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Tisha Morris, feng shui expert and author of Clutter Intervention: How Your Stuff Keeps You Stuck, says space is so important and revealing that you can tell a couple’s relationship status just by looking at their bedroom. Because space and romantic relationships are so inextricably intertwined, she suggests decorating it to make it as love-provoking as possible. “You really want to make a shrine around the relationship,” she explains, noting that the bedroom is “the only room in the house that’s dedicated to the relationship.”

Sounds great, but how can you maximize the capacity of your bedroom to support your relationship? Here, Morris breaks it down.

see feng shui friendly tips for building a bedroom that supports your romantic relationship.

1. minimize your stuff aka clutter

“The bedroom should focus on relaxation, intimacy, rejuvenation, sleep,” says Morris. anything that isn’t conducive to that doesn’t belong there: minimize the amount of books and photos that are lying around or on display, and get rid of anything related to work or training (so store your wfh desk station elsewhere) .

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2. decorate with symmetry

a symmetrical bedroom promotes a synchronized relationship, so having a nightstand on each side of the bed is key, says morris. the two pieces do not have to be identical, but they must be of similar height and weight and include comparable elements. For example, if one nightstand has a lamp, the other should have one too. “If there is an imbalance on the nightstand, it reflects an imbalance in the relationship. immediately correcting that will immediately change the relationship.”

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3. mirror, mirror, not on the wall

There may be some appeal to having a mirror in front of (…or above?) the bed when it comes to sex, but from a love perspective, it’s best to keep the bedroom glare-free. “Mirrors can provide a past energy that has the potential to attract a third party,” explains Morris. according to feng shui, mirrors are particularly charged, which can lead to restless sleep, so it’s best to keep them in other spaces and look at each other instead.

4. choose artworks strategically

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No matter your relationship status, the artwork you hang in your room directly correlates to the energy it brings to your life. “In the bedroom, you want to have quiet, romantic scenes,” says Morris, who suggests swapping photos of busy street scenes for images that appeal to your love, like a #couple photo or a shared memory. avoid artwork with groups of three, such as three people or three animals, which can bring the idea of ​​a third party into the relationship. And if you are single but looking for a partner, avoid any artwork that contains solo figures.

5. don’t push the head of the bed against the wall

Climbing over your partner to get out of bed is not only annoying for both of you, but having a bed with only one side open can be indicative of bigger problems. “Whoever sleeps on the side [of the wall] has to energetically go through the other person, so there is a loss of power,” Morris says. “It’s important to have equal access to both sides of the bed.”

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6. buy that headboard support you’ve been eyeing

A headboard provides support for a relationship, so consider your expert sanctioning the reason to buy a sleek wood or fabric headboard, which Morris suggests are the best materials. “Having a solid surface behind you provides more energetic support than one that is, for example, framed with [negative] space.”

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7. Splurge on bedding

“The more comfortable your bed is, the more you’ll want to spend time in bed together,” Morris says. -boring ways to totally revamp your bed.

8. be aware of how much physical space you are taking up

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The physical space you absorb reflects the space you occupy in your relationship, Morris explains. so it may be time for a massive closet purge as having equal space in every facet of your relationship should be a priority. if one of you is more of a minimalist while the other is more of a maximalist, that’s fine, but it is important that both partners feel represented in a way that is fair to them.

9. choose the right color and lighting scheme

The bedroom should be a relaxing oasis reserved for intimacy and restoration, so warm, monochromatic color schemes, not flashy or bright ones, are best. Another thing to keep in mind? turning on. “Ideally, you want to have a variation of lighting. So remove the light from the ceiling, which doesn’t make anyone look good,” says Morris. “soft ambient lighting options create a romantic ambiance” – that is, just the mood you should be trying to set.

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originally published on April 27, 2018; updated August 19, 2018.

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