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We asked cynthia chomos, feng shui expert, catio designer, and founder of catiospaces, for an easy-to-implement plan to make sure your home has good chi when it comes to its elements. cats. Cynthia has been a feng shui consultant for over 20 years and is passionate about design, nature and cats; she is an expert in creating positive energy for the feline inclusive home. here, she tells us how to get that good energy flowing for home harmony and happy cats.

what is feng shui?

feng shui is the Chinese art of placement and a design system for creating harmonious living spaces based on “chi” energy, the life force that exists in all things, both animate and inanimate. Pets add positive energy to our homes and lives. cats, in particular, are very sensitive to their surroundings.

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feng shui tips to create positive chi for your feline:

1. Find the Power Spot

feeding points for cats (and their humans) are located away from the entrance to a room and out of direct alignment with the doorway, near a wall that provides support from behind when they are sitting or resting, and with an imposing view of their territory. choose and place cat furniture based on the power points in your home and your feline’s comfort zone: do they like to be high up in a cat tree or low to the ground in a shelter or dome box, or both? In the kitchen or feeding area, avoid placing the food bowl in the traffic stream of family members or other household pets, as it may startle and upset your cat’s digestion when eating. choose a serene eating area for health and wellness.

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2. yin + yang energy

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chi energy is both yin (calm) and yang (uplifting). a cozy bed in a quiet room or zen space is compatible with a peaceful nap and also provides security away from chi disturbances, including loud noises, remodeling, vacuuming, or strangers. To stimulate your cat’s yang energy, offer daily playtime and a shelf or perch near a window with natural light, the warmth of the sun, and bird watching. A catio, or “cat yard” enclosure, provides a safe and nurturing space for your cat to enjoy physical and mental stimulation while outdoors.

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3. Litter Box Placement + Odours

Bathrooms can be a convenient place to locate the litter box, however if the door is left open it can negatively affect household finances by creating a “chi leak” through drains, toilet and the shower. water relates to the energy of money, so keep the bathroom door closed and add a fancy cat door for access. other litter box locations include the laundry room or a room where the litter box is out of sight, camouflaged with cat-safe plants, or located inside furniture. make sure you keep the air in your home fresh with an air purifier, aromatherapy, or open the windows enough to let the air in (just make sure you have good quality screens so your cat doesn’t escape!)

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4. Water Fountains + Faucets

The flow and sound of a water feature creates vibrancy and enhances the energy of a home. consider adding a drinking fountain for your cat in the (north) career or (southeast) wealth area of ​​your home (avoid bedrooms), or in another room near your cat’s food bowl, but not next to it. Be sure to keep the water clean to avoid stagnant chi, and adjust the water level to create a pleasing water sound. Avoid a leaky faucet for your cat to play on: Leaky drains drain vital energy from your home and can take a toll on emotions, health, and finances. the swan fountain ($40, pioneerpet.com)

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5. Balance is Key

A harmonious home for your cat is clean, clutter-free, feline-friendly, and provides a consistent routine and sense of security while meeting basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and elimination. Daily playtime is essential for human-feline bonding and keeping your cat stimulated and happy while reducing unwanted behaviors that could cause you and your family members stress. be mindful of guests visiting your home. Keep cat hair on the couch under control with a blanket or cover that can be removed before guests arrive. Choose cat décor in colors and styles that complement your home for a visually appealing and harmonious environment.

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Finally, don’t let your cat dominate your personal life and relationships. If you have four cats sleeping in your bed and there is no room for a romantic partner, your relationship energy is definitely blocked! And remember, your personal chi affects both your cat’s chi and the energy of your home. Keep your life in balance with good grooming and care for your beloved feline family members.

Let the positive energy flow as you create a harmonious, feline-friendly home.

+ cynthia chomos lives in seattle with her adorable cat serena (who has four catios ). you can contact cynthia at catiospaces.com.

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