Feng Shui Your Bedroom in 2022 to atract money and love

how to do feng shui in your bedroom in 2022

To have a harmonious bedroom with a beneficial influence on other aspects of your life, you can use the following 10 feng shui principles.

In 2022, to counteract the influence of the feng shui unlucky star, place one or more of the following remedies in your bedroom:

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10 powerful feng shui tips for the bedroom

1. The ideal option to decorate the bedroom is to choose the room farthest from the main entrance door of the house. Unconsciously, this will induce a feeling of security, stability and protection.

the worst place to have the bedroom is next to the front door, however, we must be realistic because sometimes there really are not many options. however, if you don’t have this option, consider the other tips and make the most of the space you do have.

2. place a money tree plant in a corner of your bedroom to prevent energy stagnation in that very corner.

If you want to improve the relationship with your partner, choose pink and red: these colors will contribute to your love life. do not forget that these colors can only be used as minimal accents; strong colors like red, orange or yellow are mainly associated with yang and can be too stimulating for the bedroom.

3. If you’re not in a relationship, but want to be, you can decorate your bedroom as if you’re already in a relationship.

Place nightstands and lamps on both sides of the bed. use pairs of accessories and make sure everything is symmetrical.

If you don’t live alone, consider the bed as an altar of love by placing objects such as a couple of paintings, a couple of candles and a plant with round leaves on the nightstand. Don’t forget to add some pink or red accessories around the bed to encourage romance. and use the power of mandarin ducks, the ultimate symbol of love in feng shui.

avoid sleeping with your feet toward the door at all costs. In traditional Chinese culture, this is called the “death position” because the deceased are held with their feet toward the door.

Feng shui practitioners believe that sleeping in this position can drain one’s life force. if you have no way around this, you should use a bed that has a footboard or a piece of furniture placed in front of the bed.

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Leave enough space around the bed to facilitate the free flow of energy and so you can easily get out of bed.

always use curved lines, no corners, because sharp corners on bedroom furniture are considered “poison arrows” that deflect positive energy towards you, creating an unsettled environment. To avoid this and achieve a fluid effect, decorate the corners with fabric.

4. Clutter in your bedroom hinders the free flow of chi. However, don’t try to solve this problem by hiding everything under the bed because this will only block energy and cause stagnation in your life.

2022 feng shui for more money – remedies and activators

give some thought to the items you keep in the bedroom and remove any work-related items and anything that has anything to do with past memories that would be better forgotten; for example, gifts from past relationships.

5. To achieve a warm and pleasant atmosphere, paint the bedroom walls in neutral colors, such as cream or peach; light blue, green and lavender are colors that invoke healing energy. Also, check what are the lucky colors of the year and use shades of these colors to decorate your bedroom. use similar colors for furniture and walls. feng shui does not allow for great contrasts in color design. this unbalances the energies in the bedroom.

6. remove items like the TV, gym equipment, and the computer because they tend to absorb a lot of energy and can distract you from resting or having some romantic moments.

A few books placed on the nightstand can encourage zen, however, if you have a bedroom full of bookshelves that need to be read, they can also distract from your rest. If you really want to have these elements in your bedroom, the best idea is to use a screen to hide them while you sleep.

7. place the bed as far as possible from the door and avoid a position in a straight line with it. do not place it under a window because it would lack the symbolic protection of a solid wall and could cause a tormented sleep, due to the energy that enters and leaves the window. invest in a headboard because it offers good head support.

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don’t put the bed in the corner of the room, because it’s bad feng shui. To obtain the best position in bed for wealth, in feng shui, we follow the concept of command position. You would like your bed to be positioned so that when you lie in bed, you can see the entrance to the bedroom. still, you don’t want to be flush with the door either. a really simple guideline is to place the bed diagonally to the door.

8. Place pieces of art or miscellaneous objects in the bedroom that represent the year of the tiger 2022.

9. avoid placing the mirror on the opposite side, next to or on top of the bed. this will reflect the energy throughout the room, will not allow you to enjoy a pleasant rest and will exacerbate all your problems and worries.

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Bedroom mirrors are considered an invitation for a third person to interfere in your relationship with your partner. the only way to avoid this is to place decorative objects in front of such a mirror, covering them when you go to bed.

It is also believed that mirrors should be covered at night to prevent misfortune. Mirrors are believed to increase the energy of the person sleeping in that room. if your energy is positive, then this positive force will increase. on the contrary, if you have bad vibrations, these will also increase.

10. lighting is a very important factor in feng shui. wear blinders that can be easily opened in the morning to let in natural light and closed easily at night to block out darkness.

Thoroughly clean your windows to naturally brighten a dark bedroom. such advice is so self-evident yet often overlooked. Just like wearing stained sunglasses, a bedroom with stained windows will feel cluttered and restrict visibility. take a suitable window cleaner and clean the windows, both inside and out. you’ll instantly appreciate the refreshing feeling that comes with this and you’ll be amazed at how much natural light your room was able to bring in.

don’t put a lamp over your head, on top of the bed. it’s not like feng shui. place lamps with delicate light, that allow you to read correctly right next to the bed, on your nightstands or in the drawers.

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11. don’t use water symbols in the bedroom

Water in the master bedroom is a feng shui fable. refrain from displaying images of water or having a water feature such as a fountain or aquarium in the bedroom. if you want to include a water feature, it’s probably convenient to do it in the bathroom.

12. If you share your bedroom with another person and are also a light sleeper, consider throwing rugs throughout the bedroom. this will reduce the noise of your partner’s footsteps if he wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to go to the kitchen or bathroom. that way you won’t find yourself awake and unable to go back to sleep. feng shui is helpful for people who suffer from insomnia.

13. Don’t keep things under your bed. This is not a very good feng shui idea. put them in the closet, or in large drawers. Storing things under the bed prevents the energies from circulating around you and the furniture.

14. don’t use sharp shapes in your design. allow wide angles. for example, your windows may be in the shape of an arch. this will decrease the number of angles.

15. put on a few candles. you can even put a red one, especially if you share your bed with another person. leave the candles with a pleasant and relaxing aroma.

16. If you want to attract wealth to your bedroom, there is an important feng shui principle to keep in mind. as you face the entrance to your bedroom, the far left rear corner is your bedroom wealth area. include some of these elements to energize the wealth area of ​​your bedroom:

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  • integrate purple decorations, paintings or furniture
  • add vibrant green plants because they will boost your good fortune

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