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When designing a company business card, there are certain design elements that are meant to bring good energy and success to your business. Similarly, there are certain design elements that are believed to bring bad energy to your business and slow growth.

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, is based on the belief in patterns of yin and yang (balance) and the flow of chi (universal energy) that have positive and negative effects. Chi is believed to flow through the atmosphere like wind and water flow through our natural world. if power is blocked by a misplaced item, surrounding areas can become inactive.

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The practice of feng shui is increasing in all aspects of the business world. the same practice can be applied to your business cards. Here are some ways to make your business card feng shui compliant.

shapes matter

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To represent water and flow, use waves in your logo. this is said to bring a good move in his career. round shapes symbolize harmony and angular shapes tend to create conflict. choose rounded fonts rather than angular or pointed. if you have to have something sharp or at an angle, avoid pointing the points at your name or logo as this is believed to lead to arguments and disputes. logos should move from left to right to indicate the progress of your company.

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Keep the form of your business card very simple. while rounded corners are fine, according to, you should avoid die-cut shapes and holes throughout the card. these sorts of things are said to disrupt the flow of energy.

Feng Shui Business Card


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Elements you can incorporate into your logo or place somewhere in your business card design include fish to symbolize wealth, crystals to symbolize power, or fountains to symbolize the flow of money. if you’re looking for more business, advises that you should try incorporating a dragon on the right side of your design. trees symbolize growth and stability and horses are believed to bring the energy of success, freedom and fame. If you choose to add a dove to your design, you are showing peace and tranquility.


use complementary colors. Certain colors just don’t go well together, so try to avoid combinations like blue and red, yellow and green, purple and green, and red and black. it is said that each color you include in your design brings a different attribute to your business.

  • red – power and enthusiasm
  • pink – love and tranquility
  • orange – organization and social skills
  • yellow – communication and friendship
  • li>

  • green: wealth and growth
  • blue: adventure and reliability
  • purple: wealth and dignity
  • black: power and elegance
  • white – clarity and openness
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For the best feng shui business cards, pay attention to where you place elements on your card. For example, if you want your company to be the center of attention, put your company logo in the center of your card. when you put other elements front and center, like your name, you’re asking for everything to revolve around that. Another option is to put your company name at the top in a large, bold font to show strength and priority. your name should be second to show that you put your business first, not yourself. if you choose to place your name at the bottom of your card, you may be putting yourself under unnecessary pressure.

a lot of feng shui tips

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to feng shui. take some time to research all the elements you want to include on your business cards. If you choose to print your business cards online, you’ll be able to test them before they’re printed. the finished product should be something you are happy with. If you’re happy with your design, chances are you’ll be handing out your business cards often. according to feng shui tradition, when you follow these basic principles, your chart should bring you a lot of good fortune and luck!

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