Feng Shui Bedrooms with Desks: A Complete Guide

The number of remote workers has increased dramatically in recent years. While most office layouts are suitable for some people, some people hope to have a feng shui bedroom with a desk. while not impossible to build, it does require a certain degree of planning. it is important to find the perfect place for your bedroom office, among many other elements. this process becomes especially essential when working in a confined space.

It doesn’t matter if you work from home every day or just a couple of days a week. It’s critical that any remote or hybrid worker have a special area at home dedicated specifically to work. Therefore, today we will give you some tips on office feng shui in the bedroom.

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what is feng shui?

What Is Feng Shui

Feng shui is about balancing the physical space so that it can bring you harmony and serenity. it is an old system that was first created in china. then, it quickly spread to different countries around the world due to its effectiveness. means “wind and water”, elements that represent the “flow”.

according to feng shui practitioners, every living thing and object possesses a certain energy, which is known as “chi”. For this reason, their studies affirm that arranging these elements correctly can help us improve certain aspects of our lives. it’s like solving a puzzle. you’re working to find the right home office design, and the price of figuring it out is your well-being.

While these practices remain theoretical, many studies have confirmed their effectiveness. for example, one study found that arranging your bedroom according to feng shui principles can help improve the quality of your sleep and can help increase your long-term well-being.

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then yes. feng shui can work perfectly well in your home office setup. A feng shui desk in the bedroom isn’t as complicated to put up as you think, but it does require planning.

feng shui desk in the bedroom: what you need to know

Feng Shui Desk In Bedroom - What You Need To Know

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If you’re short on space, there are a few placement options available to consider. for example, experts recommend placing your desk in the power position, which consists of placing it diagonally, facing the door. This way, you’ll have a clear view of the entire room, allowing your thoughts to flow freely and be balanced.

Feng shui experts also do not recommend placing your desk against a solid wall because it can have adverse effects on your concentration and creativity. Other feng shui desk placement tips include the following:

  • Placing your desk so that your back is to the door is thought to promote distractions.
  • Assigning your desk behind a large window can sap your strength.
  • Also, if you’re short on space and can’t move your desk from next to your bed, it’s highly recommended to use a folding screen so you can block the view of your sleeping spot. this will allow you to differentiate between your personal space and your office space.
  • Last but not least, it is never recommended to work from bed.
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should you put your desk in the bedroom?

Should You Put Your Desk In The Bedroom?

Any room is a good place to put your desk if you don’t have a lot of space available. If you have space available, maybe you can explore different bedroom office ideas or bedroom set setup ideas that can help you make the most of your space.

However, it’s also important to consider the feng shui layout of your bedroom, as explained below.

  • try to place your desk behind the door and next to a window.
  • alternatively, you can also place your desk in front of the door and behind a window.

These locations are associated with a good feng shui bedroom with a desk, allowing you to bring positivity into your life.

some designs to put your desk in the bedroom

Some Layouts To Put Your Desk In Bedroom

There are several feng shui bedroom layouts with a desk that you can try to place your desk if you want to work in your feng shui bedroom office. It doesn’t matter if you have a small, large, or even a corner desk; It is always important to keep in mind that your desk should not be placed in front of a window and should always be placed in front of the door. Additionally, a feng shui desk requires you to bring some organization, as explained below.

get rid of clutter

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First, start by reducing the clutter you currently have on your desktop. try to include only the items you need to complete your daily tasks. For example, if you only have your computer peripherals, why would you have so much paper or your playthings?

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Also, get rid of any pictures you’ve placed on your desk or across the room. In this way, you will be able to attract new relationships into your life, since you will not be delving so much into the past. feng shui experts recommend avoiding negative memory triggers.


You need to reduce clutter on your desk, but your workstation doesn’t have to be bland. You can also choose to include small desktop plants, some artwork, and the like to help keep your workstation as lively as possible.

office desk for bedroom options

If you want to build a feng shui bedroom with a desk, there are a few office desk options you can consider, such as those mentioned below.

1. smart desktop core

SmartDesk Core

smartdesk core is one of the best sellers of freelancers. is a standing desk for the home that gives you all the space you need to be comfortable at your workstation. Plus, being able to alternate between sitting and standing can help prevent back pain and aches.

2. smart desk nook

SmartDesk Corner

this desk is similar to the smartdesk core, but the main difference is that it is an l-shaped standing desk. therefore, you can double the space or place it in a corner, whichever makes you feel more comfortable and promotes feng shui in your room.

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