Top 10 Feng Shui Apps (Free & Paid)

Feng Shui is a Chinese system or set of laws used to design the various parts of a building. today it is used by many people to design their homes. the belief is that it would bring them happiness and prosperity. In this article, we’ll talk about the best feng-shui applications!

10 best feng shui applications

Let’s start with the first one.

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1. feng shui life compass

Feng Shui Life Compass App is developed by Fortune Compass LLC. The application is used to set the best directions to face the computer to work efficiently, face the bed to sleep well, choose the direction for negotiations, choose the place where you can stand at a party, etc. it is also used to obtain the complete analysis of the building in which you reside.


2. feng shui dragon

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dragon feng shui app is developed by ichildworld. The app is used to make personalized greeting cards using feng shui elements that improve a person’s health and wealth. the card can also be used to improve fortune and happiness in both personal life and career, increase your energy, help you achieve your dreams, minimize misfortunes, etc.

3. diy feng shui

Feng Shui DIY app is developed by hiratte software solution. The main features of the application include identifying the best color for your home, finding the best position to place your bed, finding auspicious directions to place the furniture in your house, etc. calculations are made based on your gender and date of birth when converting to the Chinese calendar.

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4. feng shui calc and compass

feng shui calc and compass is developed by skynetric llc. The main features of the application include the compass function that helps you find your good and bad directions, which will improve your luck and help you make the most of your relationships. it also helps to choose the right color and element for you, which will help to redesign your home or office and improve the fortune in your life.

5. feng shui bagua map

the feng shui bagua map was developed by tisha morris and uses the westernized version of feng shui called btb feng shui. The main features of the app include increasing your love and wealth by analyzing every item in your office or home and discovering the good and bad addresses. provides remedies and upgrades for each section of the building with a single click.

6. luqi feng shui

luqi feng shui is developed by delemme diffusion and is available in many languages ​​like english, french, spanish etc. the main features of the application include the diagnosis of the different sectors of the house, the analysis of the potential of a room and the improvement. her, choosing the strategic sectors for rooms such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. The app uses the iPhone’s internal compass for calculations.

7. personal feng shui for the home

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personal feng shui for home is developed by bj vital energi harmonik gmbh and is available in many languages ​​like english, chinese, spanish etc. The main features of the app include finding the strong and weak areas in your home or office, analyzing the floor plans of all the rooms in the building, aligning the floor plan, etc. calculations are based on your year of birth and the animal’s sign.

8. easy feng shui

easy feng shui app is developed by spirit quest tours llc. The main features of the app include figuring out the right place to put furniture in your house, analyzing each room, and finding out which area of ​​the room is best for improving your career, wealth, love, etc. The application uses the iPhone viewer to view all areas of the house.

9. feng shui for love

Feng Shui for Love is developed by Spirit Quest Tours LLC. The main features of the app include analyzing each room and finding out which area of ​​the room is the best to improve your love or marriage, discovering the places where furniture should be placed to improve your love life, etc.

10. myfengshuinumber

myfengshuinumber was developed by jevgenijs latisevs. As his name suggests, the app is used to find out his personal number, which will improve fortune and prosperity in your life at any time. He also advises the color and stone to wear for better fortune.

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so there you have it. the best feng shui apps you can use to design your favorite living spaces!

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