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feng shui bracelets have become an essential part of life for many of us today.

They help us improve our well-being, especially in terms of our wealth luck.

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and as more people seek the help of these feng shui companions, more fake black obsidian bracelets we will now see for sale.

They come in cheap plastic or regular glass beads, pretending to be the real thing!

fake feng shui bracelets won’t do you any good.

You should look for the real deal if you are going to buy a black obsidian feng shui bracelet.

Learn what makes a real feng shui bracelet below.

the anatomy of a real feng shui bracelet

an authentic feng shui wealth bracelet is made from genuine black obsidian stonealong with a gold metal pixiu amulet.

It is also cleansed and blessed with positive energyfrom sacred mantras to make it even more powerful.

authentic feng shui black obsidian bracelet

made from genuine black obsidian crystals

The first thing to look for in a black obsidian bracelet is the stone beads.

black obsidian is a stone associated with the flow of money.

In feng shui, black crystals are said to have vibrations that attract the energy of wealth and success.

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Obsidian also helps protect you from negative energies that can prevent you from manifesting abundant life.

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Imagine if the stone beads are made of plastic or regular glass. they will not have the positive vibes of a genuine black obsidian stone.

as a result, you will not get the benefits of black obsidian.

then don’t be fooled by these imitation “obsidian beads”.

real obsidian versus fake obsidian

A real black obsidian crystal has a jet black color and a shiny appearance.

Your best friend for spotting fake obsidian is sunlight. hold the black obsidian beads up to the light. As a vitreous stone, it may appear a bit transparent.

but, as it is a natural product, it is not perfect! you may see shadows, impurities, color may vary slightly.

It is common for black obsidian to appear slightly greenish in spots when held up to the light. this is a sure indicator that the obsidian is real.

By comparison, fake obsidian is usually made of black glass and doesn’t let light through; it does not show any of these behaviors of natural stone.

Black obsidian is a natural product and has its price. it is not possible to find real obsidian bracelets for less than $20 a piece.

with a gold metal pixiu

an authentic wealth bracelet also comes with a gold metal pixiu charm.

In Chinese culture, pixiu is known as the “fortune beast”.

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According to the stories, it is a celestial creature that consumes treasures such as precious stones and gold. he travels the world to fill his belly with precious objects.

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For this reason, people believe that wearing a pixiu charm helps to attract wealth and abundance.

This is especially true if the amulet is made of gold metal.

In Chinese beliefs, metal is the feng shui element that represents the sky. having the energy of heaven on your side helps you achieve your goals.

gold is also the color of wealth and abundance. feng shui masters recommend that your pixiu be this color to attract more wealth.

clean and full of positive energy

A great wealth bracelet isn’t just authentic. it is also cleaned and charged with positive energies.

The best feng shui bracelets are blessed with a powerful mantra for good luck, happiness and protection.

They should also be cleaned before they are shipped to you.

Doing so will ensure you get the most out of your black obsidian pixiu bracelet.

take only the original feng shui bracelet

If you’re going to buy a feng shui wealth bracelet, make sure it’s made from real black obsidian beads and a gold metal pixiu.

always beware of fake black obsidian bracelets they will do you no good.

We at buddha and karma make sure you get an authentic feng shui black obsidian bracelet to manifest your intention.

every item you get is blessed and loaded with positive vibes so you can rest assured that you will have a trustworthy companion.

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