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Did you know that, according to feng shui, the position of our bed can have an influence on the quality of our sono and at the same time no command of our life?

A poorly positioned bed can lead to difficulty sleeping, insomnia, it can drain our energy, it can bring difficulties in life and even betrayal!

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sim, exactly isso; For feng shui, the beds symbolize our health.

they are places of long permanence and replenishment of our energy, therefore, they are linked with our health and vitality.

It is one of the two most important pieces of furniture in a house. Discover in this post how the orientation of the bed should be and how it can promote not only good rest, but also good vibrations!

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How should the orientation of the bed be?

cama feng shui

Your room is the epicenter of your rest. But are you paying enough attention nisso?

the hours of sono são vitais para o seu corpo, para o seu bem-estar e saúde.

According to the recommendations of feng shui on the best orientations of the bed so that you can have an invigorating, auspicious night of sleep, which will be able to help you maintain the energy and relaxation that you need or ideal é place a bed for a north direction.

traditionally, it is considered that this is the most suitable option for our rest.

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The reason is linked to the magnetic orientation of the earth.

This position would allow us to be aligned with its natural current that runs south to the north.

To put it into practice, just locate the head of the bed on the north wall of the room. Ao deitar, seus pés ficarão turned to either his or her head to the opposite direction.

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follow feng shui principles.

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Dicas de Posio Camas

o feng shui já e un veho conhecido nosso no blog here, which means wind and water, and a philosophy based on the flow of energy (you cannot see, because it is invisible like wind, and moves like water) .

everything that surrounds us is alive and generates an energy that reaches us and infects us with sensations. To allow it to flow freely, you must create harmony and balance.

It is important to pay attention to the availability of the bed in the room, because the energy enters the outlet through the janelas and portas:

do not have to look close or in front of the entrance door of the room.

Move or longer possible, there is no other option than to place it on the same wall.

You shouldn’t stay under a janela, because it reduces the feeling of protection.

Nem should be in front. If this is the case, try to leave a large space (try to get around this area).

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It must not be located in such a way that, if there are espelhos, it is reflected in them. isso increases energy and affects or rest that you called precisely.

You should not be in front of the door of the banheiro. Keep it dated if you don’t have another choice.

sim, you must be leaning against a wall and your head because it will give you security.

a key according to feng shui is to position the bed so that you can see the door and the window.

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Adapt to the available space.

feng shui cama pregoe martelo

No fourth or main mobile, or astro desse commodo é sem shadow of any dúvida a bed and the rest meio that must orbit around it. More or furniture must be balanced and proportional to the dimensions.

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Leme-I know that you move, we must allow you to move easily around the bed.

Dispense with those that you do not need and seek storage alternatives, such as a wooden sofa.

or better to do and create a space that invites you to rest and relax.

is or is a small room, expand visually with white cores and light materials such as video.

Another option is to jump to the location of your bed.

if you have a window or terrace, you can place it in front of or parallel to this space.

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In this way, I think that you will also be able to expand it in a certain way, because your vision will be directed towards or outside.

Pay special attention to the measurements, as tall and bulky mobiles will corrode your walls. Pay attention to the opening of two wardrobes and cupboards, preferably those with running doors.

Além da orientation da cama, are there other keys to facilitate or relax?

You can add more comfort and rest, and achieve a cozy environment, with other interior resources:

  • opt for natural materials such as cotton, linen or linen.
  • avoid being interrupted by external light. você tem curtains, blinds, etc. choose the solution that best suits your style!
  • select colors that transmit warmth, such as white, beige or sand.

reduce visual and sound stimuli as much as possible. do not saturate the environment with objects rather than electronic devices.

With these indications over the availability of the two main mobile phones in your room, just adapt it to the style that best suits your personality.

minimalist, classic, contemporary, Nordic, vintage, romantic? place your taste, place your style!

The orientation of the bed can help you improve your well-being.

Put these decorative ideas into practice and transform your room into a resting place. give yourself the rest you deserve!

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