Rabbit Horoscope 2022, Monthly Predictions

rabbit people (those born in a Chinese zodiac year of the rabbit), according to Chinese astrological predictions, in the year of the tiger 2022, they will feel a little guilty, but the problem is not big , and many things will go well.

this year is suitable for beginning the “three happy events of life”: marriage, having a child, and buying a house or expanding your home, all of which lead to the development of your personal fortunes and family.

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Rabbits who go into creative, artistic and similar fields, their career fortunes will see a significant period of improvement. You need to perform well in leadership, and this will soon usher in a promotion and pay raise. however, not everything should be too rushed. You need to follow a step-by-step process to progress your projects, otherwise accidents are bound to happen.

rabbit women, this year you will be lucky, and in 2022 you will meet your other half or life partner.

career: rabbit horoscope for 2022

rabbit people, your professional fortune will be quite good this year, and your status will eventually rise, but you must stick to your role and do your own tasks well in advance.


If you want to change to a new job this year, it is recommended to find your next home before leaving your job. Unstable luck can interfere with your plans, so consider carefully before making any decisions.

love: rabbit forecast for 2022

After experiencing unsuccessful relationships in the previous period, rabbit people, you will be lucky in love in 2022 and your chances of getting married will be very high. you will meet a partner whose education, personality, and other attributes are a great fit for you.

Rabbits, if your single status hasn’t changed for a long time, you can ask your elders to help introduce you to a member of the opposite sex. the chances of a successful blind date will be very high.

single male rabbits, you will have a brief relationship.

married rabbit people, when faced with the temptation of the opposite sex, you must be firm in your heart and not be unfaithful to your other half.

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wealth: rabbit projection for 2022

Participating in (traditionally) male-related business areas, such as selling cars, men’s clothing, or audio equipment, will attract customers in a never-ending stream this year. orders will increase linearly and wealth will increase. at the same time, rabbits, you should pay attention to male customers with whom you have a good relationship, as it will give you access to groups of new potential customers.

Also, you maytry to expand into foreign markets this year and you will get a favorable response.

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Rabbit people who work in advertising, design, screenwriting, etc. will be very creative this year and their new jobs will often be impressive.

You should choose a male stock expert to do the investment work for you, or you can make a huge amount of income by consulting an experienced elder at home. but keep in mind that if you want to see good results, you can’t be too greedy.

health: rabbit forecast for 2022

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rabbits, this year your socialization will be constant. In addition to working and socializing, the good friends will also get together for three days, eating, drinking and partying, each talking freely and revealing their unhappiness in life and work to their friends. insufficient break time will affect your work efficiency. it is necessary to properly adjust the time you spend eating and resting and maintain energy to better complete the tasks assigned to you by your leadership.

You may have a minor operation this year, but it won’t have a big impact. As long as you take care of your body and take it easy, you will gradually recover.

rabbit people who drive, should drive carefully this year and comply with traffic regulations. they should not run a red light when they are in a hurry to avoid the risk of deduction of points and fines.

monthly horoscope year 2022 of the rabbit town

In Chinese folk astrology, a Chinese zodiac sign’s horoscope and monthly predictions are dated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. So, rabbits, your 2022 horoscope starts on February 1, 2022 (Chinese New Year) and ends on January 21, 2023 (Chinese New Year’s Eve).

Your horoscope below covers months 1-12 of the Chinese lunar calendar for 2022, and the Gregorian calendar dates have been given for reference.

rabbits’ horoscope for the month 1 (February 1 – March 2, 2022)

rabbits, your work will be very busy this month, and your career will be on the rise, so you must be more cautious and careful to avoid the slightest mistake , so as not to affect this lucky streak.

This month 1, you will often not get enough sleep due to work pressure and you may need to adjust your balance between work and rest.

Rabbits’ horoscope for the 2nd month (March 3 – March 31, 2022)

year of the rabbit people, your luck this month will be relatively stable, and everything will go according to plan. facing work areas that have never been touched before, you will inevitably be a bit tense. however, as long as you’re open-minded and ready to learn and ask if you don’t understand, you’ll gradually catch up with your project team’s progress.

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rabbit people, you are at risk of losing money this month, so you should not make any investment or financial management decisions. it is recommended that you concentrate on your work.

Rabbits’ horoscope for the 3rd month (from April 1 to April 30, 2022)

rabbit people, you will be lucky this month 3.

single rabbits are expected to get out of the single life. when you meet a member of the opposite sex that you are attracted to, you should take the initiative to ask them out.

however, you will be troubled by interpersonal relationships. when you have conflicts with colleagues, do not have a direct conflict, so as not to be blamed by others and affect the progress of your project.

rabbits’ horoscope for the 4th month (May 1 – May 29, 2022)

Your net worth and career prospects will continue to increase in month 4.

rabbits, you need to keep a clear head. When cooperating with others, you must carefully assess the risks and not blindly follow others.

In terms of work, you will achieve the performance of the month and receive high praise from your leaders, and you will not be far from being promoted.

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But if you are a managerial person, you should pay more attention to your relationships with your subordinates. listen to your subordinates and don’t appear pushy, which will affect the progress of your projects.

Rabbits’ horoscope for the 5th month (May 30 – June 28, 2022)

This month’s learning potentialis strong and your ability to understand and master knowledge is relatively high. Given enough time, you can choose to read career-related books and earn a valuable certificate. the passing rate of rabbits is relatively high, so you should take advantage of this opportunity, which will be very beneficial for your future work.

rabbits’ horoscope for the 6th month (June 29 – July 28, 2022)

rabbit people, you will be more motivated in your careerthis month. however, you will often encounter various mistakes and oversights when signing documents, which will cause a number of problems in your projects, including being blamed for your leadership and even affecting your team dynamics.

But don’t be discouraged: as long as you get through this period of astrological opposition, your future development will be very smooth and you shouldn’t give up.

rabbits’ horoscope for the 7th month (July 29 – August 26, 2022)

After the hard days of the past month, rabbits, your career will slowly return to stability and everything will return to normal. If you continue to push forward with all your momentum, you’ll eventually reach the other side with victory.

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married rabbits, you will find yourself in a bad romantic mood this month 7. You must control yourself in critical moments, and not do things that hurt the feelings of your loved one.

rabbits’ horoscope for the 8th month (August 27 – September 25, 2022)

Things will change a lot this month: when everything runs smoothly, there will be accidents that break the harmony. rabbit people, you may be very busy this month due to moving or buying new furniture, but still you will feel very happy in your heart.

rabbits’ horoscope for the 9th month (September 26 – October 24, 2022)

male rabbits, your fortune this month is very calm, but your spirits will be low, depressed, a little trivial and very irritable, which will result in a decrease in work efficiency. all this depression will come from unhappiness at work.

It is recommended to go hiking with friends during the holidays, or travel far to relax and breathe fresh air.

horoscope for the 10th month of the rabbit (from October 25 to November 23, 2022)

rabbit people, you will continue to sail with relative ease this month. no major events will occur. the ordinary and trivial things in your life, while they may occasionally cause headaches, will not affect the overall smoothness of your path.

this month 10, your love life will have a strong panorama, and you will be able to confess your illusions with greater possibilities of success.

rabbits’ horoscope for the 11th month (November 24 – December 22, 2022)

rabbits, you can choose to travel this month 11, and go to crowded places, which will help to dilute bad luck and enhance your personal fortune.

rabbits born in the first half of the year are advised to travel to cool climates, and rabbits born in the second half of the year are advised to try places with warm climates.

rabbits’ horoscope for the 12th month (December 23, 2022 – January 21, 2023)

As you enter the last month of the year of the tiger 2022, rabbits, you will enjoy a slight uptrend in outlook, especially in terms of wealth.

After a year of hard work, you will receive a rather generous year-end award, which can be considered a professional success. this month 12, you will be happy physically and mentally. you can invite friends to a party together, chat about your thoughts and relax.

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