Feng shui black obsidian wealth bracelet does it work

do feng shui bracelets work? a review of the black obsidian bracelet

feng shui bracelets have become an instant trend in recent years. many have been captivated by its beautiful appearance and its promise to attract wealth and all things good.

but do feng shui bracelets really work?

Reading: Feng shui black obsidian wealth bracelet does it work

yes! The short answer is: the feng shui bracelet really works.

here, we will explain how feng shui bracelets like black obsidian work so that you better understand its powers.

find reviews from real people who have tried wearing the black obsidian feng shui bracelet themselves.

At the end of this post, you will learn what you need to do to get the most out of these feng shui bracelets.

what are feng shui bracelets?

feng shui bracelets are used to balance the chi (energy) in the body. balanced chi helps you attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance into your life.

These charm bracelets are often made from crystals and Chinese symbols that are considered lucky in feng shui.

how do feng shui bracelet charms work?

feng shui bracelets work by attracting good chi to your body.

In traditional feng shui, we arrange our homes to invite beneficial energy into our space. the same concept applies to these bracelets.

We use these feng shui cures to attract chi into our bodies, promoting good feng shui.

how do feng shui bracelets work

To get the most out of the charm, remember that each bracelet has a unique meaning.

for example, the black obsidian bracelet is made of black gems. In feng shui, black is the color associated with the element of water. this element represents the flow of money and success.

therefore, the meaning of the black obsidian bracelet is strongly related to the creation of wealth.

the feng shui obsidian bracelet also usually comes with the pixiu amulet. In Chinese traditions, Pixiu is believed by many to be a creature that attracts, acquires, and retains wealth. It is common to wear a pixiu bracelet if you want to experience abundance and prosperity.

With both symbols associated with money, the obsidian pixiu bracelet is a powerful amulet to attract wealth.

but apart from these symbols, there are other feng shui crystals and cures that inspire different effects to the wearer. You can find feng shui bracelet charms for health, wealth, love, protection, and others to suit your intention!

royal feng shui black obsidian bracelet reviews

now you know how a feng shui bracelet helps improve the quality of life. such an amulet really works, and many have tried the wonders of the Chinese lucky bracelet.

In this section, let’s take a look at some stories recounting the effects of the most popular feng shui jewelry today: the black obsidian feng shui bracelet >. find out what real people are saying in various review sections about the powers of this mystical piece.

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for vanessa, her business started to prosper when she started wearing the amulet.

boyet also shared how the bracelet has helped him with money matters. blessed to have your wallet always full and never run out of cash!

lorraine felt something different immediately after wearing the bracelet.

In addition to its prosperous energy, others have also noted the bracelet’s protective vibrations.

“I have never felt so good.

Before, I have always felt attacked by someone who really hates me. but now, this protection bracelet keeps me calm.

every time i touch the pixiu symbol, i can imagine the energy running through me. and I would always say thank you for that.

so far, this bracelet has been wonderful for me. I just love it.”— tiffany smith

“This lucky charm brings a lot of positivity.

At one point, I tried to take it off and felt a lot of negativity around me.

When I use it again, I got a lot of good news afterwards.” – eloida san juan

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many have already felt the changes that the bracelet brings. while others have yet to experience its powers, they maintain a positive attitude towards the charm.

want to read more reviews about our feng shui bracelets? find them here!

the benefits of a feng shui bracelet

The black obsidian pixiu is just one of many feng shui bracelets out there.

As stated above, these Chinese bracelets come in many forms, each believed to offer certain benefits to those who wear them.

1. attract wealth luck

If you need help improving your area of ​​prosperity, feng shui bracelets can be a great option.

Wearing Chinese symbols of wealth like pixiu has become a fashionable practice today due to its supposed powers to draw energy from money. Combined with prosperity crystals like black obsidian and citrine, feng shui bangles are a powerful wealth charm.

2. promote healing

feng shui bracelets, specifically crystal bracelets, are also known for their healing powers.

Crystals have been used for centuries in alternative healing. they are said to contain specific vibrations that affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. gemstones like jade, for example, contain calming energy that helps promote balance and harmony in the body.

Likewise, feng shui symbols such as the Laughing Buddha and the Holy Gourd inspire a healing effect when worn as jewelry.

3. gain protection

In traditional feng shui, protective symbols such as mantras or a bagua mirror are placed to ward off misfortune. the same goes for the feng shui of the body.

but instead of placing amulets by the door of your house, you use them to protect yourself. crystals like hematite and black obsidian are good examples of feng shui bracelets with protective qualities.

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Whether it’s to ward off negative energy, bad luck, financial loss, or illness, a feng shui bracelet has this benefit.

4. enhance love & relationships

Feng Shui bracelets also promote happy energy that attracts love and strengthens relationships.

The healing energy of these charms is believed to help with personality issues such as low self-esteem and heartbreak. when these issues are corrected, your positive traits shine brighter, allowing you to become more attractive to other people.

5. boost the race & business success

Some bracelets are also meant to help you with the work aspects of your life.

The application of feng shui to the energy of your body can bring you luck of success, whether in your career or in your business. It is an excellent remedy for stagnant business or lack of promotion in the office.

For example, wearing amulets that attract the energy of water activates hidden luck, as water represents the flow of money and success.

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3 ways to make your feng shui bracelet work

At the store of inner wisdom, we always remind people that feng shui bracelets alone will not be enough to fulfill their wishes.

good feng shui teaches us that it takes a lot of work to achieve wealth and success, and such a bracelet only serves as a tool to help manifest desires.

For your black obsidian to work, remember to believe, work and manifest your desires so that the bracelet can support your intentions.

believe in the bracelet

wear your bracelet with an open mind and believe it will work.

Just like any feng shui application, you need to align your mindset that things will work out so that the universe can respond to your intentions.

work for your dreams

don’t rely on the bracelet alone to do all the work.

good feng shui is about doing the hard work and the energy of the universe supporting your actions.

manifest your desires

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Set your intentions correctly and let the bracelet help you achieve your goals.

If you intend to attract wealth, be specific with what you really want to happen. for example, a promotion at work or more investors in your business.

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reasons why your feng shui bracelet is not working

You have not chosen the right bracelet

again, different bracelets inspire different effects.

for example, the black obsidian bracelet works best if you intend to attract wealth or gain protection.

If you want to attract love, you should use a crystal or a Chinese symbol associated with romance, such as rose quartz or peonies. for good health, a jade or wu lou bracelet works best.

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remember that if your intentions don’t align with your feng shui bracelet, it could be a reason it’s not working.

so make sure you set your intents according to the bracelet properties for best results.

You didn’t give the bracelet enough time

some can wear the bracelet and immediately feel its powers. others may need to spend more time aligning with your energy for it to work.

be patient.

let the universe take its course and find you. feng shui bracelets, especially those made of crystals, require time to deepen the bond between the amulet and the wearer.

the deeper the bond, the more effective they become.

then keep wearing the bracelet and give it a try. this is where belief comes into play.

You depend too much on him

don’t trust everything to your bracelet.

As you spend time with your lucky charm, be sure to take the necessary steps to achieve your wishes.

your bracelet will not magically bring what you want. you also have to work hard for it.

As with mantras, affirmations, intentions, and magic, your charm bracelet is just a tool to manifest your desires.

To co-create, one must believe and work hard to fulfill their desires.

Only then will the charm of feng shui help you achieve your dreams.

Which hand to wear your feng shui bracelet on?

general feng shui bracelet rules state that you should wear the bracelet on your left hand.

In Chinese culture, there is a saying that the left is for entering and the right is for leaving.

This means that the chi enters the body through the left hand.

The only exception is when wearing a black obsidian bracelet.

You can wear your black obsidian bracelet on the left or right hand. wear it on the left to attract wealth. use it on the right to protect yourself.

Wearing the bracelet correctly helps increase your chances of doing your magic.

To summarize: are feng shui bracelets real?

yes, feng shui bracelets are real! Previous reviews of the black obsidian feng shui bracelet can attest to that.

however, whether or not they will work is entirely up to you.

make sure you believe, work and manifest your dreams so that your bracelets support your intentions.

Next, follow the feng shui bracelet rules to ensure you can get the most out of your lucky charms.

when you do, your feng shui bracelets will probably work their magic.

Are you looking for the best feng shui bracelets to improve your life? Check out our collection below!

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