2022 Rich House, Debt House, Feng Shui Flying Stars of Black Tiger Year

the first day of the year of the black tiger, February 3, 2022

Chinese New Year’s Day 2022 is Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The first day of the Chinese astrological year 2022 is February 3, 2022. This date is different from Chinese New Year’s Day, which is from the Chinese calendar. Chinese mole. The purple and white flying stars use the Chinese astrological calendar, which is the same as the four-pillar Chinese astrology calendar (bazi). the 5 brown star of violet and white flying stars moves towards the central palace of the 9 star diagram in 2022. therefore the kua number of 2022 is 5 brown.

here we want to tell you which houses are the rich house, the love house, the smart house, the sick house, the unlucky house in 2022 using the flying stars theory of feng shui. if you don’t know the background and terminology, read the purple and white flying stars background and purple and white flying stars theory pages.

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the flying stars of advanced feng shui: overlapping kua numbers

This is from the base of Chinese philosophy. the theory can be applied to Chinese astrology and the world of feng shui. the universe is divided into three parts. the first part is the sky, the second part is the earth, and the third part is for all living species. humans are between heaven and earth. human life is affected by seasonal (sky) and environmental (earth) changes.

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therefore, the cycle of human life should be similar cycles of heaven and earth. the sky is related to the sky. the main cycle of the sky for humans is from the sun. people make daily calendar cycles from the position of the sun. the flying star diagram is calculated from the solar calendar. therefore, each calendar year has its own flying star (heaven/heaven) diagram. each house on earth has its own flying star (terrestrial) diagram. everyone has their (human) flying star diagram based on their year of birth.

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flying star numerology has the theory of overlapping kua numbers between the celestial calendar flying star diagram and the terrestrial house flying star diagram. when certain two numbers overlap, certain natural phenomena will be created and humans will have certain responses. The following are some overlapping number combinations that can change environmental feng shui luck for people. this valuable information can help people find the right homes at the right time.

Using feng shui theory by superimposing kua numbers, we will know which house has the potential to improve people’s luck in wealth, career or love. then we look at which bedroom or office will be affected by the annual flying stars. if you need luck with money then you have to find the house of wealth. if you are in the house of debt, you need to make sure your bedroom or office is not in the room of debt.

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2022 flying kua star diagram

house of love – 2022 feng shui flying stars

house of intelligence – flying stars feng shui 2022

house of wealth – flying stars feng shui 2022

career house – flying stars feng shui 2022

sickness house – 2022 feng shui flying stars

fire house accident – 2022 feng shui flying stars

debt or robbery house – flying stars feng shui 2022

bad run house – 2022 feng shui flying stars

The above list is not complete. more flying stars on the farmer calendar cd.

2022 feng shui flying star luck lasts only one year. if you think about long-term luck, then you have to look for period 8 feng shui luck. a flying star period lasts 20 years.

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flying star period 8 (2004-2023)

flying star period 9 (2024-2043)

chinese feng shui guide for your next home

find rich, romantic and smart houses

flying stars and element of luck

by master allen tsai on February 18, 2022

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