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what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you love your job and can’t wait to get there on Monday morning or are you contemplating a career change? Beyond your work in today’s world, do you feel purposeful, focused, and knowing that you are sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world? Did you realize that your home can help you figure out all of these important real-life choices? the feng shui bagua area for career is a wonderful pool of insight, inspiration, and direction. let’s dive in.

An important feng shui tool, the bagua map represents vital energy, or ch’i, in nine general areas of your life. The bagua grid, similar to a tic-tac-toe board, is placed on your house plan to designate each area. As you stand in your front door facing in, the running area, or gua, is in the middle third of your front yard.

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define your own feng shui bagua map

Get you FREE DOWNLOAD of my Feng Shui Bagua Map.

You can get started utilizing the wisdom of this fabulous resource by creating your own Bagua Map. It is one of the first things I do when meeting with any Client. Download my free Feng Shui Bagua Map now. Instructions for placement are included.

To help you use and understand your bagua more easily, I have prepared a special series on the feng shui bagua map. From how to draw your floor plan to advanced bagua placement tips and ways to read this feng shui roadmap, these posts can answer many of your questions.

Associated not just with a job or career, this area addresses our life’s work or life’s path. Also included is our life’s journey and life purpose on a more spiritual level. this is the area that helps us connect with our personal genius so we can discover and follow our deepest passion.

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Although the name of this gua may seem obvious, don’t look at this area just for feng shui help with your job or career. We all benefit when we broaden our view of professional guidance and use it to power our personal guidance system. it can help us discover a more accurate understanding of our deepest calling, our mission in life, especially when it is necessary to keep us on track in our lives.

define your feng shui intention for your career

we can all use the bagua map to help improve and generate energy that can be used to support the resolution of a challenge or the advancement of a goal. simply choose the gua related to the problem at hand and apply the appropriate feng shui remedy.

Please note that each bagua area has a different set of remedies that are applied. visit my individual posts in any of the nine guides for recommendations specific to that area.

The first step is a clear intention of the change you would like to bring about. then the outer world of our surroundings and the inner world of our intentions can come together more effectively to create an auspicious outcome.

Take a closer look at the professional guide to your home when:

  • You are looking for a job
  • A new job or career is starting
  • You got a promotion at work or there is another change in your job
  • deep inner work is desired to discover your purpose in life
  • it is a time of transition in your life and you are restructuring your approach
  • are considering or just entering retirement
  • the last child is moving out of the home and there is concern about an empty nest
  • seeking community services or volunteer opportunities
  • would like to be calmer and be able to adjust more easily to changes
  • there is a health problem with the ears, balance or hearing
  • hemorrhoids are a reproductive concern
  • or other disease of sexual organs is present
  • your general level of life force is depleted and needs to be rebuilt
  • communication needs improvement
  • is too rigid ez stifling a natural progression of issues
  • the middle child in the home requires additional support
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place a feng shui enhancement for the career

To recognize your intention and begin drawing additional auspicious ch’i to you in this area, place a specific feng shui enhancement in the professional gua. here are some suggestions that would be suitable here:

Water fountains, aquariums and items made of glass are all good enhancements for the Career area.
  • Items that represent your career such as a business card, website URL, company logo or other reminder
  • Photos of you doing your job
  • Reference to a mentor or other influence that is important to your work
  • Books and magazines about your profession or the latest trends in your industry
    The irregular pattern of the flowers and the deep navy background color make this rug a good enhancement for the Career gua.
  • Things that express your life’s mission or purpose in life
  • Artwork with a water subject such as waterfalls, lakes, oceans or rivers
  • The colors black or the very darkest tones of any color
  • Free-flowing, decorative items such as unstructured draperies or irregularly shaped rugs
  • Random patterns in fabrics, art or other features
  • Cut crystal glass items or other glass accessories
  • Mirrors (see specific instructions below)
  • Water features like a water fountain or aquarium
  • Asymmetrical arrangements of furniture or decorative items
  • An affirmation expressing the highest vision of your career or life purpose

special considerations for mirrors and feng shui windows

A highly unusual placement, neither of these mirrors would probably show all the home’s occupants heads fully.

The placement of any mirror requires special care in Feng Shui. Hang them at a height that will allow any adult in the household to see their full head in the mirror.

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Especially when used for decorative purposes, I have seen clients place mirrors too high, leaving only the top half of their head visible in the reflection.

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Seeing yourself as incomplete or less than complete over an extended period of time can degrade self-image and confidence.

You may have heard of feng shui bagua mirrors. eight-sided, they are usually only 4 to 6 inches wide and often have a painted wooden border. I consider them a separate topic from mirrors in general and strongly recommend that you place them only on the advice of a trained feng shui practitioner.

a lot of window glass can certainly count as your improvement in your career area. make sure it is clean, transparent and without cracks. this is very important whether the window is here or in any other bagua area.

feng shui your professional area

Are you experiencing any challenges in your job, career, or direction in life? the gua race can help you today to start changing the trajectory. where would you like to be in 6 months or a year with what you do every day? How exciting to think of the possibilities!

If you feel more comfortable having help figuring out how your career-related challenges can be supported with feng shui, contact me for a phone consultation. we can discuss your personal goals and formulate a feng shui plan that most fully supports them.

I look forward to reading your comments below once you have defined your intent and placed your professional enhancement. results are expected, so be on the lookout for new or unforeseen opportunities in your life. When you do feng shui, you change the energy and signal to the universe that you are ready for new and better things. prepare to receive!

have fun,


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