Feng Shui Home, Step 3, Bathroom Decorating Secrets

ancient feng shui is the art of creating balance and harmony. feng shui bathroom ideas are simple. bathroom interiors should be clean, comfortable and relaxing. light blue colors, functional design and pleasant atmosphere are the main elements of feng shui bathroom decoration. Before decorating your bathroom in feng shui style, make sure it is clean and tidy.

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The main object in the feng shui bathroom is a bathtub. A traditional bathtub is rectangular in shape, however feng shui masters recommend a semi-circular or oval bathtub. The round shapes of the feng shui bathtub repeat the ancient curve of the Chinese coin. With water features in your bathroom, the round shape symbolizes the money that good feng shui design attracts.

modern feng shui bathroom design and decoration ideas

Modern bathroom design and decorating in white and blue colors

White and light Feng Shui colors or very soft pastel color tones are preferable for Feng Shui bathroom design and decorating. Floor and wall tiles are good Feng Shui design materials. Matching bathroom fixtures, bathtub and toilet designs, are a good Feng Shui decorating choice for creating modern bathroom design, beautiful, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

feng shui colors for bathroom design and decoration

Nature theme to Feng Shui bathroom decorating
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Feng Shui practitioners suggest to create as simple as possible bathroom design with blue interior painting or tiles and few bathroom decorations. (There are more blue bathroom decorating ideas in Blue Room category,

home decor colors, most popular blue-green

turquoise colors for the feng shui of the house

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Hang a feng shui mirror to reflect light from the window and select a blue, light blue or teal color palette for furniture, bathroom accessories to create a good feng shui bathroom design. If blue bathroom paint colors feel too cold or dull, add images of goldfish, sunny beach, sky, grass, or waves to the walls and make the feng shui decor look bright, interesting, and pleasing.

Feng Shui bathroom design with blue color

Feng Shui tips for bathroom design and decorating

The toilet should be separated by a partition in the feng shui bathroom. the toilet lid must always be closed, otherwise good luck can escape from your house. The toilet is a powerful source of negative energy, feng shui teachings say, so it’s best to keep the bathroom door closed.

turquoise colors for bathroom design

ideas to remodel an oval bathtub and a small bathroom

Good feng shui bathroom layouts should have different zones, and a toilet shouldn’t be the first thing people see in the bathroom. a good feng shui design hides a toilet behind a door, partition, or screen. feng shui also requires proper ventilation in the bathroom, so negative energy leaves your home quickly.

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Feng Shui home design with blue-green bathroom colors
Feng Shui home, bathroom ideas, white and light blue colors

Also a toilet position is important for good Feng Shui home design. A toilet in the south-eastern part of the bathroom will wash out your wealth. A toilet, located in a northerly direction slows your promotions, Chinese Feng Shui experts say. It is extremely unfortunate, if a toilet is positioned directly facing the house front door, then a large Feng Shui mirror, fixed on the bathroom door, can Feng Shui home.

feng shui bathroom shelves

Feng shui bathroom cabinets and shelves should match the style and colors of the bathroom design. Most importantly, bathroom surfaces should always be clean and tidy. the clutter on the bathroom shelves, when they are full of all kinds of small items, shampoos, lotions, creams, etc. it is a bad feng shui sign. The order, organization and staging of the home help the flow of positive energy travel freely through the interiors of the houses and avoid the stagnation that causes financial and health problems.

Simple ad elegant bathroom design with white ad blue wall tiles

Feng Shui symbols in bathroom decorating

1. shells are symbols of wealth according to feng shui. They are perfect for feng shui bathroom decoration. you can place them on a shelf or stick small shells to the walls or tiles.

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2. A feng shui mirror is very useful in the bathroom, but avoid decorating bathroom walls with mirrored tiles. feng shui masters explain that mirrored mosaics divide the human body into parts, and such bathroom decorating ideas cannot help improve health or increase the flow of money into the house.

How to Feng Shui bathroom zones with wall partitions and colors
Feng Shui bathroom design with wall partition

3. Aquarium or a small water fountain should not be near a toilet. Despite the fact that an aquarium and a water fountain are Feng Shui symbols of money and success, located close to a toilet, they provoke a failure.

4. place a greenhouse plant near a sink or toilet to decorate the bathroom according to feng shui.

5. small green plants on the shelves in the bathroom or on the floor in the feng shui house, connecting your bathroom interior with nature and protecting your family from poverty.

Light and bright bathroom design and decorating ideas

Modern colors for bathroom decorating

decorate the interior in sky blue for a spacious look

green color to decorate the home

bathroom decoration in blue-brown

Bathroom design and decorating with tiles in blue-green colors

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