27 Feng Shui Lucky Animals For Prosperity: How To Place?

Feng Shui is a traditional pseudo-scientific practice. is originally from china. the Chinese assume that there is some positive and negative energy on the planet. feng shui deals with wind and water.

To protect us from negative energy, people believe that there is a role for animals. some feng shui animals bring good luck, while others turn out to be sinister for us. Let’s take a look at the list of animals that determine good and bad luck.

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what is the role of feng shui lucky animals in bringing good luck?

There are some animal symbols in Chinese culture that are expected to bring good luck if used wisely. people place lucky animals in the corresponding feng shui sectors to bring positive energy into their home.

and remove all negative points. here we will talk about some animals that bring good luck and prosperity in life.

what are the feng shui lucky animals for wealth?

every day we see various animals wandering along the road. Have we ever realized how important these animals are in bringing wealth and prosperity to our lives?

We ignore those creatures that bring financial luck. if you know these animals, next time you will be careful to treat them well. Let’s study the lucky animals of Chinese feng shui.

#1 dragon

People doubt its existence. according to the royal system of Chinese astrology, the dragon is expected to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity.

If you need to get rid of negative energy, then place a dragon image at your door entrance. It would protect your home from theft, bring you wealth, and be considered the Chinese animal of good luck.

#2 cricket

yeah, you heard it, right? the presence of crickets in your home, especially in the kitchen, brings good luck. In earlier days, Chinese people decorated their houses with crickets.

If you want to have wealth, then keep a gold or silver statue in your house. you will achieve success.

#3 bat

In Chinese astrology, bat means wealth. therefore, if you are experiencing a financial crisis, place a picture or statue of a bat anywhere in your home. you will not find any obstacle in your life.

#4 horse

The horse is the symbol of strength, power, conquest and prosperity. the horse is also depicted as a symbol of victory. it would be helpful if you choose the ferg shui direction facing the horse in the north.

it will be a success. one more thing, you must keep a horse galloping to be successful.

#5 lucky cat

maneki-neko is the other name of the lucky cat. the cat perches with one of its paws in the air.

People believe that having a lucky cat statue in your home will help you succeed. it is a defensive emblem against disease and currency crisis.

#6 tiger

The tiger is a ferocious animal. in feng shui, the tiger has a very specific place. he is also believed to bring good luck and wealth for his work. you should choose the location of the feng shui tiger on the north side of your residence or office.

#7 frog

The three-legged frog is believed to bring money and wealth to Chinese astrology. keep a three-legged frog in your house and you can get rid of all the negativity in your life.

Aside from that, it will also help build wealth in the future. the frog generally brings financial luck.

#8 rabbit

In feng shui, the rabbit means a symbol of fertility. those suffering from infertility can keep a statue of a rabbit in their home. Apart from that, you can also earn wealth.

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then keep the rabbit in the southeast direction to get money and keep it in the west direction if you want to have a child.

#9 turtle

the tortoise lives for many years. In Chinese astrology, having a tortoise is said to help you stay fit and well. also, you should keep it heading north if you are having trouble with your run.

#10 giraffes

Giraffes also play an essential role in feng shui. keep a giraffe feng shui in your home, and you will see that good luck is welcoming you. place the giraffe statue in the northwest direction and you will get wealth.

#11 elephant

The elephant is one of the strongest creatures in feng shui. The Chinese follow Buddhism and, in this religion, the elephant is one of the eight sacred animals of the Buddha.

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make sure to place a statue of a rising log. place the elephant in a northerly direction; will bring you success.

#12 fu dogs

As we all know, dogs are the most faithful animals. it is also believed to bring good luck. It is beloved in Chinese mythology that the statue of a dogor fu dogs protects you from all kinds of danger. keep it heading northeast.

#13 monkey

the monkey is the most intelligent and creative animal. it would help if you always placed a monkey riding another powerful animal like an elephant, dog, etc.

This deadly combination symbolizes that two powerful energies are mixing in your life. you will get success, fame, prosperity and fame.

#14 pig

Chinese pig statue meaning prosperity and wealth. if you suffer from a money problem or face a problem in your career.

choose the location of the feng shui pig in a north direction. you will get success. from the pig came the idea of ​​piggy banks.

#15 deer

Deer are peaceful animals. Some used to keep the deer statue in the living room to enhance the beauty, while others kept it to gain wealth and prosperity. it is also believed to improve health.

#16 crane

the crane brings happiness to your life. Furthermore, it is also believed to bring money into your life. Keeping a statue of a crane will never cause a financial crisis in your life. keep the crane shape facing northeast.

#17 dragon turtle

We’re not quite sure if the dragon turtle exists or not. In feng shui animals, the combination of dragon and turtle brings good luck. this animal has the upper part of a dragon while the body of a turtle.

both the turtle and the dragon help to generate wealth. so the combination of these two lucky animals will bring more wealth and prosperity.

#18 lion dogs

In Chinese mythology, lion dogs (also called fu dogs, foo dogs) are mentioned. who guarded the palace of an emperor to protect it from enemies. therefore, it is said that a statue of a lion dog will protect you from any danger.

#19 mandarin duck

The mandarin duck represents the pair of male and female ducks that cannot be separated. symbolizes a happy marriage. keep a mandarin duck statue and lead a happy married life.

#20 ox

In Chinese astrology, the ox is considered the beast of burden. he believes in his resistance. place the ox statue and work hard for promotions and success in your work life.

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#21 phoenix

The phoenix is ​​the celestial animal of feng shui. In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is ​​believed to rise from the ashes to achieve success. to get a win in a love story, place it in the south direction. Phoenix is ​​the feng shui celestial animal.

#22 rat

ratis the most intelligent and cunning animal. in Chinese mythology, the rat is an astrological symbol appropriate for the peach blossom theory. It is one of the animals that bring good luck.

#23 rhino

The blue rhino is believed to protect your home and wealth from everything. it is one of the crucial feng shui animals.

#24 sheep

sheep are considered for breeding and care. you can save it to protect yourself from all kinds of danger.

#25 snake

snake in feng shui symbol of the confident, powerful and determined animal. keep the snake statue in your living room and feel engaged.

#26 swan

The swan represents peace and tranquility. if you keep the statue of the season, then peace will prevail in your house.

#27 carp

keep carp in the aquarium, and it is believed that people feel better when they see the fish swimming in the pool.

These are the best recommendations for you, if you want to buy these amazing feng shui animals for your home and office.

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what is my lucky animal?

If you’re looking for the answer to what’s my lucky animal, then I have to say it depends from person to person. we have discussed almost all the details of animals and start with which animal is specialized in what.

  • if you need protection in your home then keep lion dogs as they could protect you from any evil eye. for example, if you think someone wants to destroy you, keep the lion dogs with you.
  • if you suffer from a money problem, then the lucky Chinese animals are frogs and pigs. Although there are other animals, these two are the best for financial crisis.
  • For example, you are facing the problem of infertility, and so the best feng shui animal is a rabbit. you should see your child’s face.
  • if you are looking for the answer, which animal brings money, you should go for the elephant and the horse. these two animals are the best to give you money.

Tips for placing lucky animals in feng shui?

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In the previous section, we talked about all the lucky animals. you should also know the feng shui animal location tips for each animal.

placement of the feng shui monkey

We mentioned that earlier to keep the monkey riding a powerful animal. the best directions for the monkey are southwest or west. southwest is the optimal direction for the monkey.

feng shui elephant location

try to place the elephant statue facing north. it is a sacred animal and is famous in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

feng shui hhorse placement

The horse symbolizes power. so keep it heading northwest.

feng shui dragon location

since dragons represent the east direction, then the ideal feng shui dragon direction is east of your home.

feng shui giraffe placement

Giraffe status can be placed in a northwest direction for best results. in this direction you can invite and attract propriety and luck. also the north is a sector of new beginnings and new hopes, it can promote healthy relationships between your friends and family.

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feng shui deer placement

southeast corner is the most suitable direction to put the deer figure in the living room, dining room, any corner of the house.

feng shui rat placement

add the rat state in the southwest corner of the house which will enhance the romance and fulfill your blocked desires.

feng shui pig placement

adding pig status to the north or southeast bugle or wealth bugle can promote a steady flow of money into your home.

rabbit feng shui placement

According to the Chinese, the rabbit is considered a shy and shy person. those with the rabbit zodiac sign are very peaceful and shy.

They are polite, decent and kind. rabbits are cheerful, so people with the zodiac sign also seem to be positive. it is necessary to learn the direction where a rabbit should be placed.

If you put it anywhere in the place, it won’t bring you good luck. so could you place it in the southwest direction? you will get good luck and success. rabbit feng shui means prosperity and infertility.

Those who deliberately need a child should place a statue of the rabbit in the living room or bedroom, but facing southwest.

what are the unlucky animals that bring bad luck?

In Chinese culture, animals were not considered to bring bad luck. however, there are some animals, which are believed to be the Chinese unlucky animals. Let’s see the list of unlucky animals.


turtle walks. According to Chinese mythology, the tortoise brings slow money; therefore they incur a loss in their business. therefore, they avoid using the image or statue of the tortoise.


the cat is considered a selfish animal. if you have a cat, family members may be jealous or envious of each other.


In feng shui, the chameleon is considered to be the Chinese unlucky animal, so if you use the image and statue of the chameleon, you will destroy your future. all your colleagues could turn against you.


the goat is peace loving and very shy. In Chinese culture, it is believed that if you keep the image of the goat, anyone can make a fool of you.

Also, goats are easily gullible, so they try to avoid this animal. if you also recognize it in feng shui, try to avoid it.

frequently asked questions about lucky animals according to feng shui

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Feng shui has prevailed throughout the year for the last few decades. People believe that feng shui lucky animals bring them good luck.

those who are the staunch believers of feng shui strictly follow the rules to bring peace and happiness to their lives. this article might help you get all your answers.

if you are also thinking about bringing peace and harmony to your life, then follow these rules, you will have success in your life.

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