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Bathrooms can be some of the most challenging rooms to direct and harness positive chi. While the amount of drains and running water in a bathroom are great for cleansing you and helping to flush out bad energy, the overwhelming influence of water means you risk flushing out good energy as well. Fortunately, these bathroom feng shui tips can counteract the downflow!

determine bagua location

If you are building a new home or adding another bathroom to your home, choose an ideal feng shui location for the bathroom to generate the most positive chi.

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“The bathroom is considered a ‘dirty’ part of the home and therefore should not be located near a kitchen, in a bedroom, or by the front door,” said feng shui consultant ashley peacock classic and creator of peacock feng shui.

While the ideal would be to have a house where the bathrooms are not in the centers of wealth, health and relationships, there are easy fixes if they are. From using earth element décor in the Southwest to adding wood elements to keep wealth from disappearing in the Southeast, there are many feng shui solutions to any problem you may encounter.

scrub surfaces often

If there’s one part of your home you need to keep spotlessly clean, it’s your bathroom. balance the dirty energy of your bathroom by highlighting the cleaning energy of this space. You can improve bathroom feng shui by following a regular schedule for flushing toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, and countertops.

keep the bathroom door closed

a feng shui bathroom door is a closed bathroom door! Closing the bathroom door and lowering the toilet seat are two of the golden feng shui rules, according to Ivy Marie Lim, a real estate agent and feng shui consultant. making sure they are closed will prevent positive energy from washing out. some feng shui experts also suggest plugging drains when not in use.

clear counters & cabinets

Bathroom countertops and linen closets are often cluttered with excess products and tools. Just having what you need in this space is a bathroom feng shui rule that will help make your mornings (as well as your life) seem less cluttered.

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“Get rid of anything broken or old,” lim advised. “Trust that you can get rid of it and you will always have the things you need.”

lim adds that being able to quickly locate what you need when you need it will keep you from starting or ending your day frustrated. Need some inspiration to clear? Try these DIY bathroom organization and storage ideas!

emphasize the wood element

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Of the five feng shui elements, wood is one of the best to include in the bathroom! Because this element is nourished by water, its positive properties are highlighted by the immense amount of water that flows here. Wood counters, picture frames, and bathroom trays (you can even make a tray out of reclaimed wood) are easy ways to keep the good vibes in this room.

use the earth element

Because the earth element of feng shui destroys water, it’s great to include in bathroom décor. simply integrate this element with marble sinks or quartz countertops. You can also help nurture relationships, health, and knowledge by painting the room a comforting yellow or adding orange and pink accents.

minimize the water element

There is no way to avoid water in your bathroom, and you wouldn’t want to because it is useful for washing away impurities and bad energies. but lim warns that it can also remove good chi. avoid anything blue and black in general, but especially when it comes to choosing paint or tile.

“Keep the colors light and neutral,” lim suggested, saying that light colors keep more energy out of the room. Also, anything wavy in shape should be avoided, as it further invokes the element of water.

limit the fire element

Fire and water are two elements that don’t go well together. Because water extinguishes fires, and there is so much water present in the bathroom, too much of the fire element can negatively affect the energy. while candles and warm lighting are fine for feng shui decor, limiting your use of reds, oranges, and triangle-shaped decor is a great way to cultivate a calming environment.

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keep metals to a minimum

Because metal conducts water, another important bathroom feng shui tip is to reduce metallic décor. Today’s hardware and design trends make it difficult to avoid all metal in the bathroom. it’s especially difficult with modern sinks and mirrors that are circular, which is the shape associated with the metallic element. If you’re drawn to décor that highlights metal, balance this dynamic element with straight lines and wood or earth-inspired furnishings.

creates a spa feel

Whether you have a large master bath or a small half-bath, creating a calm and luxurious environment is a great way to bring positive chi into the bathroom.

“I personally like to create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom with plants, candles and natural/non-toxic textiles,” peacock shared. “Having the elements balanced in the space feels good. natural materials and serene colors create a relaxing environment.”

design with vertical lines

Because your bathroom’s drain and flush items generate a lot of downward energy, you’ll want to find ways to redirect some of the chi upward. An easy way to do this is with uplines. decorate with orchids, choose wallpaper with vertical lines and opt for a wall decoration that creates the feeling of climbing to make a feng shui bathroom.

add hints of pink

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When it comes to feng shui colors, pink is a great choice for creating grounding spaces! Including this soft color on your floor tile, sink, or backsplash is a great way to bring the calming energy of the earth element into what can be a hectic space.

invest in a wooden dresser

Adding a wooden vanity is a great feng shui furniture option for any bathroom. Because water enhances the wood element, decorating with wood helps keep positive chi flowing in your bathroom. wooden furniture also generates positive energy around your family and the wealth areas of your life.

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add a wooden towel rack

Already have countertops or a vanity installed? Bring the feng shui element of wood into your bathroom with a DIY rustic towel rack. Not only does this look great and generate good chi, it also helps minimize clutter and allows you to easily grab a towel when you need it.

decorate with bamboo

Want to incorporate the best feng shui bathroom plants? add bamboo! Bamboo stalks are believed to bring luck and help purify the air. Not to mention, this plant naturally creates vertical lines, which is a great way to generate upward energy in a bathroom.

be strategic with bathroom art

bathroom feng shui rules on wall decoration recommend keeping photos of loved ones and family out due to the overall messy nature of the bathroom. According to Lim, the ideal feng shui art for a bathroom focuses on light and airy imagery. think bird photos, sky paintings, or any abstract image with vertical lines.

examine your own energy

If your bathroom is located in an unlucky location or a small house makes it difficult to get your perfect feng shui design, don’t give up hope!

“the biggest energy body in your house is you,” lim said. “Never ignore your own energy and energetic resonance.”

While you may not have the luxury of redesigning your home or the ability to relocate, lim recommends that you don’t minimize the importance of designing a room that feels right to you. the positive energy will follow.

From adding plants to keeping counters organized, there are endless ways to bring bathroom feng shui to life! Are you ready to tackle a bigger energy center in your home? try feng shui principles in your bedroom!

17 Feng Shui Bathroom Design Ideas

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