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When you look at the feng shui bagua map, you see different colors associated with each section. what do they mean and why are they there? how do you use them and how much should be taken into account? Continue reading for detailed information on feng shui bagua colors.

Specific colors are designated for each area of the Bagua Map.

If you’ve already mapped the Feng Shui Bagua for your home, well done! Still need to take this step? Get your free copy of my Feng Shui Bagua Map which comes with an overview of how to apply it to your floor plan.

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Each of the squares represents some influence in your life. When you use feng shui principles to enhance any particular section, the vital ch’i energy of the space improves. you can, in turn, harness this new auspicious energy to improve your life.

Use your copy of this most essential feng shui tool for reference as we cover the who, why, and what of bagua colors.

colors of feng shui bagua map

So many shades of red to choose from for your Fame gua!

As you see from the Bagua Map, each area, or gua (pronounced gwah), has a group of colors assigned to it. The specific colors relate to which expression of the Five Elements is held within the individual area. The Fame gua, which is home to the Fire Element, has red and red tones for example.

colors reinforce the energy of the element as well as the individual gua. any shade of red could be used as an enhancement to your area of ​​fame to build a better reputation or gain more recognition. Shades like pink, coral, peach, strawberry, firefighter red, burgundy, maroon, pink, fuchsia or blush are options.


You can bring color into the room in many ways. insert it into a wall or add a pillow, screen, window treatment, chair, vase, clock or other item. the possibilities are endless. just make sure it’s something you love.

At my house it’s blue inside, outside and in the distance.

What if you don’t want red – like me. I’m in a real blue phase right now. Feng Shui is about living with what you love, and I’m into blues. My last home had lots of reds and tans. That house had a totally different feel than where I’m living today. Now I’m by the sea with views of the blue water beyond, and all that seems right is to echo the lovely navy, royal and white of the water beyond.

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what colors do you like? which ones feel good for your home? there will be an area of ​​the bagua that you can fill with your favorite if you want. then use smaller parts of that color in other rooms to maintain continuity throughout the space.

use the bagua map to choose the colors of the walls

Often, my clients think that they have to choose a paint color from the limited selection of options for the gua in which the room is located. they certainly can, but again, if you don’t like the designated color, don’t use it. . There are many ways to balance the decoration of a room with the five elements, and color is just one of them.

In my master bathroom I chose light seafoam blue for the walls. It is in my health and family guide that it is governed by the wood element. blue and green are designated wood element colors. I also chose stained wood cabinets over white painted ones for the same reason. there are many roads to rome!

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essential feng shui® suggests that we keep our bedroom wall color subdued. skin tones like a light tan, gold, cream, or pink are a few options. then turn to guide colors for bedding, upholstered furniture, accessories, art, or window treatments if desired.

feng shui accessory colors and more

Here’s just a few of the many blue accessories I use in my home, especially in the Health and Family area.

As stated above, you can bring colors into a space with accessories. Pillows, throws, dishes, colorful ceramics, bottles, vases, end tables, lampshades, or plant pots can all introduce color.

I like to use a lot of color in my home and interior redesign projects. I recommend that you select no more than two or three signature colors and then repeat them from room to room throughout the space.

For example, put green and yellow in the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. yellow is repeated in the bathroom and dining room and green is used in a second bedroom and hallway. this helps create visual continuity throughout.


Many people choose mostly neutral colors for their space. my mom is an example. I call her the queen of taupe! She loves all the creamy, beige and chameleon shades and she has them all throughout her house.

that’s great! you love it, so we turned to other feng shui tools to balance your space, and you have an absolutely beautiful home that reflects your taste, style, and most importantly, enhances your ch’i energy.

expensive items

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If you’re totally in love with a color and want to commit to installing some of your core components in that color, go for it. however, being aware of the color and element recommendations for that gua will make it easier to balance the room so that it provides optimal support and good energy.

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choosing my dark brown granite kitchen countertop had a lot to do with the fact that most of my kitchen space is in the central gua. I have also recommended royal blue or navy blue cabinets for an area of ​​knowledge and self-cultivation for a nautical and color-loving customer.

are you now more inspired to delve into the use of color in your home? Take an inventory of the colors you currently use in different guides and if they correspond to the suggestions on your bagua. if not, are there any simple modifications you can make to start changing the energy?

The pillows on this chair used to be black. Ch’i energy shifted dramatically when these were added.

I always encourage Clients to use what they have on hand before buying anything new. A bath towel, sheet or blanket in the color you are considering gives you the chance to see whether the shade is a contender. Grab what you have around and start playing!

try to move a piece of art or bring a different color tablecloth. I have seen rooms completely transformed with new cushions. what will you use?

Creating your feng shui home is a great service to you and your family. contact me and let me know how I can help. Telephone consultations are available at extremely reasonable prices and will give you a great boost to change the energy and opportunities in your life.

let me know how your color process goes. I really appreciate your feedback and would love to share your feng shui adventure!

have fun,


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