Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Generator 7 Design Rules

The bedroom is the most intimate place in your house since you spend most of your free time there. encourages your recreational energy. therefore, you need to arrange the furniture in this room wisely. In feng shui, there are specific rules for planning your bedroom furniture layout.

If you follow them, you will ensure a constant flow of chi energy. We’ll discuss these rules below and go over some tips for expanding the flow of positive energy in your life. Read the guide to the end to learn how to plan a feng shui room layout and discover an easy program for quick and affordable furniture arrangement. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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what is feng shui and how does it work

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice focused on improving chi energy flows by organizing your living space. Although “feng shui” is translated into English as “wind-water”, it involves working with 5 natural elements – fire, earth, metal, water, wood – and balancing them within you. according to feng shui, doing so brings harmony into your life and makes your surroundings look more orderly. this practice is common for organizing bedrooms, and we’ll focus on that in this guide. But you can use the following feng shui bedroom ideas to furnish other rooms in your house.

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Follow the basic Feng Shui bedroom layout rules

essential feng shui rules to keep in mind when organizing your bedroom

feng shui bedroom rules

A beginner in feng shui practice? Read the ground rules for the first steps you can take to implement it in your home, and see some helpful examples of feng shui bedrooms.

arrange a bedroom according to feng shui

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feng shui has many other rules that you can investigate on your own if you are interested. Above, we’ve gone over all the basics you can incorporate into your interior to get started. but what is the best way to implement all these decorating rules without costly mistakes? Start by brainstorming your feng shui bedroom design. this way you can try out new interior ideas, decide on furniture sizes and see how your dream bedroom will look like.

You don’t need a professional level 3d modeling program or lengthy manuals to make your model. just use 3d interior design, a feng shui bedroom design app for beginners. let’s see what this software can do for you.

step 1. start a new bedroom project

In the 3d interior design home menu, choose a new project to set up your bedroom from scratch or rearrange an existing floor plan. Alternatively, test your ideas on a pre-made 3D house model or apartment template. if you start with a blank project, choose the option to draw the rooms of your house and start adding walls. use other tools in the project tab to add a bedroom of any shape: square bedroom, rectangular master bedroom, diagonal bedroom, etc., then mark windows, doors, and partition walls.

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Draw your bedroom in the program

arrange a bedroom in any way in the project tab

step 2. customize your floor plan

Decide on the right colors and textures for the walls, floor, and ceiling. select your bedroom in the 2d plan and switch to the properties tab. here, choose the materials you want from the program’s library or import your own. drag the scale slider to set the size of the patterns. Go back to the project tab to customize your plan with furniture. pay special attention to the placement of the bed. the best position for your bed is between two windows. change the material, color and size of the furniture in the properties tab.

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Decorate your bedroom according to Feng Shui

use the 5 feng shui elements inside your bedroom

step 3. save your feng shui project

Satisfied with the design of your bedroom? print it using the built-in print module, either the blueprint, the 3d model, or both on the same page. choose your printer from the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate paper size and orientation, and set the margins. be sure to put a check next to show dimensions. finally, hit the print button. alternatively, save your project in the feng shui bedroom layout generator to come back to it later.

Export your Feng Shui bedroom plan

print your 2d plan and 3d model on one page

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Just like that, you can make an accurate feng shui bedroom arrangement, save money on costly mistakes, and let your imagination run wild. Plus, a floor plan will help you find the perfect furniture arrangement, even for a small bedroom, that follows the bagua room map. With 3D interior design, the process will be quick and easy, no matter your skill level. Get the trial version of the program if you want to see 3d interior design in action and make some feng shui floor plans for free. We wish you peace of mind in your new and improved habitat.

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