[Best 19] Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Good Vibes In 2021

We often forget that there is also a relationship between feng shui (pronounced like “fung shway”) and bedroom wall colors strong >. we focus only on decorative elements and forget that the walls can also affect our energy balance.

In this article, we are going to discover the best feng shui bedroom colors for the bedroom in 2022 and how they can change the whole atmosphere of your bedroom. the best colors for the bedroom are

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  • yellow
  • orange
  • green
  • white
  • metalic

Which ones can improve harmony and relationships? here are the complete feng shui bedroom rules for colors to follow along with meaning.

how to choose feng shui color for bedroom 2022

First, we must understand the meaning of the color of the bedroom and its importance. Although all the colors we may like or seem appropriate, we must know that between feng shui.

We will also know here that in feng shui what is the best color for a bedroom. as people have their own choices. but some are recommended by feng shui consultants.

and the colors for the bedroom walls there is a close relationship. Whether it’s a feng shui guest bedroom or your own bedroom, we all need it to be perfectly balanced with positive energies.

  • Do you want to know more about how to do feng shui in a small bedroom? quick tips.

many people apply feng shui principles almost everywhere in their homes and forget about the nursery. these important family members are growing up.

Therefore, the recommended colors are blue and light green, which symbolize growth. green is the young wood and blue is the water that nourishes the wood so that it grows.

  • look at the best plants for the bedroom. these are the best feng shui 2022 bedroom colors for couples.

Without a doubt, the double room is one of the places that needs the most privacy and tranquility.

In this case, feng shui recommends that the colors allow for relaxation. but at the same time preserve the spark between couples.

feng shui bedroom wall colors 2022

feng shui is an ancient technique in china. This focuses, among other things, on the arrangement of objects and our location on earth for the attraction of chi, the positive energy that brings great benefits to people.

The bagua or pa kua, is a graphic used in much of the Chinese beliefs that are also present in feng shui. In the representation on the right we see the different colors and areas that make it up.

Please find below the most recommended feng shui wall art for bedroom, if you want to buy it.

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The recommended ones are used according to a 9-area grid designed based on the cardinal points and the usual construction designs.

in the graphic below (the grid of the nine areas, another representation of the bagua) we can see the colors more clearly.

the energy they attract and the mood that inspires each of them, feng shui bedroom design at home. and the feng shui bedroom nature elements that make up the ancient belief.

added to this we see not only the influence of the energies in our life (for those who believe) but also the emotional states that are capable of generating colors according to the well-known color psychology.

  • fire element: reds and oranges
  • water element: black, blue, dark tones
  • wood element: blue, green, purple, purple, red
  • metal element: white, black, gray , pastel
  • element earth: feng shui yellow, natural, green, blue, black, pink and white feng shui is a Chinese

the philosophy is based on the belief in the existence of a vital breath or energy, called chi, which flows according to the points. all these colors should be mixed well and used as a design on our walls.

yin and yang feng shui bedroom colors

yin and yang: all feng shui is based on the five elements: earth, wood, fire, water and metal. All of these feng shui bedroom elements can also be represented by different colors used by our surroundings.

that impacts our mind, body and soul alike. similarly for healing and relaxation, or yin, as well as activity and motivation, or yang affects us.

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Below are some recommended bedroom colors based on 5 elements and yin, yang. the yin colors represent feminism and the masculine yang. yin colors are usually light shades and have an admixture of white.

on the other hand, yang has deeper and darker colors like black. we always try to promote yin colors in the bedroom for a good relationship.

yin: white

The white color represents trust and abstention. white can be used to enhance relationships with children and family members.

Aside from this, couples can also use this white setting to improve their chances of getting pregnant in the bedroom.

yin: rose

In feng shui, the color pink symbolizes love. a pink bedroom can bring about feelings of love and passion in a relationship.

This is why it is recommended to use only light shades of pink in a bedroom and avoid shades with a red undertone. that changes the energy from yin to yang.

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yin: purple

Like yellow, violet is an advantageous color in feng shui. it also promotes physical and intellectual health. In response to the bagua, inserting purple elements into the southeast feng shui aspect of a room can support an abundance of advertising.

yin: green

The color green represents the aspect of the wood element and is the feng shui color for harmony and fitness. the green color has refreshing and calming characteristics.

according to bagua, putting green facets, especially a reduced plant, can help increase relationships with households.

yin: blue

Light shades of blue in feng shui represent spiritual retreat. blue belongs to a yin, the color that promotes meditation, healing and relaxation.

what color is lucky for the bedroom in feng shui

if you are looking for an answer to “what lucky color for bedroom 2022”. then you will get answers here.

we all have our favorites, and while it is true that colors say a lot about personality. they are also associated with love, health, and fortune.

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the human being is characterized by perceiving, with a high level of detail. the colors found in their environment, as well as their different shades.

Find below my top picks for the best feng shui bedding colors, which can match any décor.

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In addition to giving life, they evoke emotions and can provoke reactions and sensations. It is not for nothing that blues, lilacs or grays are chosen for the bedrooms and citrus tones for the creative offices.

Discover below the soothing colors of feng shui bedroom, which brings luck to the bedroom: it could be a wall color or the best color for feng shui sheets.

  • yellow. one of the primaries that symbolizes joy and power. It is the color of the sun, so it represents natural energy, abundance and spontaneity. various psychological studies also associate it with intelligence and, most clearly, with general well-being.
  • orange. warm and fun. among the colors it stands out for its brightness, reminiscent of the flames of fire. it is positive and, according to experts from various disciplines, symbolizes transformation. in addition to fortune, it also calls for success.
  • green. synonymous with nature, balance and prosperity. Similarly, it is the color of hope and can be light and bright or intense and dark. green inspires and relaxes.
  • white. light and purity. As a symbol of peace, it has a calming effect and is associated with the beginning of cycles. That is why it is one of the most popular to wear or decorate on New Year’s Day.
  • metallic. Although they can be considered neutral, gold, silver and bronze have a special energy. the sparkles of metals, in addition to giving luxurious accents to any space, bring serenity. and they are used to attract good luck, almost always linked to economic issues.

so now the question is “what colors shouldn’t you paint your bedroom?“. All colors that have dark shades and patterns should be avoided. due to our main agenda of choosing the right colors to bring positivity and light into our spaces.

what are the best bedroom colors according to feng shui?

Good feng shui colors for the bedroom are beige, light brown, white, and pastel shades like light blue or dusty pink are perfect for lighting.

and creating a sense of calm and peace, especially when one of these colors is combined with white.

These feng shui bedroom paint colors produce pleasant sensations as they are slightly saturated.

They are not a distracting factor for the mind, allowing the user to relax and rest peacefully. these colors are said to be the best feng shui colors for the bedroom.

For a better understanding, see the complete guide on how to make a bedroom with feng shui

Is green a good feng shui color for the bedroom?

absolutely yes! feng shui green is part of the good color for our bedroom. green is also a cool color. these are the ones that calm. therefore, it is very useful for the bedroom.

its natural connotation also works in this feng shui color direction. It helps to recharge energy, to find serenity and calm.

colors have real power and cause certain cognitive effects here. the study of its effect helps us today to use the right colors in schools, hospitals, etc.

As for the bedroom, priority should be given to the so-called “sedative” tones that help sleep, especially for children.

then blue, purple, mauve, pink and green are the colors to choose for the bedroom! on the contrary, there are certain colors to avoid in a room: yellow, orange or even fuchsia.

what color is lucky for the house?

as we have seen throughout the notes, painting the home is more than just aesthetics, it influences many things, one of them transmits the state of mind and your lifestyle.

feng shui focuses on attracting colors of positive energy to the bedroom through five elements of nature: fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

now we will give you tips to paint your home according to feng shui, we will tell you what the latest trend in decoration is.

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find highly recommended feng shui artwork for bedroom below.

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According to the philosophy of feng shui, changing the color of the walls of a room should be done whenever we feel the sensation we want to convey.

  • blue, blue tones convey tranquility, freshness and a sense of peace to spaces, as well as balance and harmony.
  • black has also been used to the feng shui room an aura of mystery and sensuality. these two colors are recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms, using blue for these bedrooms conveys calm and serenity, black looks better with decorations.
  • the yellow tone is the perfect color to attract joy and happiness and is recommended for kitchen walls and children’s bedrooms.
  • the color orange according to feng shui is used for the walls of the room.
  • red stimulates universal energy, although it is very strong for walls, it is also recommended for decorative objects.
  • pink means relaxation, tenderness, innocence, ingenuity,and romantic. it is recommended for feng shui rooms where you want to be relaxed and children’s bedrooms.

representative colors of the earth

rooms where the whole family is, such as the living room or dining room, are recommended with colors like.

beige, yellow, pastel, cream, these colors are related to the earth element and, according to feng shui, they help us to strengthen relationships. staff and greater stability.

representative colors of wood

Green tones are the representative color of nature and serve to promote growth and security within the home.

Green expresses hope and vitality, that’s why we can use it for the walls of bedrooms and children’s bedrooms.

bedroom colors feng shui bagua 2022

This is the other way to have a good feng shui bedroom color to promote overall harmony in your home: honoring the energy needs of each feng shui bagua area.

If you don’t know what bagua is in feng shui, then bagua is basically a feng shui bedroom map that uses various areas of life including health, wealth, marriage, peace and happiness.

east feng shui bedroom colors

a bedroom on the east side represents the corner of the bagua health and family area. which gives you many feng shui color options this.

why? because in feng shui the best color choice is based on the five elements of feng shui, and in that case, you can choose any color based on these elements.

southern feng shui bedroom colors

The southern area represents the fire element of feng shui and is often connected to reputation in feng shui.

then if your room is in the southern feng shui bagua area. then the best colors for it are the colors of the fire element are fire colors like red, pink, orange, purple, magenta, yellow.

southwest feng shui colors for the bedroom

The southwest facing bedroom area is very easy to decorate and apply feng shui as well. this area represents the energy of love and marriage. so here we are free to use any feng shui bedroom art or decorative elements that speak to you of love.

The recommended feng shui colors for the Southwest bedroom are blue, pink, magenta and all light pastel colors. Plus, you can shop below for the best feng shui master bedroom colors to add amazing patterns.

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west feng shui bedroom colors

the west facing feng shui area bedroom is connected with the energy of creativity and happiness. this is the side of the earthly elements. so the best colors are white and gray as well as all earth tone bedroom colors for the bedroom.

feng shui north bedroom colors

According to feng shui experts, it is quite difficult to decorate a bedroom facing north. the recommended colors are not the best colors for this area which are the blue and black colors that give a slightly depressed feeling.

so you need to be more creative to use these colors to make your bedroom wonderful and comfortable.

northeast feng shui bedroom colors

The northeast area represents the element of earth that is connected to growth and spiritual cultivation.

So, if you have a bedroom in the northeast area of ​​your home, the best colors for it are all earth tones like red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and magenta.

southeast feng shui bedroom colors 2022

A feng shui bedroom in the southeast area benefits from the same colors as a bedroom in the east area because they share the same feng shui element requirements.

so you can choose from a variety of colors that can create good feng shui in this area.

green and brown for the wood feng shui element, black and blue for the water element, and all earth tones for the earth element.

because the southeast area is strongly connected to the flow of abundance in your life.

You may consider decorating with feng shui elements with the intention of attracting the energy of wealth into your life. Take a look at the variety of rich feng shui cures and see which ones can work perfectly with your bedroom decor.

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Just remember that a feng shui water in bedroom features, or representations of actual water, is not good feng shui for bedrooms, even if your bedroom feng shui 2022 is located in a rich area.


The southern area is connected to the energy of fame and reputation in feng shui (a more accurate translation is “inner light”).

The element to feed in this area is the fire element, so if your room is in the southern feng shui bagua area.

The best colors are the colors of the fire element (red, pink, orange, purple, magenta, yellow, etc.), as well as the colors of the wood element (green and brown ).

best feng shui bedroom colors for married couples

For married couples, the color of the bedroom should be soft and romantic to enhance the harmonious aspect of the relationship.

pink or red are the recommended color options. on the other hand, avoid using dark colors such as black, brown and green in the decoration of your room.

best feng shui living room colors 2022

The perfect colors for the living room according to feng shui rules are soft colors such as greys, light blues, pale yellows, light pink and blush. these colors can also mean tranquility and well-being.

best feng shui bedroom colors for love life

To enhance romance and love, we can use feng shui bedroom paint colors that have soft and sweet patterns. such as burgundy and purple, gray and dark brown. just the key point is to keep the room tidy and clean.

northwest feng shui bedroom colors idea 2022

The best colors for Northwest bedrooms are the same as the colors for a Western bedroom, as they share the same guiding element of metal.

so you can choose between white and gray as well as all earth tones. be careful to limit a strong presence of fiery colors as the fire element damages the metal element.

feng shui bedroom colors for sleeping 2022

The importance of sleeping well is something that we should all take into account. and that is to sleep well, deeply and the minimum number of hours necessary.

It gives us many benefits, both for health and for our mood and the way we face the next day.

read:how feng shui can help you sleep well: 23 tips for the bedroom

The choice of colors, both for the walls and for the decoration and furniture, is quite important, although it may not seem so.

for a really good sleep, light and soft colors are the most relaxing for the moment of rest. cool colors like brown, teal and deep blue are part of good feng shui 2022 bedroom colors to influence good sleep.

feng shui bedroom colors for fertility

To embrace fertility and get pregnant fast, wear vibrant colors like yellows and oranges. You can integrate these colors in the bedroom in the form of paintings or any piece of art. These are the colors of fertility in feng shui and quickly attract the energy of children.

feng shui bedroom colors for singles

for singles who are not yet married, the colors of the bed, other objects and the walls should be cheerful (pink, orange) or soft (light blue, pastel).

combine them to be harmonious and relaxing, but without making your room look like a decoration catalog (too perfect!).

don’t keep your closet so full, make room for someone else’s clothes. sometimes we fill ourselves with things that have no specific function but that rob us of energy.

We have clothes that we haven’t worn in a long time and we start to accumulate things.

Not clearing the spaces, believe it or not, affects the mind and truncates the purposes. you have to get rid of the old things, clean the bedside tables and throw away the objects you don’t like.

and keep the wall color cheerful, you can choose pink and orange for women and light or pastel blue for men. These are the best feng shui bedroom colors for singles.

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here are some frequently asked questions on how to apply feng shui bedroom colors.


In feng shui bedroom colors, a main element comprises the elements fire, water, wood, metal, and earth, which are an important source of positive and negative chi.

Therefore, it is important that we select the most auspicious color in our homes, to bring good luck and positive energies in our various lives as well.

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