your house

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consequences of having dead ashes in the house point of view of the catholic church totally prohibited. It is necessary to remember that Catholics have been prohibited, since October 2016, from keeping the ashes of cremated loved ones at home, scattering them, distributing them among family members or turning them into souvenirs. the ashes should be kept in a sacred place, such as a cemetery.

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Furthermore, to avoid any form of pantheistic or naturalistic or nihilistic misunderstanding, the scattering of the ashes in the air, on the ground, in the water or in any other way is not allowed, as well as the conversion of the cremated ashes in commemorative objects.


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