Know How Feng Shui Mirrors in Bathroom Can Impact your Life

When it comes to feng shui, bathrooms generally get a bad rap. this is due to the fact that a bathroom discharges the positive energy of your home if you enter the bathroom facilities. therefore, feng shui mirrors in the bathroom are a great remedy to solve problems in your bathroom.

In addition, this article will also explore other ways one can clean their bathroom to make their home and life happier. read on:

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feng shui bathroom mirrors

a-feng-shui-mirrors-in-bathroomFeng Shui mirrors in a bathroom that do not reflect the toilet seatIn general, it is advised that one does not keep Feng Shui mirrors in the bathroom. This is because it might drain the good energy from the house, which you take in with you as you enter the bathroom space. a-feng-shui-mirrors-in-bathroom1The toilet seat being reflected in the Feng Shui mirrors in bathroom

If you think you absolutely need a mirror in your bathroom, you need to make sure it doesn’t reflect off the toilet seat. If the toilet seat is visible while you are in the bathroom, it is believed to take away your good luck and all the waste in the toilet is doubled in your life due to the reflection of the mirror.

As you can in this picture, if you have Feng Shui mirrors in your bathroom that reflects the WC, it becomes problematic. However, if for any reason you have a mirror that reflects your toilet seat, make sure it only reflects half of it and not full. a-feng-shui-mirrors-in-bathroom2Feng Shui mirrors in bathroom reflecting a white surface

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This image correctly depicts how a mirror in your bathroom can be. If it showcases nothing other than a plain, white surface, then you need to worry about the positive energy of your house being drained out. a-feng-shui-mirrors-in-bathroom3Door number three in this picture is ideal for having Feng Shui mirrors in bathroom

If you have feng shui mirrors on your bathroom door, it’s considered a good idea. this is because it is believed to push negative energy away by bouncing it back. that, in turn, prevents energy from entering the bathroom or risking discharge.

other tips and tricks to maintain positive energy in the bathroom

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other-tips-and-tricks-to-keep-your-bathroom-energy-positiveAn open bathroom door puts the positive energy of the house at a greater risk of being flushed out

– keep the bathroom door and toilet lid closed when not in use

– the bathroom should be fresh, airy and fragrant

feng shui mirrors, if any, should not remain in the dark for too long

– the direction of the bathroom is also very important. here’s a breakdown of what to do if your bathroom is at a specific address:

or northeast or southwest: get a metal wind chime for your bathroom and hang it on the door

o South: Get a crystal ball for your washroom as it will hold off the negative energy. Sometimes, people believe getting Feng Shui mirrors in the bathroom will have the same effect as crystals but that is far from the truth other-tips-and-tricks-to-keep-your-bathroom-energy-positive1Adding greenery to your bathroom if it is in the north direction adds to the overall prosperity of the house

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north: get houseplants for your bathroom if it is facing north. shades of green raise the positivity of the house if the bathroom is in the north

or east or southeast: light candles or get glitter lamps for your bathroom and turn them on for 2-3 hours a day to remove any negative energy from the bathroom

or west or northwest: shades of blue enhance positive conditions in the bathroom if facing this direction

other things to avoid in the bathroom for prosperity

– don’t clutter the bathroom with dirty clothes or too many products

– immediately replace broken or tattered items such as soap dispensers, curtain runners, etc.

– avoid a bathroom that leads to the bedroom or kitchen


It will not be wrong to say that a bathroom that has a bad reputation in the world of feng shui is out of place. there are so many inhibitions when it comes to building a bathroom. Since it’s one of those places in your home that will inevitably drain positive energy, it’s always best not to add bathroom feng shui mirrors to compound the problem.

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