How to Make Good Feng Shui for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

fengshui (风水), literally ‘wind-water’, pronounced fnng-shway, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that studies the auspiciousness of environments, based on the yin-yang theory and the theory of the five elements. it is a form of geomancy.

Fengshui philosophy states that qi (气 /chee/ ‘energy’) exists in all things and is the life of nature. the central idea of ​​fengshui is the harmony between humans and nature (or the universe). good fengshui means good fortune while bad fengshui means bad luck. fengshui is believed to be able to affect the destiny of an individual and even a country.

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Through the knowledge of fengshui, it is believed that people can learn how to make themselves more compatible with nature, their environment and their own destiny, so that they can have good fortune in finances, health and life .

what is yin and yang theory?

According to the yin-yang theory, everything in the universe is made up of two opposing but deeply interconnected forces: yin (female, dark, and negative) and yang (male, light, and positive). These two forces deeply support and nurture each other and cannot exist without each other. fengshui aims to create a balance between yin and yang in an environment.

what is the theory of the five elements?

The five element theory is the other important component of fengshui. the five elements are fundamental to define the correct fengshui in a space. They are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. each element has a characteristic and represents specific aspects of life.

The “five elements” is the fengshui term used to describe the composition of nature. these components are believed to work together and must be kept in balance.

make a good fengshui for the Chinese zodiac animals

According to traditional Chinese culture, good fengshui brings good luck, while bad fengshui brings bad luck. You may want to know how you can do good fengshui for yourself according to your Chinese zodiac animal sign. Below is a simple introduction to fengshui arrangements for the 12 zodiac signs.

rats – add water in the north

The element of water helps people born in a year of the rat to make a fortune. They should place a water tank with some goldfish in the north of their office, and then fortune will find its way to them.

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oxen – add fire

People born in a year of the ox can only make a great fortune with the help of a strong fire element according to the five element theory. so you should put some ceramic items in your office or bedroom to bring good luck, because ceramic items get hot in fire.

tigers – add land

The earth element is very useful for people born in a year of the tiger. they need to add something prominent that represents the earth element, for example, a potted plant, to their life to make a great fortune.

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It is better if the potted plant bears abundant fruit, which will help people born in the year of the tiger to make profit from all sides.

rabbits: add land in the northeast

When it comes to making a fortune, people born in a year of the Rabbit need an invisible earth element in their life; they should hide a jade item in the northeast of their bedrooms to bring them good luck.

Jade, buried in the ground for thousands of years, is believed to be the essence of heaven and earth, and will bring good luck to people born in a year of the rabbit.

dragons: add water in the northwest

the northwest direction is ideal for people born in a year of the dragon to make a fortune. they should put a basin of clear water with a handful of earth in the northwest of their rooms and then place several lotus flowers in the basin to bring them good luck in life.

snakes: add metal in the west

When it comes to making a fortune, the western direction is ideal for people born in a year of the Snake. Wearing metal decorations, especially gold or silver, will bring good luck.

It is believed that wearing gold and silver ornaments (influence of the metal element) will ensure that people born in a Year of the Snake do not have to worry about food and clothing, even if they do not make a large fortune.

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horses -add metal in the northwest

the northwest direction is ideal for people born in a year of the horse to make a great fortune. they should place a bronze toad (something of the metal element) in the northwest of their bedrooms, and it will bring them good luck in both their career and fortune.

goats – add wood in the north

the north direction is ideal for people born in a goat year to make a great fortune.

They must place a mahogany box (a wooden item) in the north of their offices and then place an object related to their professions in the box. for example, a cook can put a ladle in the box.

monkeys – add wood in the west

In terms of making a fortune, the west direction is ideal for people born in a year of the monkey. they should put a plant (it is better if the plant is taller than the person) in the west of their houses.

roosters – add wood

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When it comes to making a fortune, people born in a year of the Rooster should put some grass seeds in a non-metallic container, and it should be enameled dark red (use the earth element, not metal). the grass seeds in the container contain limitless possibilities, which will bring great fortune to people born in a year of the Rooster.

dogs – add wood

When it comes to making a fortune, those born in a year of the dog should avoid the water and earth elements in life. they should place some peach branches (a wooden item) in their office; however, they should not be placed in water or soil.

pigs – add fire

People born in a year of the pig need the fire element to bring them good fortune. they should put a set of pottery (including a tray) in their living rooms, because pottery is fired in fire-heated kilns.

how has fengshui been used?

Fengshui has a history of more than 3,500 years. it appears to have been first used when the ancient Chinese selected dwelling places.

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in ancient times…

Archaeologists have confirmed that the dwelling sites of the ancient Chinese were generally selected in places surrounded by mountains and surrounded by a river. It wasn’t just that these places provided the basics for survival, such as clean water, farmland, firewood, shelter, and sunshine: the settlements followed such a pattern that fengshui appears to have been used.

in imperial times…

In the Han Dynasty (220 BC – 220 AD), the basic theory of fengshui was formed; it began to be studied along with geography and astrology. During the 7th to 10th centuries (Sui, Tang, and the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms eras), fengshui became more “scientific” and its activities gradually differentiated. during the ming and qing dynasties (1368-1911) it became popular among common people to decide the location of dwellings, buildings, the location of furniture, and the burial places of the dead.

in Chinese architecture…

When we talk about Chinese architecture, fengshui must be mentioned. it is a special Chinese architectural tradition that was especially prevalent in ancient times. generally links the process from site selection, design and construction to interior and exterior decoration.

Fengshui seeks to balance the relationship between human beings and nature, so that human beings can live auspiciously within their surrounding environment.

all the capitals of china followed the fengshui rules for their design and layout. One of the great examples that follows the principles of classical Chinese architecture is the Forbidden City of Beijing, the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties.


now fengshui is available to everyone. banks, hotels, houses and even communities in hong kong have been planned according to fengshui. many people even use feng shui to try to achieve greater happiness and well-being, improve family communication, restore employee cooperation, and improve business.

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